Why Your "Bad" Planets
Get All The Attention

Over the years I've noticed that it's the really bad charts or planet positions that grab all the attention or make the biggest splash in this world.

That's because we basically live in a crazy, upside-down, inside-out world where most all of our values or priorities are skewed. In such a world, its the crazies or problem people that seem to thrive or prosper most, and astrologically that means the bad or poorly placed planet placements.

In astrology a planet is badly placed when it is not in its own sign, element, mode, or gender. The Sun, for example, is a masculine, fixed, fire, or Leo planet. It does not work well in the water or earth signs, especially Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, or Pisces where it has nothing in common. All of the masculine planets(Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Ascendant) do well in fire or air but not in earth or water. Similarily, all the feminine planets(Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Midheaven?) do well in Earth or water but not in fire or air.

I've often wondered why crooks and thieves run our world or the good die young and all of that, and it's basically because we live or are focused on the material plane which is also the evil, gross, or testing plane. Here the spirit gives in to matter and the mind is overruled by passion/desire. The material plane is more about degeneration over time than it is about regeneration. It's sad but its true. There is an initial push or thrust in life when we are young, but it quickly thins or wears out and it's downhill from there. In many ways, the material plane is the hell plane.

Actually there are a few factors that do well, regardless of which plane you are in, and that's the Ascendant(representing Earth) and the Moon. A masculine Ascendant(fire or air) does a lot to make you look good or physically attractive -which is worth a lot these days in this world of appearances. A feminine Moon sign is also a great asset giving you that "professional" quality which is indispensible for worldly success. Having both virtually guarantees you success status in our modern superficial society, regardless of how bad the rest of your chart is. Masculine Ascendants are especially important for women who in this male-dominated society are prized mostly for their looks. Men generally have to rely more on their ability to work and provide, and here a feminine Moon will be the more important of the two.

Now for the baddies. With the possible exception of Sun in Leo, it is true that the world of business and politics is run mostly by earth and water Sun signs, especially the cardinal signs of Cancer and Capricorn. These two signs enact most of the decisions and policies but rely heavily on the money and sex signs of Taurus and Scorpio(fixed) who in turn rely on the services and charities of Virgo and Pisces(mutable). Cancer rules the roost(home life) and Capricorn rules the government, yet both are closely interwined. Same with Taurus which basically rules money and resources, and Scorpio which rules taxes or debts. Both have to do with sex. Virgo rules work or labor and daily necessities. Pisces appears to be the exception among the feminine sign. While it can do well in business, it would rather not partake, as it is basically of an immaterial or otherworldly nature. Pisces is a major balance or escape valve for the other feminine signs. When I say "rules" its because that's exactly what the Sun does -it rules. Mars or Jupiter in earth or water and in place of the Sun also has a similar effect.

Sad to say, that it is because of the "bad" planet placements that we basically have all the corrupt intitutions and bureaucracies in our world today. Ask a fire or air Sun sign to create or manage such institutions and they're not likely to be interested(unless there's a heavy earth/water emphasis in the chart -and even then, their heart won't really be in it). Masculine Sun signs are basically self-governing and don't(with the possible exception of Leo) like to tell people how to run their lives. Nor do most have the patience or desire to deal with all of the complexities of business or political life. Simplicity, immediacy, and truth are their main modus operandi. This is the great disconnect between masculine and feminine Sun signs. As a result of general masculine disinterest, the feminine Suns(or Mars or Jupiter) govern our society through default, leaving the rest dependant on them. The earth Suns in particular are the true or natural rulers of this material plane, and logically so, with Capriciorn ruling government, Taurus ruling money, and Virgo ruling employment.

So a Sun(or Mars or Jupiter) in Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo will be more successful in this world than one with the same planets in air or fire. Fire is particularly at a loss as it governs the cadent houses of earth. Air will be put on a pedestal but only insomuch as they deliver on looks and intelligence. Water is in supportive or partnership status with earth. The type of success I am speaking of here is mostly material or financial. Fire planets in earth will always be crusty or somewhat socially inept despite their material advantage.

Fire or air planets in their own or opposite gender should theoretically do very well, and they do on a personal level, but they get largely trampled on when it comers to material affairs. Mars in its own sign of Aries or Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius should be the stars of this world. Instead they are more often than not seen or treated as misfits, irritants, and outcasts by the rulers of this world. That's because initiative, courage, and strength, while highly prized, must be limited or controlled lest they wake everyone up, and truth, revolution, and freedom, while also highly prized, must also be controlled or even repressed, lest the control order come tumbling down.

The earth or water planets in air or fire, on the other hand, are permitted or even welcomed or encouraged. These are the placements that create most of our science, technology, religions, and social structures. Neptune in Leo, for example, gave us Hollywood, but also delusions of grandeur. Many of the military leaders with this placement(most of them are dead now) had an unhealthy obsession with power and fame. Saturn in Sagittarius, for example, is organized religion. Religion or faith is fine on an individual basis, but to trying to fit everyone into the same box is asking for trouble. The Moon is great in water or even earth where the maternal sensitivities are expressed properly, but they become superficial or desensitized through the fire or air signs. Moon in Aries, for example, is too impatient or volatile to maintain domestic harmony and Moon in Gemini is too scattered and changeable to maintain a secure lifestyle, yet these very placements are among the most popular or desired in society.

In my own case, it is precisely my negative or "bad" placements that are making any kind of headway in society, particularly in terms of my profession or career. The fact that they fall in "good" houses may have something to do with it. Yes, it's possible for bad planets to be in good houses, somewhat masking the situation, but the rot eventually surfaces.

Why is it that we must be "bad" to get ahead on this plane? Are we purposely set up to be so, or is this plane negative to start with. Either way, we should perhaps be thankful for some of those negative astrological placements, which actually help us to cope with this bizarre reality of ours.

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