What Is Astrology?

01. Astrology is God's systematic way of organizing and running this universe.

02. Astrology revolves around the number twelve(twelve signs, twelve planets, etc.)

03. Astrology is not fatalistic. Rather, it provides a framework within which our freewill can function.

04. The principle role of astrology is to better understand one another and the universe around us

05. Astrology has other roles as well; to better understand our environment, to study past and future probabilities, to coordinate relationships, to better plan our activities, and also to improve our health.

06. Astrology affects everything, from people to animals to plants to minerals to events and places.

07. Not only do the planets affect you, but you affect the planets as well!

08. The Sun, Moon, and planets are all inhabited within planes, and are all equally important no matter how small or far they are.

09. The planetary pattern at your first breath at birth fixes your genetic/zodiacal code which determines the general course of your life.

10. Your twelve planetary positions are determined by your exact time and place of birth.

11. The Ascendant or Rising sign is the influence of our own planet Earth, and the Midheaven is the Earth's Inner Sun.

12. All those who ridicule ot prohibit astrology do so out of ignorance or for selfish reasons.

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