Stars over Great Britain

Here are the declinations or zeniths for some of the main stars which girdle
the UK and other nations between 50 and 60 degrees north latitude. The most notable, perhaps, is Eltanin,
the dragon star, which has been stradling the 51st parallell for hundreds of years now, and which may be ...

...the driving force behind London. Also notable is Alioth, the brightest star in Ursa Major near the 56th parallel, which cuts through Glasgow and Edinburgh. Each of the stars listed have their own stories to tell in the way they have shaped this once powerful nation and are worthy of study. The geodetic world map may place these stars in their proper longitudes but whether or not 0 Aries goes through Greenwich is not entirely certain. Nor is the natal chart of Great Britain. Do we use the Christmas 1066 AD date or the January 1st, 1801 date? In any case, here are the longitudes of the nine stars shown in the image for 2011-2012 AD...
Eltanin 28 Sag 08
Rastaban 12 Sag 08
Phecda 00 Vir 39
Mizar 15 Vir 52
Alioth 09 Vir 06
Merak 19 Leo 36
Schedar 07 Tau 57
Megrez 01 Vir 14
Caph 05 Tau 17

Eltanin Over London

Eltanin, Etamin, or Gamma Draconis is the brightest star in the constellation Draco forming one of the two eyes in its head(Rastaban forming the other eye). It is red-orange in color and is currently(2012) located at RA 17h56m55s and declination 5129'. Eltanin is also known as the Zenith star because it goes directly over London's zenith or overhead position. As the image below shows, it has occupied the 51st parallel for many hundreds of years now and will continue... do so. It appears to coincide with Great Britain's rise to power climaxing around 1850 when Eltanin is exactly over central London. It is currently directly over Greenwich, and even though it retrogrades slightly, its motion is roughly one minute of arc southward every hundred years or so. Its longitudinal motion is about one degree every 72 years and is currently located at 28 degrees and 08 minutes of Sagittarius(2011). Not only is it in tune with the galactic center but it continues to influence Avebury where some of the planets' primary chakras are located. Is Eltanin the secret star of Great Britain? Exacly what role has this star played in the history of London and the UK?

What is the astrological nature or influence of Eltanin? According to to German physician and astrologer Reinhold Ebertin, Eltanin gives a liking for solitude, good mental concentration, and is conductive to esoteric or philosophical studies. It also brings, dishonor, downfall, and love of prestige. It has a Saturn-Jupiter nature as well as a Martian influence.

Other nations or territories coming under Eltanin's zenith or declination include much of northern Europe, southern Russia(including northern Kazakhstan), the northern Pacific, southwestern and mideastern Canada, and the Northern Atlantic. Specific cities include Dortmund Essen and Halle Germany, Chernigov Ukraine, Saratov and Rubtsovsk Russia, and Cardiff, Wales and London, England.

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