What True Planetary Type Are You?

There is a simple method by which you can tell if you are a true planetary type or not based on the day and night or dual rulership scheme.

Every planet rules one or two signs and the principles that go along with it. The true ruling sign determines the true type that planet represents.

The Sun, for example, rules Leo and the principle of rulership, dominance, authority, and leadership. For the Sun to properly exercise these qualities it must be situated in signs of its own gender or element and best of all -in its own sign of Leo.

A true solar type is therefore someone with the Sun in Leo, followed by someone with the Sun in Aries or Sag(fire), followed by someone with the Sun in the air element. In general, the Sun must be in a masculine sign where its radiance is strongly felt. Suns in feminine signs fail to represent the true solar nature and are actually lunar(Cancer or the Moon is the night side of Leo or the Sun) in nature. They most often fail to emit a strong will or presence.

In similar fashion, a true lunar type representing the principles of nurturing and domesticity will have the Moon in the feminine signs, especially water, and most of all in Cancer. It is here that their caring and protective natures will be most obvious.Masculine Moons(those in fire or air) lose their lunar nature and become more solar-like(Leo or or the Sun is the day side of Cancer or the Moon). Masculine Moons can be very brash, insensitive, or animalistic in nature.

Masculine Mercurys will readily display Geminian qualities(clever, bright, talkative, loud, changeable, versatile, superficial, etc) whereas feminine Mercurys will display more Virgoan qualities(quiet, picky, worrisome, efficient, orderly, analytical, etc). Mercury's true ruling sign has yet to be decided.

Feminine Venus signs will display true Taurean qualities whereas masculine Venus signs will display more Libran qualities. A feminine Venus is much more serious or conservative in its tastes, whereas a masculine Venus takes pleasure in being more flashy or unconventional.

Masculine Earth/Ascendant signs will display true Libran qualities(beauty, sociability, intellect) whereas feminine Earth/Ascendant signs will display more Taurean qualities(crudeness, sensuality, impressionability).

Masculine Mars signs will display truer Arian qualities(energy, confidence, force, vitality) while feminine Mars signs will display the more negative Scorpion qualities(secretiveness, lustfulness, fear, jealousy).

Feminine Pluto signs will display true Scorpion qualies(depth, focus, determination, passion) while masculine Pluto signs will display the more negative Arian qualities(recklessness, impatience, lust, aggression).

Masculine Jupiter signs will display true Sagittarian qualities(vision, faith, luck, growth, abundance) whereas feminine Jupiter signs will display the more negative Piscean qualities(weakness, secretiveness, dishonesty, confusion, misfortune) .

Feminine Neptune signs will display the truer more positive Piscean qualities(kindness, compassion, vision, understanding) whereas masculine Neptune signs will display the more negative Sagittarian qualities(insensitivity, carelessness, directionless, etc).

Feminine Saturn signs will display the truer Capricornian qualities(wisdom, practicality, seriousness, responsibilty) whereas masculine Saturn signs will display the more negative Aquarian qualities(chaos, rebellion, instability, impracticality).

Masculine Uranus signs will display true Aquarian qualities(friendliness, tolerance, broadmindedness, altruism, ingenuity) whereas feminine Uranus signs will display the more negative Capricornian qualities(control, stinginess, shortsightedness, greed, misfortune, etc).

A true Martian type is therefore someone with a masculine Mars, preferably in fire. A true Venusian is someone with a feminine Venus, preferably in earth. A true Lunarian has the Moon in water(followed by earth), a true Solarian has the Sun in fire(followed by air), a true Jupiterian has Jupiter in fire(followed by air), a true Saturnian has Saturn in earth(followed by water), a true Uranian has Uranus in air(followed by fire), a true Neptunian has Neptune in water(followed by earth), a true Plutonian has Pluto in water(followed by earth), a true Terran or Gaian has the Earth/Ascendant in air(followed by fire), and the true Mercurian has Mercury in air(although this is still pending on the discovery or confirmation of Virgo's true ruler).

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