One-Degree Progressions

There are several ways of progressing your planets but perhaps the simplest and all-encompassing is the one-degree method where one degree is alotted for every year of life. So if your Sun is at 2Ari45 at birth, it will be at 3Ari45 when you are one year old, 4Ari45 when you are two years old, and so on. Do this for every planet or factor including the Ascendant and Midheaven and notice when there is a change of sign or one of the progressed planets makes a specific aspect to one of the natal planets.

This is one area in astrology where degrees and minutes are necessary. The general rule is that a progressed planet aspects a natal planet when it is within one degree of orb. The aspect is APPLYING(building up) when it is one degree BEFORE the natal placement and it is SEPARATING(fading) for one degree or year AFTER the natal placement.

So one-degree progressions last for a total of two years -one year building up to the exact aspect and one year fading out from the exact aspect. Example: The progressed Moon at 2Sag00 is in applying trine to the Sun at 2Ari45. Since one degree or 60 minutes of arc equals one year, 30 minutes of arc equals 6 months, etc., this progressed trine of the Moon to the Sun will become exact in 9 months(or 45 minutes of arc).

Below is a breakdown of the time element involved...

Time Equivalents For Progressions
30 or one whole sign = 30 years
1 or 60' = 1 year
30' = 6 months
15' = 3 months
5' = 1 month
1' = 6 days
It is not necessary to go into seconds of arc, especially if the natal birth time is not precise.

So the first thing you need to do is list your natal planets to the degree and minute, and then carry them forward one degree for every year. Start with the Sun and then the Moon and planets and finally the Ascendant and Midheaven. Here is an example...

example of a one-degree progressed chart
natal planets for Mar.23,1945
progressed for Mar.23,2011
Sun 2Ari45
Sun 8Gem45
Moo 7Leo39
Moo 13Lib39
Mer 21Ari04
Mer 27Gem04
Ven 3Tau32
Ven 9Can32
Mar 28Aqu57
Mar 4Tau57
Jup 21Vir15r
Jup 27Sco15
Sat 4Can05
Sat 10Vir05
Ura 9Gem40
Ura 15Leo40
Nep 5 Lib08r
Plu 8Leo05
Asc 24Gem58
Asc 0Vir58
MC 6Pis24
MC 12Tau24
In the above example, 66 years has elapsed so that 66 or two signs and 6 is added to each of the natal positions to arrive at the progressed positions. Retrogrades do not affect the process and other planets or points can be included.

To study past events you will need to progress for every year of your life and see what aspects or sign changes take place. For your current situation progress to your current day/month/year. Make your birthday the starting point for every year.

Progressions don't change your natal positions. Instead they overlay them with new influences which the native absorbs and uses to grow and develop. A progressed Sun from Aries to Taurus, for example learns to become more patient, practical, and productive. Often the progressed planets in new signs are subtly obvious in the behaviour and appearance of the native. The movement of the Sun changes very little when using either one-degree or secondary progression methods. Also, transits can affect progressed planets.

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