Your Sun-Ascendant Polarity

The Sun and Ascendant(Earth) are perhaps the two most salient features in any chart, and the relationship between the two and how it affects both one's sense of self and one's relationdships is well worth examining.

In Astrology, the most basic medium of expression is GENDER(masculine/feminine, positive/negative, extrovert/introvert, etc.). With two planets or factors and two genders there are a possible 4 Sun/Ascendant types as follows...

Type 1) ++ Type 2) +- Type 3) -+ Type 4) --

+masculine = Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
-feminine = Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Type 1) ++ masculine Sun and masculine Ascendant
This is the best combination as both factors rule masculine signs.

These people have strong egos or individualities and it comes through because the nature of both the Sun and Ascendant are in similar or compatible signs. What you see is basically what you get. The Sun or ego has no problem expressing itself, especially if both are in the same element. These people have presence, strength, warmth, and grace, and are often very attractive physically. Their compatible Ascendant ensures that they attract to them people and situationss that are harmonious to their basic inner nature(Sun), so that they are, for the most part, happy and successful people.

Type 1's are most compatible with other Type 1 people and least compatible with Type 4 people. Types 2 and 3 are toss-ups, although from their perspective, Type 2 is preferred(because of the compatible Suns).

Type 2) +- masculine Sun and feminine Ascendant This is a deceptive and often unhappy or unfulfilled combination as both factors are at odds with one another.

The ego or Sun is strong, but it has a hard time showing or coming through. There is the sneak thief aspect about this one; they look weak or cold or unattractive on the surface, but once you get to know them they surprise you with their strong and positive nature. Robert DeNiro is a good example. Their incompatible Ascendant often attracts to them people and events that are contrary or inharmonious to their inner Sun natures, and unfortunately this is a life-long pattern.

Type 2's gravitate towards type 3's, and at first it appears to work fine, but as time goes by and the conflicting Sun sign qualities begin to emerge, the relationship starts to fall apart. The exceptions between Sun signs are Aries-Scorpio, Taurus-Libra, Capricorn-Aquarius, and Leo-Pisces(most of them due to dual rulership), but even these are never as compatible as those between two harmonious elements. It's so-so with types 1 and 4. They like 1's appearance but the vibes grate them a little. They feel comfortable with 4's but are not drawn to their looks.

Type 3) -+feminine Sun and masculine Ascendant This is also a deceptive and often unhappy or unfulfilled combination for the same reason as Type 2.

Type 3's have a great presentation, but the solar nature is a let-down. Like type 2, they are very different from what they appear to be, and seem to always attract all the wrong people and situations. They may look confident, attractive, and successful on the exterior, but this hides a very cautious and insecure interior. Elvis Presley is a good example. So long as they let their Ascendant natures dominate over their Sun sign, they will never truly be happy, either with themselves or others. More than the other types, they will use their looks or charms to advance themselves professionally or financially.

Type 3's are drawn to Type 2's but it is often a fleeting attraction for their Suns are not truly compatible. They get along least with their own Type, and it's so-so with Types 1 and 4. Their own types mirror their own unhappiness and inadequacies, but because of their compatible Suns, the flare-ups are often superficial. Type 1's feel good(vibes) but the appearance can be threatening. Type 4's don't feel right but the appearance is reassuring.

Type 4) -- feminine Sun and feminine Ascendant
These "neggies"(for lack of a better term) are overly negative or feminine nature. While they may not be the most inspiring or attractive people, they do feel good or comfortable with themselves and this endears them to others. Like 1's, they are basically what they appear to be and generally attract peoples and events that are harmonious to their inner Sun natures. They are basically interested in the more material or emotional aspects of life and living.

Type 4's get along best with their own type and least with Type 1. Types 2 and 3 are so-so for them, although from their perspective, they prefer type 3(because of the compatible Suns). Type 2's look good but don't feel right.

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