Sun-Mercury combinations in astrology

Mercury can make a big difference in the way you express your Sun sign. It's never more than 28 away from the Sun, so it's either in the same sign as your Sun or in the sign before or after it.

When the Sun and Mercury are in the same sign, the heart or ego has no problem speaking its mind or communicating its intent. Mercury in the sign before the Sun holds back or reflects before speaking and tends to dream or wander. When Mercury is in the sign after the Sun, the Sun native has a more objective or practical view of things and can capitalize on the interests denoted by his or her sign.

Below is a list of the 36 possible Sun-Mercury combinations by sign and their combined characteristics.

Sun in Aries-Mercury in Pisces: Aries is not so aggressive here. Pisces tones down the speech and the thoughts are more intuitive and imaginative. This Aries is more artistic and romantic.

Sun in Aries-Mercury in Aries: The native is what you would expect of this sign -quick, loud, direct, and impatient -no beating around the bush here.

Sun in Aries-Mercury in Taurus: This Aries takes more time to reflect on its words or actions and is more practical or worldly-wise, as well as more sensual. They may also have singing talent.

Sun in Taurus-Mercury in Aries: This Taurus talks or thinks louder and faster than he or she would like and often gets into trouble for it.

Sun in Taurus-Mercury in Taurus: Calm and quiet, these people shrewdly evaluate everyone and everthing around them. Money and sensual pleasures are all-important.

Sun in Taurus-Mercury in Gemini: This Taurus can talk circles around you but usually for selfish motives. They make great salespeople.

Sun in Gemini-Mercury in Taurus: These Geminis move and talk slower, often have money on their mind, and are more stubborn and sensual.

Sun in Gemini-Mercury in Gemini: This is Gemini at its best -quick, clever, youthful, humourous, versatile, and knowledgeable.

Sun in Gemini-Mercury in Cancer: The feelings color the thoughts here, and these Geminis are more sensitive, hungry, and domestically inclined.

Sun in Cancer-Mercury in Gemini: This is Cancer is much more talkative, diverse, and humorous than normal. They learn quickly and have a more objective or detached view of things.

Sun in Cancer-Mercury in Cancer: Feelings dominate here. The native is very sensitive and emotional, and has a great memory. They like to focus on domestic issues.

Sun in Cancer-Mercury in Leo: This Cancer has more confidence and pride and a very creative imagination. They like to entertain at home.

Sun in Leo-Mercury in Cancer: These are the more domesticated cats. They take everything very personally and need lots of reassuring.

Sun in Leo-Mercury in Leo: These cats are pure ego and the best way to deal with them is to acknowledge their superiority. Very confident and commanding folks.

Sun in Leo-Mercury in Virgo: Leo here is more critical, capable, and observant, and may have good reason to lord it over others.

Sun in Virgo-Mercury in Leo: These Virgos are more playful and confident and make good entertainers.

Sun in Virgo-Mercury in Virgo: Virgo here is what you'd expect -perfection-driven spirits who can spot the microbe on your forearm.

Sun in Virgo-Mercury in Libra: These Virgos are more cheerful, social, pleasant, and attractive. They're always smiling -despite your imperfections.

Sun in Libra-Mercury in Virgo: These Librans worry too much about others, are more concientious, and make great secretaries.

Sun in Libra-Mercury in Libra: This is the typical Libran -charming, attractive, and pleasing, but fair and just, with unbeatable debating skill.

Sun in Libra-Mercury in Scorpio: Libra here is more secretive and sensual and less indecisive. They're good at reading or sizing others.

Sun in Scorpio-Mercury in Libra: Libra takes the edge off Scorpio's intensity and extremism, making these people more social and pleasant to be with.

Sun in Scorpio-Mercury in Scorpio: Scorpio is typical here; the ego and thoughts are always focused and intense, and the desire nature rules.

Sun in Scorpio-Mercury in Sagittarius: These Scorpios have a broader view of life and are generally more open or outspoken.

Sun in Sagittarius-Mercury in Scorpio: They can be sneaky or manipulative, but they'll confess in the end. Good researchers into life's mysteries.

Sun in Sagittarius-Mercury in Sagittarius: These people are very blunt or outspoken but well-meaning or benevolent. They're adventurers and fascinated by spiritual subjects.

Sun in Sagittarius-Mercury in Capricorn: Sagittarius is a little more practical or stingy here. They make good ascetics and are fascinated with time travel.

Sun in Capricorn-Mercury in Sagittarius: These Capricorns have more conscience and guilt and are not so materialistic. They're often in the travel buisness.

Sun in Capricorn-Mercury in Capricorn: Capricorn here is typical; very cautious and timid but practical and perservering. They like to deal with facts and numbers.

Sun in Capricorn-Mercury in Aquarius: These folks will not run around naked, but they do have strange or unusual interests. They're practical scientists and visionaries.

Sun in Aquarius-Mercury in Capricorn: They're strange, but they're controlled, and will keep their thoughts to themselves. Ingenious planners and organizers.

Sun in Aquarius-Mercury in Aquarius: These are the really strange folk, but they're brilliant, unique, and exciting. They're natural inventors and humanitarians.

Sun in Aquarius-Mercury in Pisces: These are also strange folk, but they're more sensitive, and compassionate. Good artists, musicians, astrologers, or psychics.

Sun in Pisces-Mercury in Aquarius: These Pisceans can be a little cool or detached. They have good intellects and make excellent researchers or psychologists.

Sun in Pisces-Mercury in Pisces: Pisces here is totally visual or instinctive and extremely sensitive. These are the true poets, artists, and psychics who comfort and console us.

Sun in Pisces-Mercury in Aries: These Pisceans have more courage, energy, and initiative as well as some inventive ability. They are surprisingly outspoken about their feelings.

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