Houses are Aspects to the Ascendant

After long and careful consideration, it has dawned on this author that there are really no such things as the astrological houses -only aspects to the Ascendant. In fact, every planet has its own set of houses, and can be used to glean valuable information from the chart.

This comes as a result of understanding what the Houses and Ascendant are really all about. Generally, the Earth is not recognized as a planet in astrology because of its central location in the chart, but it all clears up when we realize that the Earth point is what actually sets up the chart via that enigmatic factor we call the Ascendant or Rising sign. Yes, your Earth sign becomes the Ascendant or "1st house" in the birth chart and the other houses(by sign) are simply aspectual relationships to it. So Mars in the 5th house is simply Mars in lower or dexter trine aspect(by sign) to the Ascendant(Earth).

Because we live on this Earth its astrological influence is measured in a special way -via the eastern horizon and ecliptic crossing point as seen from the native's exact time and place of birth. Roughly every two hours a new sign "rises" or "ascends" at this point due to the Sky's 24-hour rotation.

So if the Ascendant is planet Earth and a house is the sign aspect or spatial relationship between a planet and the Earth/Ascendant, there is really no reason to have houses at all! There are only the planets(including the Earth/Ascendant), the twelve signs or energies(30 segments of the ecliptc beginning at the vernal equinox), and the relationships between them.

In the whole sign house system, the houses are replaced by the signs themselves, and arbitrarily numbered from west to east, as is done in eastern or vedic astrology. This numbering or orientation is based on the natural order or succession of the zodiac signs and gives the houses their identity. All it really is is a technical or sophisticated way of showing the 12 possible relationships(by sign) of a planet to the Ascendant. So the houses are in effect, nothing more than aspects.

The Midheaven or MC has nothing to do with the terrestial houses. It represents the celestial sphere as opposed to the terrestial and may have its own set of houses or aspect relationships. The MC is connected to our Earth's inner sun which radiates and/or projects our sky and which may be a planet in its own right.

So there you have it. We have taken a simple and beautiful and divine art and/or science of planets(physical) and signs(spiritual) and their relationships (mental) and made a complete mess of it by introducing houses(and degrees). Astrology is your Sun, Moon, Earth(Ascendant), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and X signs and how they all relate to one another(by sign, element, mode, or gender) -that's it! No Houses!

One area where astrology currently suffers is its "soul" aspect. Soul astrology, which goes into karma and reincarnation, is the missing element in astrology. For example, how many times have you been born with the same planetary positions and which ones do you still need to experience? Also, which of the 12 planets or planes have you already lived on and failed or mastered and which have you not?

In the future, for example, instead of writing degrees next to our planet/signs we will write a number from 1 to 12 signifying how many times we've had that placement in our overall evolution and this will give your astrology placements much more depth and meaning.

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