The Truth About the Ascendant

It pains me no end when I see more blogs talking about the Earth's astrological influence being in the sign exactly opposite your Sun. This astronomical rubbish has got to end. Astrology is a geocentric(Earth-centered) art or science- not a heliocentric(Sun-centered) one. We are living on the Earth, not the Sun, so the Earth becomes our reference point. More accurately, YOU are the center or reference of your birth chart.

Since we live on the Earth, it's influence must be measured in a special way, unlike the other heavenly bodies or lights, and this is done via the Ascendant or eastern horizon point in astrology -ALWAYS as seen from the native's exact time and place of birth. It requires lots of calculations or mathematics, but can be done quickly with today's computers. The exact ascendant point is where the ecliptic meets with the eastern horizon at the time and place of birth. Roughly every two hours a new ascendant sign "rises" over the horizon because of our sky dome's 24-hour rotation movement.

Only one book I have ever read in my 43 years of serious astrological studies has ever made the connection between our Earth and the Ascendant or Rising sign(or has the kahunas to state it). Every other publication has been mute on this point. This is an UNBELIEVABLE oversight(or conspiracy) on the part astrology and astrologers. How can such a link NOT be made. It's unfathomable!

When I first read the the magic words "The Ascendant is actually the planet(plane) Earth." my jaw dropped, and a light went off in my head. Of course! It made so much sense. I had always wondered what this "Ascendant" really was. It was usually described as an "angle" in the chart that was quite important, as it was(along with that other elusive point -the Midheaven) used to set up the chart, but I could never quite get a handle on it. All of the other important astrological influences were represented by solid visible objects making them easy to understand, but the ascendant didn't have anything physical to back it up, which was very odd. All true astrological influences MUST be backed up by a physical body -this is an important rule.

So the Earth, in whatever shape it really is, gives us our Rising influence. What a beautiful revelation! It opens up astrology like never before. Our very Earth is the primary basis for astrology. It sets up the houses and signs and where those lights or planets fall in. The planets and stars, by the way, are much closer and smaller than we think. Everything we have been taught in modern astronomy is basically bunk. Our Earth may indeed be 8000 miles wide, but it is not a ball, nor is it spinning, nor is it under the influence of gravity. Yes, I ascribe to the ancients' view of the cosmos, that it is basically flat with a dome or field over it. The planets are within this dome and may even just be projections onto it. There are in fact a series of domes or fields. The projector is the center of our planet or what we call the inner sun -whose projection may be our own outer sun. This inner central sun is the seat of Jehovah or Yawheh who controls our outer earth reality. This is uniquely described in Olaf Jansen's book -The Smoky God. The inner central sun is also the source of the Aurora Borealis and the plane's magnetosphere or torroidal field. This field, generated by the inner sun computer, contains all the programming and information for life on earth, and is programmed into us through a process called cybernetics.

This reciprocal information process, or cybernetics, is discussed in that one series of book that tells the truth about the Ascendant. This is the American AstroAnalysis Institute based in New York city, New York. This institute has published a series of excellent horoscope books for every Sun sign of the zodiac since the 1970's which are both revealing and easy to read and understand. There are no degrees or calculations in the book. Simplicity is the key. It is this simplicity which leads to great truths. Modern astrologers have lost themselves in the self-made complexity of their craft. They are looking far more at each tree and not the forest as a whole, and this is why they haven't realized the truth about the Ascendant. They have also been mislead by an education system that promotes division rather than unity. There is too much specialization and not enough generalization.

I have the 1977 printing of one of the books by the American AstroAnalysis Institute for my Sun sign and in the section entitled "Today's Astrology" at the bottom of page 33 and the first part of page 34 it describes the importance of the Sun followed by(quote)...

"But there is another part of you that in many ways is just as important -that is, how you appear in the world to other people. You don't always reveal Your Sun Sign character, although it remains intrinsically you. You often present another character to the outside world, and that is determined by the Ascendant sign.

The Ascendant is actually the planet(plane) Earth. Generally speaking, the Earth is not considered among the planets because it is the base or focal point of the horoscope, but it, too, affects our lives through the Zodiac, and the way it does this is by energizing the Ascendant Sign.

The Ascendant is the point at which the Earth plane meets space or Heaven at the individual's place of birth -or the eastern horizon. Because of Heaven's rotation, a different Sign of the Zodiac rises on the horizon every two hours. To determine your Ascendant you need to have a fairly accurate idea of your birth time. The Ascendant dictates how you appear to other people. It is your fate, which can't be avoided, your environment(family, home, and hereditary circumstances). In most cases the Ascendant will be different from the Sun Sign. This explains why we often feel totally different from how we act, why we are misunderstood and misunderstand others, and why we have a conscience. The Sun Sign is what we must become -eventually. The Ascendant sign is what we must use in our struggle to transcend."(end of quote)

In the more recent editions of the book series, the above quote can be found on page 9 of the introduction, under the paragraph "Starting Point: The Ascendant". This is online at which sells the book series(the 2000 edition) and which invites you to look at the first number of pages. Just go to and type in astroanalysis. You'll see a book cover with the words "Click to LOOK INSIDE" on top of it. Go to Table of Contents and scroll down to page 9 where you see "Starting Point: the Ascendant" and read that section.

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