Neptune in Pisces: What does It Mean For You?
Neptune is at home in Pisces(2011-2025 AD) meaning this is where it will be at its truest and best. Planets in their ruling signs are said to be dignified and at full power. If Neptune is feeling happy and comfortable now, this should mean good news for all of us. Well, most of us anyway. More precisesly, SOME PARTS OR LEVELS OF US will feel the benefit while others will not. This all depends on your chart make-up. Note: we will be dealing here with SIGN aspects rather than degree aspects, although the latter will be taken into account when refining interpretations.

Most people's charts are varied enough to be able to glean both the good and bad from most planetary transits, but occasionally there are the extreme charts which get nearly all the benefits or all the disadvantages. Since Neptune is well-placed in Pisces, it will interact best with other planets that are also well placed(in their own sign, element, or gender). If most of your planets are well-placed, then Neptune in Pisces will be a largely positive influence for you. The opposite of course applies for those whose majority of planets are not well-placed.

The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter(fire sign rulers) are best placed in fire signs, followed by the air signs. Moon, Neptune, and Pluto(water sign rulers), are best placed in the water signs, followed by the earth signs. Mercury, Uranus, and Earth/Ascendant(air sign rulers) are best placed in the air signs, followed by the fire signs. Venus, Saturn, and Midheaven?(earth sign rulers) are best placed in the earth signs, followed by the water signs.

Just because Neptune trines your Sun does not necessarily mean it's a good aspect, but if it trines your Moon it is. Why? Because the Sun is masculine or positive and Neptune is feminine or negative. Neptune trine Sun actually WEAKENS you, diluting the power or strength of the Sun and can result in ego-loss or confusion. Most air Sun signs have undergone a weakening or sensitizing effect with Neptune in Aquarius(1998-2012) and now its Pisces' turn. The Moon, on the other hand, is a feminine planet just like Neptune and the trine to it is quite beneficial, soothing and comforting to the worries or tensions of the Moon. Masculine Moons, especially those in air signs have benefitted domestically and psychologically from Neptune's tranquilizing influence in Aquarius and now it's time for the feminine Moons to benefit.

What about the Ascendant? The Ascendant, because it is energized by the Earth itself, is the most personal and obvious feature in the chart, and so should react to Neptune(or any other planet) most noticeably -at least in the eyes of others. In the ideal chart(when all planets are in their home signs or elements), Neptune stays in the background, occupying one of the private or business houses(using whole sign houses), and this is where it should be. When Neptune is in the personal or social houses it is out of place and causes trouble.

For masculine(fire or air) ascendants, Neptune in Pisces will stay in the background, and behave itself, but for feminine(water or earth) ascendants, Neptune in Pisces will be at the forefront, and more than likely embroil the native in confusing and deceptive situations. This has generally been the case for masculine ascendants(especially air) between 1998 and 2012 when Neptune was in Aquarius. Now, with Neptune in Pisces, it's time for the feminine ascendants to slip up, especially water. Air sign ascendants will benefit most from Neptune in Pisces, followed by fire sign ascendants. Since Neptune is dignified in Pisces, Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer, and Libra Ascendant will be the best placements for it. In general, masculine Suns and Ascendants and feminine Moons will get the best from the Neptune in Pisces transit, while feminine Suns and Ascendants and masculine Moons will get the worst.

Of course, there is the influence of Neptune in Pisces to the other planets, and the effect can be analyzed in the same fashion as was done with the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, once you know the principles involved. Since transiting Neptune is a such a vast or long-term influence, the effects can seem long and drawn out for either good or ill, with the peak occurring when Neptune goes over the specific degree of the planet or factor invoved -which can last two to three months

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