The Algol Effect

Algol(Caput Algol) is commonly described as "The most evil, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens". It is also known as Beta Persei, from the Arab Ra's al Ghul as "the Demon's Head". To the Hebrews it was Rosh ha Satan or Satan's Head, and to the Greeks it was the severed head of Medusa, the serpent-haired Gorgon who was so horrible to look at that one glance would turn an onlooker to stone. Violence, beheading, hanging, choking, asphyxiation, electrocution, murder, mob violence are all descriptive of this star. A very unfortunate influence indeed!.

Astronomicaly, Algol is an eclipsing binary and variable star composed of itself, Beta Persei-A, and Beta Persei-B. It is normally at 2.1 magnitude but dips to 3.4 every almost 3 days when eclipsed by its main binary. It is in line of sight to us.

In mythology she was the beautiful Medusa who was turned into a horrid Gorgon when Athena dicovered her being raped in her temple by Neptune. Any one who looked at her face was turned to stone -even after being beheaded by Perseus.

Astrologically, Algol is located at 26 degrees and 20 minutes of Taurus(2011) moving roughly one degree every 72 years. Below is a table or ephemeris..

Longitude Table for Caput Algol
1500 AD 19Tau11
1600 AD 20Tau26
1700 AD 21Tau59
1750 AD 22Tau41
1800 AD 23Tau23
1850 AD 24Tau04
1900 AD 24Tau47
1925 AD 25Tau07
1950 AD 25Tau28
1975 AD 25Tau49
2000 AD 26Tau10
2005 AD 26Tau14
2010 AD 26Tau19
2015 AD 26Tau23
2020 AD 26Tau27
2025 AD 26Tau31
2030 AD 26Tau36
2040 AD 26Tau44
2050 AD 26Tau52
2075 AD 27Tau13
2100 AD 27Tau34
2150 AD 28Tau16
2200 AD 28Tau58
2300 AD 00Gem21

While the longitude of a planet or star gives it its astrological or celestial nature, the declination reveals its mundane or terrestial influence. Declination equates with latitude so that any object at 40N declination will be directly overhead at 40N latitude having its greatest power there. This will effect the entire latitude in paran fashion but will of course be strongest where it lines up in longitude as well. Currently(2011 AD), Algol is at 41N00' declination corresponding to the same latitude(see diagram below)

This cuts through the USA, the North Atlantic, southern Europe, central Asia, northern China and Japan, and the northern Pacific. More specifically it goes through(or near) cities like New York, Madrid, Naples, Istanbul, and Hohot.

Decination Table for Caput Algol
1500 AD 38N55
1600 AD 39N21
1700 AD 39N46
1750 AD 39N58
1800 AD 40N10
1850 AD 40N22
1900 AD 40N34
1925 AD 40N40
1950 AD 40N46
1975 AD 40N52
2000 AD 40N57
2005 AD 40N59
2010 AD 41N00
2015 AD 41N01
2020 AD 41N02
2025 AD 41N03
2030 AD 41N04
2040 AD 41N06
2050 AD 41N09
2075 AD 41N14
2100 AD 41N20
2150 AD 41N31
2200 AD 41N42
2300 AD 42N02

New York City was long known to be one of the great sin cities of the world. It has a particular energy emanating from it's underground which is reputed to be reptilian in nature. Money, sex, power, crime -these are all reptilian/Algol traits and they permeate New York City completely. It's also no coincidence that Manhattan is shaped like a penis(the reptillian symbol)!

New York of course, is not entirely evil. This city is vibrant, exciting, unique, and always on the cutting edge, and Algol shares this as well. Below is a chart showing Algol's declination over New York during the 20th century.


As you can see, Algol's declination over New York coincided with it's rise to power and fame during the late 19th century and most of the 20th. In the sign of Taurus, it has long been one of the financial powers or centers of the world. Algol's line of declination is currently leaving New York City but still has much power over it.
One must also not forget that Algol is not the only star in the Gorgon myth. Gorgonea Secunda(39N42), Gorgonea Tertia(39N39), and Gorgonea Quarta(38N53) are close by, affecting a wider range of latitude. Even M34 Capulus(42N50) may be involved. All are in late Taurus and variously affect latitudes 38N to 43N.

Cities within one degree of 41N00

4154'N 1229'E Rome Italy
4154'N 1227'E Vatican CityVatican City
4150'N 8739'W ChicagoIllinois(USA)
4149'N 7125'W ProvidenceRhode Island(USA)
4148'N 12947'E ChongjinNorth Korea
4148'N 12325'E ShenyangLiaoning China
4145'N 7241'W HartfordConnecticut(USA)
4143'N 4447'E TbilisiGeorgia
4139'N 053'W ZaragozaAragon Spain
4138'N 7158'E NamanganUzbekistan
4135'N 9337'W Des MoinesIowa(USA)
4129'N 8140'W ClevelandOhio(USA)
4123'N 0211'E BarcelonaCatalonia Spain
4120'N 1949'E TiranaAlbania
4116'N 6913'E TashkentUzbekistan
4109'N 838'W PortoPortugal
4108'N 10448'W CheyenneWyoming(USA)
4102'N 4953'E BakuAzerbaijan
4100'N 2900'E IstanbulTurkey
4050'N 1415'E NaplesItaly
4048'N 9640'W LincolnNebraska(USA)
4045'N 11153'W Salt Lake CityUtah(USA)
4043'N 7400'W New YorkNew York(USA)
4038'N 2257'E ThessalonikiGreece
4027'N 8000'W PittsburghPennsylvania(USA)
4023N 343'W MadridSpain
4020'N 2908'E BursaTurkey
4013'N 7445'W TrentonNew Jersey(USA)

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