Astrological Rulerships

Rulership is an extremely important issue and those who say otherwise don't know what they're talking about. How else is one supposed to know the kind of influence a planet gives off if it is not linked to one of the twelve signs? It is the whole basis upon which astrology is built! Mars and Venus are as different from each other as Aries and Taurus. The real problem is the subject of dual rulerships.

Up untill 1781, the luminaries ruled one sign each, and the five visible planets ruled two signs each, as is shown below...

Sun rules Leo(day) Moon rules Cancer(night)
Mercury rules Gemini(day)and Virgo(night)
Venus rules Taurus(night)and Libra(day)
Mars rules Aries(day)and Scorpio(night)
Jupiter rules Sagittarius(day)and Pisces(night)
Saturn rules Capricorn(night)and Aquarius(day)

This setup seemed to work fine(and still does to some extent) but it is an ambiguous system reflecting an ambiguous time. It allows too much leeway where interpretation is concerned and if we are ever to establish astrology as a precise method or science, we must resolve this ambiguity. What double rulership does reveal is that the fire element is a higher(day) octave or expression of the lower(night) water element, and that air(day) is the higher expression of earth(night).

Double rulership is also a failsafe or backup system for a degenerated humanity that only uses half of its potential, and this has been the case for thousands of years now. Those select few who have regenerated and awakened their higher senses are fully in tune with all twelve planets, and this will soon be the case with humanity in general. The (re)discoveries of Uranus(1781), Neptune(1846), and Pluto(1930) are already starting that process. Recognition of Earth and a final twelfth body will complete it. The process from 7 to 12 is the process from mortality to immortality or from human to divine. The true rulership scheme should look as follows...

Sun rules LeoSaturn rules Capricorn
Moon rules CancerUranus rules Aquarius
Mercury rules Gemini or VirgoNeptune rules Pisces
Venus rules TaurusPluto rules Scorpio
Mars rules AriesEarth rules Libra
Jupiter rules SagittariusX rules Gemini orVirgo

Earth Rules Libra

Earth is the Libran plane or planet of this system whose central themes or keywords are beauty, justice, harmony and relationships. We are here to learn how to live with one another in harmony despite our diversities. This planet/plane must have the most diverse number of races and creatures and plants and minerals in the universe, most of them imported. It also has the most free will of just about any other realm. Our Earth may be a great experiment and everyone outside is watching as we are something of a microcosm of the rest of our cosmos. Unfortunately, we are not doing very well at this time; we have allowed ourselves to become the victims of inimical forces who wish to make this planet their home.

Libra, because of its great beauty, and desire to please has been taken advantage of like no other sign(except maybe Pisces). There is no more beautiful sign position than Libra rising or ascendant. These people have model-like faces and bodies and extremely pleasant manners and personalities. Libra rising(not Sun sign) is the personal depiction of what this Earth planet should be like. Unfortunately, as explained earlier, this is at present, far from the case. We have let the night side(Taurus) take over.

As partners, we must help our Libran plane achieve its natural and deserved status. We must clean up our own lives through fasting and prayer, and when there are enough regenerated humans, this plane and eveyone else will fall into line. Then we will take our rightful place as the judges and mediators of this system.

One of the failings of astrology or astrologers has been not to recognize the true identity of our plane/planet as the true ruler of Libra and how it influences us astrologically -via the ascendant or rising sign. The notion that Earth is always opposite the Sun and therefore in the sign opposite your Sun sign is purely heliocentric and has no validity in a geocentric context. It's sad to see how much garbage is still being circulated in the name of serious astrology. If people knew the truth about the Ascendant(and the Midheaven) astrology would be much more widely accepted than it is today.

From Seven To Twelve

Uranus rules Aquarius, leaving Saturn to Capricorn and bringing our total to eight. Neptune rules Pisces, leaving Sagittarius to Jupiter and bringing our total to nine. Pluto rules Scorpio leaving Mars to Aries and bringing our total to ten. Earth rules Libra, leaving Venus to Taurus and bringing our total to eleven. One more body is unnacounted for which we shall name X.

There are many contenders for the status of planet X. One is intra-Mercurial Vulcan. Another is Lilith, supposedly a second moon of the Earth. Then there is Ceres, largest of the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. There is also the planetoid Chiron discovered in 1977 between Saturn and Uranus. Finally there are all those hypothetical bodies beyond Neptune, most of them in the Kuiper belt. These include the Uranians, Isis, Persephone, Morya, Lion, Q, Nemesis, and a host of others. Some, like Quaoar, Sedna, and Xena(Eris) are not so hypothetical, but do they have any real astrological influence? Remember, the total number of major planets in astrology must be twelve, including Sun, Moon, and Earth. This means that only one more member will be accepted as the legitimate ruler of Virgo(or Gemini). Theosophy says Vulcan. Take your pic.

While everyone is looking beyond Pluto, it seems few are looking closer to home. What about the Midheaven? Is it not a legitimate astrological influence? If so, it must have a body to back it up. All real astrological influences have a solid visible body as their source -no exception. So where does the Midheaven influence come from? This is a great mystery until one realizes that our planet is a flat plane in a pyramidal scheme of planes, whose one center is an inner central sun.

The Ascendant influence comes from the edge of the Earth's flat plane facing the eastern horizon where the Sun, Moon, and planets appear to rise along the ecliptic. The Midheaven, on the other hand, is measured as the highest point of the ecliptic intersected by the individual's meridian of birth. In other words, the center of the sky is also the center of the planet. And located right at the inner center of our planet is a small reddish sun some 600 to 700 miles in diameter. This sun, which Olaf Janssen describes as a "planet" in the book The Smokey God, is the power behind the Midheaven! Could this also be Zechariah Sitchin's twelfth planet(or what's left of it)?

Unfortunately, Earth's hidden sun is only emitting a fraction of its true power. In the book The Hollow Earth by Rudy Rucker, our inner central sun is described as being covered by huge slipper-like creatures who are feeding off of its energy and who call themselves the Elder Ones(they claim to be millions of years old). Personally, I believe they are nothing but parasites who are weakening the planet and all life on it. If they were somehow to be removed the energy of the planet would probably increase tenfold, and so would the quality of life on this planet. In fact I believe that they are eaters(for that is their basic pastime) and that they are largely responsible for our own degenerative habits.

This planet or plane is plagued by both parasites and pollution, which are the main causes of sickness and death, and needs a good cleansing. Cleanliness or purification is the key to staving off sickness and death. When we clean up the planet and ourselves the heightened frequency or vibration will naturally eliminate or ward off all lower frequency life forms, including negative humans.

Virgo is the sign of cleanliness and purification. When the ruling world or planet of this sign is fully activated or recognized, we will enjoy perfect health and live very long lives in a clean and paradisical environment. Could the Inner Sun Midheaven be associated with this?

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