$uccess $igns
Marlene Masini Rathgeb


This is the best book on the Midheaven I have ever come across. It shows how you can integrate your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant with the career point in your chart -the Midheaven.

Marlene Masini Rathgeb does an excellent and thorough job of examining this pivotal factor in the light of today's job market. While the 1st edition of her book (upon which this article is based) was written in 1981, and the second in 1999, the basic principles still apply for the 21st century.

The job clusters associated with each Midheaven sign are the crux of this book and worth their weight in gold. Below is a selected summary of some of the book's main features...

Introductory excerpts from the author:

"The Success System is a simple one because it is based on a simple equation: Success is finding out who you are and what you were meant to be. Your horoscope contains a multitude of components, but the Success System operates quite effectively around only four. The first three components this book examines -your sun, moon, and rising signs -form the essence of who you are, astrologically speaking. They are the brightest parts of your "aura." Your Midheaven house sign points directly to what you were meant to be in this world, thus filling in the second half of the equation. While your sun, moon, and rising sign are personal points in horoscope, your Midheaven is the destiny point -in fact it is the destiny point."

"The Midheaven deals with a segment of life or field experience, the "career ground" you were meant to occupy."

"Enter the Midheaven, perhaps the richest astrological symbol of them all."

"The House that falls at the Midheaven of your horoscope indicates in which of life's departments your career lies."

"The Midheaven in your horoscope marks off the slice of pie or house that was directly overhead as the great wheel of the zodiac was "stopped in time" at the moment of your birth(in the place of your birth). That Midheaven house represents your apportioned share in the world of work or profession. It is your career ground; it is unique to you and you were "meant" to occupy it. Like the Ascendant, the Midheaven is an elusive point in that it changes signs quickly in a twenty-four-hour period. Understanding the "slice of life" at which the wheel stopped is vital to your success."

"Unlike the sun, moon, and the Ascendant, which are personal points in a horoscope, the Midheaven is often described as a destiny point -the destiny point. This reputation derives, like all other astrological conclusions, from observations, thousands of observations by thousands of people over thousands of years(one of the reasons astrology is called the "observed science"). At a very early point in time, astronomical(hence astrological) calculations became quite precise: Stonehenge, for example, has been described as a giant astrological "computer." Therefore the elusive Midheaven -the highest point the Sun reaches in its daily path through the sky -got a lot of attention right from the beginning. And right from the beginning astronomers/astrologers noticed that the Midheaven had an uncanny connection to a person's role in life. Untill fairly recently most people didn't have much choice about roles or what they could do to earn their keep; kings produced kings, shoemakers bred shoemakers. That you have a career -let alone a choice of career -is quite a modern notion. As times changed, the significance of the Midheaven in earthly life became better defined. The fuzzy generalized view of it as the destiny point took more concrete shape, and the Midheaven was reborn as the point of profession , the point of status, the point of public performance. Your Midheaven is you in the open -exposed, you might say, for all the world to see. It doesn't make much difference how "private" your life or career is; you are judged by what you do and how well you do it. Those who judge you may be few in number, but they nevertheless represent your world."

"Despite the fact that I have defined the Midheaven as a destiny or life-path point rather than a personal point in your horscope, there is one way in which the Midheaven is an indicator of personality or, more properly, of character. The Midheaven sign embodies qualities that we admire, however unconciously. The Midheaven is what is important to us, what we respect, and therefore what we hope to incorporate into our own lives. Ideally we incorporate the Midheaven qualities through the life work or career route we choose. When you think about your real aspirations in terms of the person you would like to become, you are reflecting the influence of the Midheaven in your horoscope."

"...the saturnine character of the Midheaven means that the Midheaven is something to be achieved through time and maturity. Many people never achieve their Midheaven , no matter what chronological age they achieve; others reach for the Midheaven and arrive at it(and success) when they attain emotional maturity, which can be at any age."

The security of purpose your astrological profile -particularly your Midheaven -can give you is worth more than any pension plan the most generous company can offer. And it is the most valuable insurance against ever being out of work, a phrase that to me simply means one is temporarily not on a payroll(including one's own). If you understand your Midheaven correctly and understand what you're all about, you'll never be out of work, but only out of phase, a temporary condition in which one is preparing for the next leap forward and the next adventure. Your operative principle can be put to work at anything, anywhere. Not that your choice of career fields is unlimited; quite the opposite, in fact, because the boundaries of your Midheaven House are there for the purpose of defining the broad career fields and IPT clusters you belong in. But some of the most successful people in the world have created their own jobs. They have sensed a need, spotted a trend, and then applied their operative principle to it."

Note: Rathgeb sees the MC as the START of the 10th house -this is one point in the book which Libra Rising disagrees with. To find your Midheaven sign see here.

Specific Jobs for each Midheaven Sign/House

Note: Add 3 stars if your Sun is in your Midheaven sign, 2 stars if your Moon is in your Midheaven sign , 1 star if your Ascendant is in your Midheaven sign, 6 stars if both your Sun and Moon are in your Midheaven sign, 5 stars if both your sun and ascendant are in your midheaven sign, and 4 stars if both your moon and ascendant sign are in your midheaven sign. Sun, moon, and ascendant same as your Midheaven is very rare but possible. You can also use the Midheaven ruler or any other planet in your chart you deem is important.

Aries Midheaven

General areas(IPT clusters) for Aries Midheaven

Animal and natural resources: veterinary medicine, stockbreeding
Diagnostic and healing arts: all phases of surgery -especially neurological, psychiatry, physiotherapy, forsenic medicine
Exploring, building, creating new spaces, products, or opportunities: all phases of architecture, surveying, engineering -especially civil and metallurgical, research and development for an industrial project
Entrepreneurial activities
Figuring and then playing the odds: commodities and futures, all phases
Investigative arts and trades: journalism and reporting -especially high-risk phases, insurance investigation
Motor activity: competitive sports, pro and amateur athletics, acrobatics
Performing and visual arts: highly individual phases, including dance
Social sciences: psychology -especially behavioural and industrial, marketing research
Regulatory services: law enforcement
Strategic, combative, and competitive arts and trades: the military -all phases, (direct) sales, litigation -especially criminal, new-product advertisement and promotion

Specific jobs for Aries Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries(Double Destiny): residential and institutional architect with innovative firm, investigative reporting, muckraker, war correspondent, commodities customers man or lone trader, military(non-desk job), pro athlete(non team), brain or eye surgeon or neurosurgeon

Taurus: landscape architecture, purchasing agent for an architectural construction firm, animal husbandry involving breeding and selling, ear/nose/throat doctor

Gemini: sports or crime reporter, public relations for architectural firm in heavy industry, writer/reporter for house organ in similar fields, court reporter, advertising sales person for newspaper or magazine

Cancer: obstetrics and gynecology physician or surgeon, food or housing manager, military or law enforcement in the industrial fields, head of industrial psychology department, interior designer, commodities analyst

Leo: performer in legitimate theatre, courtroom litigator -both criminal and civil, chief of surgery or administrator of surgical services, venture capitalist, athletic coach in high school or junior high

Virgo: civil engineering(technical phases), microsurgeon, records supervisor for law enforcement agency, the military or surgical/medical profession, draftsman for architectural firm, health and safety inspector

Libra: labor relations in industry, public relations specialist in medical field, insurance claims adjuster, plastic or cosmetic surgery or public relations job related to same

Scorpio: courtroom litigator, criminal investigation or apprehension, surgery that is reconstructive or exploratory, commodities sales or trading, institutional architecture, pro sports(individual)

Sagittarius: college athletics coach or administrator, architect or enginner for an international firm, foreign correspondent, veterinarian for larger animals, trainer of race horses

Capricorn: financial officer for a manufacturing or engineering firm, corporate lawyer, government contracts negotiator for architectural firm, investment analyst for insurance firm

Aquarius: civil rights litigator, urban renewal projects work as surveyor or architect, professor of social psychology, head of research and development in electronic engineering firm

Pisces: dancer on stage or film, alcohol or drug rehabilitation counselor in industry or law enforcement agency, fine artist specializing in new techniques, medic or chaplain in the military

Taurus Midheaven

General areas for Taurus Midheaven:

Building arts and tradws: all phases of construction
Buying/selling/collecting: things of value(art and jewelry); real estate
Diagnostic/healing arts: nursing; counseling(especially children); diseases of ear, nose, and throat
Domestic arts and sciences: all phases of food and clothing
Environmental/natural sciences/trades: agriculture, horticulture, farming, and animal husbandry
Life-sustaining, life-promoting professions
Managing/earning money(for self and others): all phases of banking and finance; stocks, bonds, and all types of securities
Performing arts, both individual and group: music, all phases, especially vocal
Personal adornment: all phases of fashion and beauty trades
Public service: federal, state, and local administration
Visual/decorative arts: painting, interior design, and decoration

Specific jobs for Taurus Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: An independant real estate dealer, director of public safety program in city or state government, administrator of nursing services for a hospital or nursing home, investment counselor to widows and orphans, throat surgeon

Taurus(Double Destiny): dairy farmer or stock breeder, bank president, vocalist or speech teacher, otiolaryngologist, head of construction firm, fashion designer

Gemini: editor/writer for fashion or art magazine, lyricist or singer, owner of flowers- or candy-by-wire service, publicity director for mutual funds company

Cancer: bakery owner or administrator, pediatrics nurse or physician, financial officer for major firm, art collector or dealer, owner of jewelry or fashion boutique

Leo: musical comedy star, administrator of food and food/service programs for city or state school system, owner of fashion manufacturing firm, real estate mogul

Virgo: senior draftsman for construction firm, perfume chemist or tester, senior tax accountant for a loan company, voice or music critic

Libra: public relations representative for singer/musical group or theater, head of modeling or cosmetics firm, legal counselor to investment group, florist or landscape gardener

Scorpio: senior partner in a securities firm, genetics research or livestock breeder, individual instrumentalist on piano or violin, child psychiatrist

Sagittarius: head of securities investment for multinational firm, administrator for state or federal agriculture department, supervisor of airport construction, legal advisor to nursing home or food processor

Capricorn: securities and investment analyst, real estate tax assessor for city or state, financial administrator for a theatre group or opera house, building materials purchasing agent in a construction firm

Aquarius: music composer or conductor, diector of urban renewal projects, contemporary jewelry designer, director of youth agricultural projects

Pisces: fine artist or sculptor, scenic designer, director of correctional or mental health facilities for city or state, fashion model or fashion photographer

Gemini Midheaven

General areas for Gemini Midheaven:

Commerce: retailing in all phases
Communication of news message: information in all phases, all media
Entertaining or role playing: particularly comedy and mimicry
Language arts and trades: writing and speaking
Numbers: primarily accounting and bookkeeping
Persuading arts and trades: public relations: sales(direct and indirect); advertising: politics
Scholarship, especially teaching: all phases, particularly languages and elementary and secondary education
Technology: computer field, primarily software
Travel and transportation industry: all phases
Visual arts: primarily graphic and decorative

Specific jobs for Gemini Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: sales manager for a computer manufacturer, test pilot for aircraft manufacturer, high school physical education teacher, editor, textbook publisher

Taurus: preschool or kindergarten teacher, musical comedy writer or performer, soft goods merchandise manager for a department store, menu planner for a cruise ship or airline

Gemini(Double Destiny): ventriloquist or voice-over specialist for radio or television commercials, society news editor for newspaper, book distriburor or bookstore owner, foreign language teacher

Cancer: graphic designer at an advertising agency, cost accountant for paper manufacturer or printer, political news analyst, food editor

Leo: news bureau chief for a newspaper or wire service, drama teacher/coach at a high school or college, chief financial officer in a computer firm or airline

Virgo: drama or film critic for a newspaper or magazine, head of computer programming, speechwriter at a political public relations firm, philology teacher

Libra: fashion editor for a newspaper or magazine, interior decorator at a motel chain, speech or voice coach, public relations for luxury retailer

Scorpio: obituary writer at a newspaper or magazine, novelist, classical languages teacher, head of internal audit for a retail chain

Sagittarius: head of air traffic control, independent sales representative in a computer firm, resident scholar in foreign university, singer/dancer in musical theater

Capricorn: editor/publisher of a newspaper or magazine, administrator of tour programs, department store president, political candidate

Aquarius: radio or television announcer, head of shipping for export manufacturer, lung specialist, science fiction writer

Pisces: teacher of English literature in high school or college, creative director of an advertising agency, speech therapist/counselor, film or television comedian

Cancer Midheaven

General areas for Cancer Midheaven:

Affairs of women: all phases, especially biological and sociological
Cultural resources and activities: especially with regard to tradition
Diagnostic and healing arts: many phases, especially concerns of women and children, nursing, counseling, in-depth psychology
Domestic arts and sciences: especially survival needs, i.e., food, shelter, and clothing
Finance: especially commodities
Fine arts: many phases, especially creative writing
Human resources: especially personnel work
Natural resources: especially the soil, the sea
Politics and public affairs; all phases, including trend analysis
Real estate and housing: all phases

Specific jobs for Cancer Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: land developer, militant in the cause of feminism, surgeon specializing in stomach disorders, independant commodities trader

Taurus: pediatric nurse or pediatrician, pattern maker for clothing manufacturer, soil scientist or agronomist, birth control counselor

Gemini: real estate salesman, political pollster, rare books curator, antique dealer

Cancer(Double Destiny): personnel director, politician or political trend analyst, novelist or poet, restaurant owner

Leo: holder of political office, financial officer for a construction materials firm, child psychiatrist, women's rights leader

Virgo: dietician in an old age or nursing home, fertility researcher, library administrator for a museun, market researcher

Libra: historical landmarks preservation, publicist for day-care center fund-raising, painter, gynecologist

Scorpio: head of political party -local or national, owner of mining concern, specialist in reproductive problems, psychoanalyst

Sagittarius: oceanographer, international commodities specialist, women's rights or child welfare lobbyst, international famine relief fund-raiser

Capricorn: head of acquisitions for a museum or library, financial advisor to political candidate, geologist, real estate trader

Aquarius: natural resources conservationist, public housing administrator, political news analyst or broadcaster, family counselor at a public agency

Pisces: creative writing teacher or poet, play therapist for retarded children, public school lunch program coordinator, political speech writer

Leo Midheaven

General areas for Leo Midheaven:

Public administration/Public life: all levels of government
Amusements/Pleasures: all phases, including speculation,
Concerns of children: especially the very young
Corporate Management: all types of businesses and industries
Diagnostic/Healing Arts: big money specialties, including surgery; counseling
Luxury trades: all phases, particularly fashion and retailing
Money and finance: all phases earning and purchasing
Performing arts: all specialties, particularly the theatre
Philanthropy: all paid positions
Visual arts: both fine and decorative

Specific jobs for Leo Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: heart surgeon, dancer/choreographer for theatre or movies, director of playground programs in a large city, professional gambler

Taurus: Head of day nursery or preschool program, head of fund-raising for charity, dress designer, throat specialist

Gemini: editor-in-chief, theatre arts book club, nightclub entertainer or owner, scriptwriter, personnel director for a large corporation

Cancer: chief of pediatrics in a large hospital, obstetrician/gynecologist, financial officer for movie studio, owner of fast food chain

Leo(Double Destiny): actor/actress in legitimate theatre, president or chairman of the board of corporation, mayor/governor/high government official, gold trader

Virgo: head dietician in a public school system, internist, financial secretary for a charity, owner of fine crafts shop, high position in Health and Welfare Department

Libra: public relations for charitable organization, designer clothes merchandise manager or fine retailer, kidney specialist, art teacher for young children

Scorpio: chief financial officer for an insurance company, sex-change surgeon, child psychiatrist, owner of a chain of fashion boutiques

Sagittarius: venture capitalist, owner/manager of a gambling casino, chief of imports for a fur manufacturer, dance teacher for young children

Capricorn: chief of orthopedic surgery, purchasing agent for fine jewelry manufacturer, museum-quality sculptor, owner of a dating service

Aquarius: founder and administrator of a charitable organization, solo instrumentalist, owner/operator of a flight school, chief of radiology in a major hospital

Pisces: Actor/actress in theatre or movies, museum-quality painter, display director for luxury retailer, amusement park owner/operator

Virgo Midheaven

General areas for Virgo Midheaven :

Agricultural resources: many phases
Animals: care and breeding
Diagnostic/healing arts: most types of medical practice and research, nursing, paramedical services, and therapy
Education and educational institutions: most phases
Inspecting and improving arts and trades: primarily health and safety
Manual arts and trades: all types of craftmanship
Numbers: accounting and bookkeping
Research and lab work: all types, particularly chemical
Service arts and trades: particularly food and lodging
Technology: primarily engineering

Specific jobs for Virgo Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: head of elevator safety inspection of a large city, abdominal surgeon, chief draftsman, for civil enginnering firm, technical director for the legitimate stage

Taurus: pianist or piano teacher, biochemical research, chief accountant at a factoring firm, domestic services administrator for a hotel or motel chain

Gemini: information officer in a public health program, teacher of writing techniques, lung specialist, actor or comic

Cancer: financial administrator of a welfare program, restaurant health inspector, writer of prose, oceanographic research

Leo: fine jewelry design and manufacture, head of medical records for a hospital or nursing home, government agricultural program, drama teacher or coach

Virgo(Double Destiny): inventor, nutrition expert, editor-in-chief of a technical publication, head of cancer research program

Libra: drama or art critic, technical advisor in a fashion manufacturing firm, actress, stylist for food photography

Scorpio: sanitation engineer, veterinary surgeon, history professor, professional athlete

Sagittarius: owner of a dog training school, research in language learning techniques, mapmaker, dancer for ballet or musical theatre

Capricorn: geologist or geology professor, sculptor, chief administrator in a city school system, orthopedist

Aquarius: head of library services at a university, electrical engineering and research, project planner for a public housing program, instrumentalist

Pisces: occupational therapist, literary critic, podiatrist or shoe salesman, songwriter

Libra Midheaven

General areas for Libra Midheaven

Advocacy and the persuasive arts: most phases of law: selling(mainly indirect); public relations, politics
Communications arts: writing, advertising in the creative phases
Cultural activities: teaching, especially liberal arts
Diplomatic arts: foreign service, labor relations and arbitration
Entertaining and role playing: all phases of acting
Evaluating and adjusting arts and trades: insurance, quality control, appraising
Fine arts: all phases
General and personal aesthetics: fashion and beauty fields; decorating, graphic arts, retail buying
Group improvement: social work
Hospitality and the leisure arts and services: travel, hotel and resort management

Specific jobs for Libra Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: trial lawyer for accident claims, psychiatric social worker, slapstick comedian, merchandise manager for furniture

Taurus: fashion illustrator, chief of maitre d'hotel at a restaurant or resort, public relations expert for a singer or musical group, history or art teacher

Gemini: press attaché at a foreign embassy or consulate, information office work for a legal aid society, jingle writer in an advertising agency, book buyer for a department store

Cancer: birth control advisor to young people, quality control at a food processing plant, fashion designer, politician

Leo: courtroom litigator for divorce and tax cases, actor in movies or legitimate theatre, fashion merchandise manager, chief of staff in foreign service

Virgo: insurance adjuster, interior designer specializing in use of space, stand-up satirist or comic, case worker in a social service agency

Libra(Double Destiny): press relations for a high government official, movie star, travel agent or tour director, museum director or art teacher, decorative artist

Scorpio: political party chief, trial lawyer for criminal cases, history teacher, life insurance adjuster

Sagittarius: foreign ambassador, head of tour planning/travel agency/airline, dancer, judge or chief magistrate

Capricorn: sculptor, chief of quality control for beauty products firm, hotel or resort manager, merchandise manager for hard goods

Aquarius: performing musical artist, project planner in a social services agency, novelist, civil rights lawyer

Pisces: poet, layout designer in an advertising agency, actor in legitimate theatre, public relations officer for a hospital

Scorpio Midheaven

General areas for Scorpio Midheaven:

The body: all forms of strenuous physical activity
Death and dying: all related phases, including burial
Detection: undercover and investigative arts and trades -especially criminal work
Diagnostic and healing arts: especially surgery and intensive psychotherapy
Finance, taxes, and insurance -most phases, especially in connection with heirs
Military/industrial complex: all phases related to war and defense
Management of people, services, countries -all phases
Politics: all phases, including international
Removal, sanitation, and purifying trades: including all waste products, demolition
Research and exploration arts and sciences: many phases, including all aspects of organic and inorganic world

Specific jobs for Scorpio Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: coroner, military liason, munitions manufacturer, owner of demolition firm, field researcher for endangered species,

Taurus: surgeon specializing in throat cancer, cemetary or mortuary administrator, estate-tax specialist, sanitation commisioner

Gemini: crime reporter or racket-exposé journalist, public relations specialist for defense department, editor for house organ of major firm, life insurance salesman

Cancer: gynecologist/surgeon, high position in state department, water supply pollution expert, birth defects prevention research

Leo: head of state, professional athlete, chairman of the board or president of firm with government contracts, sex-change surgeon

Virgo: health and safety violations inspector, manager of death records department, behavioral psychologist, life insurance actuary

Libra: labor arbitrator for steel or aircraft manufacturer, family death counselor, public relations or press liason for F.B.I. or attorney general's office, cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon

Scorpio(Double Destiny): general or military strategist, psychoanalyst, owner of rubbish removal or trucking firm, evangelist

Sagittarius: explorer or professor of natural history, litigator in accident or death claims cases, international politician or professor of political science, long distance runner

Capricorn: head of big-city detection department, geologist or earth-resources researcher, mortician or owner of funeral home, top management position in big business

Aquarius: astronaut or space researcher, director of relief services for widows and orphans, political platform writer, head of conservationist group

Pisces: counseling or research for terminal patients, competitive swimmer, oceanographer, manager of out-patient center in psychiatric hospital

Sagittarius Midheaven

General areas for Sagittarius Midheaven:

Abstract or futuristic studies and activities: space and astrology, for example
Communications and language arts: particularly publishing, inspirational or didactic writing, foreign languages and translation
Diagnostic and healing arts: some phases; larger animal veterinary medicine, counseling or advising
Figuring the odds: all forms of speculation
Finance: particularly international
The law: most phases, particularly codification and adjudication
The physical body and motor arts: all sports and physical activities, including the dance
Religion and the religious life: all phases, including theological scholarship
Teaching, scholarship, and higher education: all phases
The sciences: particularly research, both organic and inorganic worlds
Transportation and import-export: all phases, particularly air trades

Specific jobs for Sagittarius Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: professional athlete, military attaché at foreign embassy, troubleshooter in import/export business

Taurus: financial officer for multinational company , magistrate, simultaneous translator at the United Nations

Gemini: publisher of race track tout sheet, philologist, chief of ground-to-air communications for airport, religious editor

Cancer: pastoral priest or teaching nun, paleontologist, manager for a cruise line or shipping firm, publisher of food magazine

Leo: professional dancer, owner of gambling casino or resort, president of university, senator or ambassador

Virgo: research chemist for new synthetic materials, court reporter or legal researcher, nutrition adviser for sports figures, chief accountant of international publisher

Libra: publisher of fashion or beauty periodical, judge or litigator, aesthetics professor, multilingual tour guide or operator

Scorpio: veterinary surgeon, gym owner or athletic coach, church historian or theologian, atomic physicist

Sagittarius(Double Destiny): semanticist or foreign language teacher, newspaper or magazine publisher, chief executive of airline, international investment counselor, philanthropist

Capricorn: head of religious order, owner of race horces or baseball/football team, head of futurology research group, circuit or supreme court judge

Aquarius: astrologer, publisher or writer of religious or future-oriented periodical, drafter of civil rights legislation, head of political science or international studies department of university

Pisces: member of contemplative religious order, philosophy scholar or professor, director of publicist for charity, legal aid adviser

Capricorn Midheaven

General areas for Capricorn Midheaven:

Banking and finance: many phases, especially mortgage work
Big business or industry: many phases, particularly management
Bureaucracy: all levels of government -federal, state, local
Diagnostic and healing arts: many phases, especially dentistry, orthopedics, and geriatrics
Education: mainly administrative phases
Labor: most phases, especially management
Numbers: mainly economics, mathematics
Performing and visual arts: individual phases, particularly sculpture
Physical sciences: many phases, particularly earth studies
Property, real estate, construction: all phases
Regulatory and correctional services: all phases

Specific jobs for Capricorn Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: burial plot salesman, probation officer, land speculator, athletic administrator in high school or college

Taurus: real estate tax assessor for city or state, comptroller in a major corporation, geologist, economist

Gemini: stand-up comic or musical comedy star, mathematics professor, head of public relations firm with industrial accounts, labor lobbyist

Cancer: director of woman's correctional facility, water conservation administrator, head of construction firm, dean of women at college or university

Leo: labor leader, president or chairman of the board of a major company, coal mine owner or operator, director of public preschool programs, mortgage administrator at a bank

Virgo: registrar at college or university, sanitation commissioner, economic trends analyst, tax accountant, dental hygienist

Libra: director of recreation for prison or house of detention, administrator of fine arts program at college or university, labor relations expert, geriatric counselor, sculpture curator(museum)

Scorpio: prison warden, orthopedic surgeon, real estate owner or landlord, sales manager at major insurance firm

Sagittarius: game warden, head of engineering for an aircraft manufacturer, president of college or university, international economist, lead dancer on stage or films

Capricorn(Double Destiny): dentist or head of university dental program, chiropractor, bureau chief of F.B.I. or attorney general's office, purchasing agent of major construction firm

Aquarius: director of urban renewal programs for state or city, head of science department at college or university, individual instrumentalist, administrator of nursing home complex

Pisces: geriatric counselor, sculptor, water supply commissioner, customer relations for bank or major manufacturer

Aquarius Midheaven

General areas for Aquarius Midheaven :

Amusement arts: many phases, including pop-writing, cartooning, films
Communications arts: mainly broadcasting -all phases, all media Diagnostic and healing arts: some phases -especially nervous disorders and mental health, radiology
Entrepreneurial activities: all, including freelance work
Futuristic studies and activities: all forms; all phases of occultism
Human rights and humanitarian causes: all phases, including legal work connected with associations, civil rights, feminism, philanthropy
Musical arts: most phases
The physical sciences and technologies: most phases, especially nuclear physics, meteorology, electronics
Scholarship and teaching: especially technical and higher studies, such as metaphysics
The social sciences: all phases

Specific jobs for Aquarius Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: free-lance inventor, trouble-shooter for telephone company, neurological specialist or surgeon, field supervisor of census or polltakers

Taurus: rock vocalist or instrumentalist, family mental health counselor, radio or television announcer, head of civic improvement organization

Gemini: recording or broadcasting engineer, computer designer or programmer, liason officer of a social work agency, songwriter, reform journalist

Cancer: director of public maternity and child-care information center, women's rights lawyer or counselor, film writer or director

Leo: radio or television performer, director or administrator of philanthropy, chief of radiology, performing psychic

Virgo: instrumentalist or sound technician, psychiatric social worker, cartoonist, metaphysics professor

Libra: marriage counselor, movie star or set designer, architect for public housing, free-lance artist

Scorpio: sexual dysfunction counselor, director of public mental health facility, head of major radio or television network, trends analyst for market research firm

Sagittarius: astrologer, professor of meteorology, radiation therapist, science fiction writer

Capricorn: owner or operator of an independant telephone and telegraph communications company, director of development for nuclear research, patent attorney

Aquarius(Double Destiny): musician -either group or individual, researcher for space technology, chief attorney or adviser for civil rights group, professor of aerodynamics, astronomer

Pisces: hypnotherapist, medium, position in radio/television/film acting, administrator of social services for the underpriveleged

Pisces Midheaven

General areas for Pisces Midheaven:

Business and the professions: all creative phases, imcluding many managerial facets
Caretaking and custodial services: all phases related to places of confinement
Counseling and guiding arts and sciences: all forms of advising, including pastoral work, some phases of teaching
Diagnostic and healing arts: some phases. particularly abnormal psychology, faith healing, and other unorthodox methods
Drugs, chemicles, and liquids: all levels, at all related businesses, including pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages
Entertaining and role-playing: most phases
Fine or creative arts: particularly fiction and poetry, music, painting and sculpture, photography
Illusional arts and trades: particularly filmmaking, set design, undercover work
Performing arts: especially the dance and the theatre
Persuading arts and trades: all forms of selling, the advertising business
Religious, spiritual, and occult higher studies and activities, all pnases: including some aspects of physics and higher mathematics

Specific jobs for Pisces Midheaven with Sun, Moon, or Ascendant in...

Aries: chief of decoy services for police department, advertising space or time salesman, mimic or mime, foot surgeon

Taurus: head of religious retreat home, bar or restaurant owner, therapist in speech disorders, composer

Gemini: copy chief at an advertising agency, sales manager for a pharmaceutical company, scriptwriter in a film company, communications specialist for church group or religious organization

Cancer: owner or sales manager for a boat manufacturer or distributorship, gourmet chef, professor of church history or comparative religion, novelist or biographer

Leo: stage actor or actress, manager of home for retarded children, film producer or head of studio, psychiatrist specializing in personality disorders

Virgo: head dietician in prison/hospital/nursing home, chemist, graphic designer for advertising agency, priest or nun

Libra: painter or art photographer, spokesperson or fund-raiser for religious group or mental health charity, instrumentalist on harp or piano, personnel director of major firm

Scorpio: undercover agent for F.B.I. or C.I.A., head of religious order or canon lawyer, head of psychiatric services in a major hospital, sales manager for alcoholic beverage manufacturer

Sagittarius: head of new product development in pharmaceutical or soft-drink bottling firm, legal counsel to entertainment union, ballet dancer, distributor of foreign films

Capricorn: sculptor or head of art ceramics firm, financial administrator for mental institution, top management of cosmetics or fragrance firm, agent or manager to top movie or theatre star

Aquarius: director of community mental health program, poet or lyricist, professor of higher mathematics, owner or manager of string of movie theatres

Pisces(Double Destiny): Nuclear physicist, theologian or philosopher, dramatist or creative writer, magician or illusionist, art therapist for the mentally retarded, clairvoyant, personnel manager in hydroelectric plant or oil refining company

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