Your Super Planet

Discovered in 1930, Pluto is the super planet of our solar system. Despite its distance and size, Pluto packs a powerful punch, just like Scorpio -the sign it rules. This is because Pluto power is focused power. Like Scorpio, Pluto focuses all of its energy and attention on the task at hand, giving 100 % of itself. This is why miraculous feats are sometimes performed under its influence.

Superman, who was popularized 9 years later(1939) in comic book fashion, represents Pluto power (as do all other superheroes and supervillains). Instead of wasting his energy on food and sex and other debilitating habits, he redirects all of his energy into serving mankind. Superman has Pluto in Leo, the sign of heroics. Wherever you have Pluto in your chart, that is where you can exercise extreme power -for good or bad. Below is a rundown of Pluto power during the last almost 150 years.

Pluto in Gemini(1882-1914): These are the superthinkers who developed our present means of communication and local transportation. Rare books, magazines, and newspapers, secret phones and tapping devices, private knowledge and education, secret passwords or codes, super fast trains, buses, and bicycles, secret doorways and passages, insider knowledge, telepathic abilities, brainwashing techniques, intense mental focus and concentration, etc. -these are all means through which Pluto in Gemini individuals excel.

Pluto in Cancer(1912-1939): These are the supermoms and superdads who developed our present home and family lifestyle. These people can bore through you with their intense emotions and incite an intense reactions. They love food, but it can kill them more than anyone else, and are especially vulnerable to cancerous diseases. They have phenomenal memories and are extremely sentimental. They go all out when it comes to buying or furnishing a home or conducting family funerals. These people can make fortunes in commerce or real estate and always have some money, land, or property they never tell you about. They are survivors in the face of incredible odds. This because they have great instincts which they usually heed or follow.

Pluto in Leo(1937-1958): These are the supercreative types who developed our present entertainment industry with its accent on crime and sex(not to be confused with earlier Hollywood/Neptune in Leo). Pluto enjoys stretching limits, and in Leo it adulterates all aspects of creativity, love, showmanship, and entertainment in general. Sex, violence, horror, and science-fiction(all favourite Pluto subjects) are graphically and dramatically portrayed either theatrically, on screen, or in real life. These people can make exceptional leaders and governors or they can become ruthless bosses and dictators. Love affairs with these people can be heavenly or hellish and relationships with children can be wonderful or atrocious. Heroes, princes and princesses reflect the postive aspects of Pluto in Leo while sodomists, rapists, and child molesters reflect the negative side.

Pluto in Virgo(1956-1972): These are the superservers and workers who are changing our health and educational systems some through technology and others through more natural or holistic means. These people are extremely selective with their choice of work or employment. Whether they are concious of it or not, they are looking for that one in a million job that only they can do well, and until they find it they will continue to experience instability and upheaval in their working lives. They hold the same attitude with their diet and health. They cannot just eat anything -many are vegetarians or vegans and exercise fanatics. They seek purity and perfection in whatever they do and many of them have the Christ conciousness(Jesus/Paul/Appolonious had Pluto in Virgo). They are also environmentalists who will do whatever they can to keep our planet clean and healthy.

Pluto in Libra(1971-1984): These are the superartists and mediators who are striving to bring beauty, peace and justice to our world. They are extremely selective in their relationships for the simple reason that once committed, they will give you their all. They will scan you to death until you meet their criteria, and even then they may hold back on you. They have either exceptional or awful talent or taste in either music or art and can be counted on to give poignant or stinging critiques. They are great manipulators of individuals and relationships and can make exceptional lawyers, mediators, or con artists. Some have exquisite inner and even outer beauty which can only be described as angelic, and such can make their fortune in fashion or modeling or take the low road and become prostitutes. They are also keen appraisers or evaluators and hate superficiality. Once they end a relationship it is usually permanent so be careful how you treat them.

Pluto in Scorpio(1984-1995): Pluto is at home(in its own sign) in Scorpio so that this generation expresses itself in a pure and unadulterated manner. This means super depth, intensity, passion, power, focus, singularity, extremism, exclusivity, permanence, fixity, etc. There is no stopping these people once they set their sights on a goal or mission. Even death or danger, which is natural for them, will not be an obstacle. They have x-ray senses which can cut through all the crap and show them things as they really are. They are very old souls with tremendous emotional depth and intensity. They know the score (subconciously) on planet Earth -and what needs to be done. It's no use lying or fibbing: they want your total honesty and commitment so they can carry out their regenerative goals or purposes.

Pluto in Sagittarius(1995-2008): These are the superpriests and explorers who are forever expanding our horizons, both physically and spiritually. They are fearless travellers and adventurers who will leave no stone unturned. They wish to acquire divine secrets and powers and in so doing can become obsessed or fanatical. There is a danger here of inflexibility and narrowness and of forcing one's beliefs on others such as in the times of the Inquisition. On the other hand they can achieve their goal of actually seeing God face to face. They are also exceptional predators or hunters and record-breaking atheletes. They are at home in the wild and have a natural rapport with animals, especially horses. They are in general incredibly lucky and optimistic.

Pluto in Capricorn(2008-2023): These are the super climbers and achievers who set exceptional goals for themselves and who will achieve them come hell or high water. They are deeply wise and cautious and reserved and insecure. They can also be extremely timid, quiet, selfish, sensual, and controlling or manipulative. They do well in government, politics, industry, mining, investment, trades, administration, organization, and business in general. They have a sixth sense for knowing what will work or succeed and have phenomenal timing. They suffer serious trials or setbacks but become very self-reliant as a result. The United States has Pluto in Capricorn balancing its three planets in Cancer.

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