The Neptune Return

In 2010, Neptune accomplished one full orbit(165 years) around the sun since its discovery in 1846. This is called the Neptune return and signaled the complete integration of this planet's influence into the human psyche.

In astrology, a planet is largely a subconcious influence on individuals or societies until it completes one full orbit through all twelve zodiac signs. Saturn's influence, for example, is never under our full concious control until we are about thirty years old -which is how long it takes this planet to make one complete orbit through the zodiac. When we are about thirty, we have Saturn "under our belt" and can begin to apply its significance in a controlled or concious manner. At it's second return in our late fifties we are able to use it's power even more conciously or controllably, and so on.

Few if any people reach the age of 165 years, however, so for 99.9% of us Neptune remains a largely subconcious or uncontrollable -yet powerful influence. To say that Neptune does not have a personal influence is untrue. I have seen it work in the lives of individuals in a very personal and powerful manner, especially when closely aspected or linked in some powerful way with the faster more personal planets. But it does so in a way that is hardly perceived or noticeable to the individual. Neptune has a drugging or mind-altering effect that overpowers the concious mind. Even Pluto or Pluto-types do not fully escape its net.

On the collective level(which Neptune rules), the completion of its first orbit in 2010, since its discovery, signifies the first step mankind took, as a whole or collective, out of the current maya or delusion we live in. Maya means illusion, and it is no coincidence that Neptune completes its first known orbit a few years before the Mayan end-time date of 2012.

When it was discovered on September 23rd, 1846, Neptune was at 2554'r of Aquarius. It reached this degree and minute at various points(due to retrograde motion) in April and July of 2009, and February and November of 2010. It then went into its own home or ruling sign of Pisces in 2011/12 starting its own new cycle.

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