Planets in the Signs
144 planetary positions(interpreted)

Sun in Aries Happy when active, challenged, or self-absorbed. Influential in promoting self-interests.
Sun in Taurus Happy when rich, or indulging in food, music, or sex. Influential financier or entertainer.
Sun in Gemini Happy when thinking, talking, joking, or communicating. Influential writer, speaker, thinker.
Sun in Cancer Happy when secure or safe or comfortable. Influential parent, caretaker, business person.
Sun in Leo Happy when noticed or recognized or flattered and admired. Influential in all matters.
Sun in Virgo Happy when useful or correct or needed. Influential worker, server, doctor, technician.
Sun in Libra Happy when relating or harmonizing or beautifying. Influential partner, mate, mediator.
Sun in Scorpio Happy when having intense experiences(emotional, sexual, etc.). Influential surgeon, criminal, investigator.
Sun in Sagittarius Happy when traveling, learning, expounding, or exploring. Influential priest, explorer, ambassador.
Sun in Capricorn Happy when successful, managing, or in control. Influential manager, governor, disciplinarian.
Sun in Aquarius Happy when different, unique, or controversial. Influential friend, reformer, humanitarian.
Sun in Pisces Happy when dreaming, fantasizing, or being alone. Influential dreamer, artist, psychic.

Moon in Aries: needs to stay active and challenged on a daily basis. Very impatient.
Moon in Taurus: needs money, music, and creature comforts on a daily basis. Very sensual.
Moon in Gemini: needs diversity, knowledge, and humour, daily. Very changeable.
Moon in Cancer: needs security, reassurance, and familiarity. Very emotional.
Moon in Leo: needs flattery and warmth and creative expression. Very proud.
Moon in Virgo: needs order, cleanliness, work, and a daily routine. Very efficient.
Moon in Libra: needs beauty, harmony, and constant companionship. Very accomodating.
Moon in Scorpio: needs intense emotional stimulation on a daily basis. Very deep and focused.
Moon in Sagittarius: needs daily moral and spiritual upliftment, travel, exploration. Very blunt.
Moon in Capricorn: needs to achieve or progress on a daily basis. Very ambitious.
Moon in Aquarius: needs novelty, change, and friendship, on a daily basis. Very different.
Moon in Pisces: needs daily peace and quiet, music, and romance. Very impressionable.

Earth/Asc in Aries: energetic, aggressive appearance. Confident.
Earth/Asc in Taurus: earthy, stocky appearance. Solid.
Earth/Asc in Gemini: youthful, slender appearance. Clever.
Earth/Asc in Cancer: roundish, domesticated appearance. Homey.
Earth/Asc in Leo: sunny, radiant appearance. Dignified.
Earth/Asc in Virgo: tidy, meticulous appearance. Critical.
Earth/Asc in Libra: beautiful, pleasant appearance. Sociable.
Earth/Asc in Scorpio: dark, forbidding appearance. Intense.
Earth/Asc in Sagittarius: handsome, athletic appearance. Jovial.
Earth/Asc in Capricorn: thin, goaty, melancholy appearance. Serious.
Earth/Asc in Aquarius: intelligent, attractive appearance. Unusual.
Earth/Asc in Pisces: dreamy, fishlike appearance. Impressionable.

Mercury in Aries: quick, impatient mind.
Mercury in Taurus: slow, methodical thinking.
Mercury in Gemini: bright and versatile mind.
Mercury in Cancer: thinking colored by emotions, memories.
Mercury in Leo: speaks and thinks with the heart.
Mercury in Virgo: critical, analytical mind, efficient.
Mercury in Libra: clear and impartial mind, agreeable.
Mercury in Scorpio: deep, investigative mind, suspicious.
Mercury in Sagittarius: blunt and optimistic, ethical.
Mercury in Capricorn: practical, factual mind, organized.
Mercury in Aquarius: brilliant, original mind, altruistic.
Mercury in Pisces: mystical and impressionable mind, sensitive.

Venus in Aries: likes speed and action, aggressive, passionate.
Venus in Taurus: excellent and expensive tastes, resourceful.
Venus in Gemini: likes communicating, flirtatious, versatile.
Venus in Cancer: enjoys home life and creature comforts.
Venus in Leo: enjoys attention, playful, affectionate, childish.
Venus in Virgo: likes order and cleanliness, and civility.
Venus in Libra: likes art and beauty and peace, lazy, indulgent, indecisive.
Venus in Scorpio: intense desires and convictions, passionate, sexy.
Venus in Sagittarius: likes honesty, travel, sports, and the outdoors.
Venus in Capricorn: frugal, reliable, faithful, and serious .
Venus in Aquarius: values friends, causes, originality, and independance.
Venus in Pisces: likes solitude and quiet, romantic and artistic.

Mars in Aries: tremendous drive, courage, and energy.
Mars in Taurus: sluggish and sensual but persistent and productive.
Mars in Gemini: intellectual energy, versatile, impatient.
Mars in Cancer: motivated by emotions, moody, snappy, personal.
Mars in Leo: active love life, playful, proud, showy.
Mars in Virgo: hard worker, thorough, critical.
Mars in Libra: active social life, good strategist.
Mars in Scorpio: secretive, passionate, destructive.
Mars in Sagittarius: active faith, traveler, adventurer.
Mars in Capricorn: active career life, ambitious, persistent.
Mars in Aquarius: active friend and humanitarian, unpredictable.
Mars in Pisces: active dreamer, dancer, artist, psychic.

Jupiter in Aries: lucky opening one's own doors, self-reliant, energetic.
Jupiter in Taurus: lucky acquiring wealth and money, a materialistic philosophy.
Jupiter in Gemini: oppotunities in the communications field, witty, funny.
Jupiter in Cancer: good buisness sense, nurturing, protective.
Jupiter in Leo: proud, pompous, generous, loves children.
Jupiter in Virgo: always working, good health, inflates trivial matters.
Jupiter in Libra: born diplomat, mediator, partnerships bring gain.
Jupiter in Scorpio: attracted to danger and risk, nine lives type.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: opportunities and growth in all areas.
Jupiter in Capricorn: ambitious and prosperous, economical, stingy.
Jupiter in Aquarius: traveling humanitarian, spiritual scientist.
Jupiter in Pisces: opportunities in the arts, mystical, dreamer.

Saturn in Aries: quality fighter, promoter, trainer, planned aggression.
Saturn in Taurus: solid, stable, productive, earthy, sensual.
Saturn in Gemini: security through one's ability to communicate.
Saturn in Cancer: security through home and family.
Saturn in Leo: security through love, dominance, and children.
Saturn in Virgo: security through one's work, skills, or diet.
Saturn in Libra: security through partnerships, contracts, and cooperation.
Saturn in Scorpio: security through research, investigation, inheritance.
Saturn in Sagittarius: security through religion or spirituality.
Saturn in Capricorn: security through one's status or career.
Saturn in Aquarius: security through friends and assosciations.
Saturn in Pisces: security through charity or welfare.

Uranus in Aries:(1927-28 to 1934-35) These people are fighters and believe in themselves.
Uranus in Taurus:(1934-35 to 1941-42) This generation finds new ways to make money.
Uranus in Gemini:(1941-42 to 1948-49) This generation revolutionizes communication.
Uranus in Cancer:(1948-49 to 1955-56) This generation stretches the concept of family.
Uranus in Leo:(1955-56 to 1961-62) This generation believes in free love.
Uranus in Virgo:(1961-62 to 1968-69) This generation has new ideas on health and work.
Uranus in Libra:(1968-69 to 1974-75) This generation believes in free relationships.
Uranus in Scorpio:(1974-75 to 1981) This generation freely explores sex and the occult.
Uranus in Sagittarius:(1981 to 1988) This generation has a true view of spirituality.
Uranus in Capricorn:(1988 to 1995-96) These people find new ways to govern or organize.
Uranus in Aquarius:(1995-96 to 2003) These are pure truth seekers and humanitarians.
Uranus in Pisces:(2003 to 2010) This is the generation of utopian dreamers and psychics.

Neptune in Aries:(1861-62 to 1874-75) These people are addicted to speed and action.
Neptune in Taurus:(1874-75 to 1887-88) These people are addicted to wealth and property.
Neptune in Gemini:(1887-88 to 1901) These people are addicted to ideas and communicating.
Neptune in Cancer:(1901 to 1914-16) These people are addicted to food and family life.
Neptune in Leo:(1914-16 to 1928-29) These people are addicted to love and entertainment.
Neptune in Virgo:(1928-29 to 1942-43) These people are addicted to work and order.
Neptune in Libra:(1942-43 to 1955-57) These people are addicted to beauty and harmony.
Neptune in Scorpio:(1955-57 to 1970) These people are addicted to sex and the occult.
Neptune in Sagittarius:(1970 t0 1984) These people are addicted to travel and religion.
Neptune in Capricorn:(1984 to 1998) These people are addicted to control and order.
Neptune in Aquarius:(1998 to 2011) These people are addicted to truth and weirdness.
Neptune in Pisces:(2011 to 2024) These people are addicted to all the right things.

Pluto in Aries:(1822-23 to 1850-52) It's all or nothing when it comes to self and aggression.
Pluto in Taurus:(1850-52 to 1882-84) It's all or nothing when it comes to security or possessions.
Pluto in Gemini:(1882-84 to 1912-14) It's all or nothing when it comes to learning or ideas.
Pluto in Cancer:(1912-14 to 1938-39) It's all or nothing when it comes to food and family.
Pluto in Leo:(1938-39 to 1957-58) It's all or nothing when it comes to love and play.
Pluto in Virgo:(1957-58 to 1971-72) It's all or nothing when it comes to work and health.
Pluto in Libra:(1971-72 to 1983-84) It's all or nothing when it comes to relationships.
Pluto in Scorpio:(1983-84 to 1995) it's all or nothing -period.
Pluto in Sagittarius:(1995 to 2008) It's all or nothing when it comes to matters of belief or faith.
Pluto in Capricorn:(2008 to 2023-24) It's all or nothing when it comes to career or ambition.
Pluto in Aquarius:(2023-24 to 2043-44) It's all or nothing when it comes to truth or friendship.
Pluto in Pisces:(2043-44 to 2066-68) It's all or nothing when it comes to sacrifice or feelings.

Midheaven in Aries: selfish ego, career in sports, military, hairdressing, or mechanics.
Midheaven in Taurus: shrewd ego, career in banking, acting, music, construction, or landscaping.
Midheaven in Gemini: clever ego, career in writing, speaking, printing, computers, or transport.
Midheaven in Cancer: nurturing ego, career in homemaking, nursing, caring, and public works.
Midheaven in Leo: proud ego, career in administration, leadership, entertainment, and leisure.
Midheaven in Virgo: analytical ego, career in office work, clothing, food, technical, and services.
Midheaven in Libra: co-operative ego, career in beauty, arts, relations, and fashion.
Midheaven in Scorpio: sarcastic ego, career in research, medicine, sex, investment, and investigation.
Midheaven in Sagittarius: jovial ego, career in religion, travel, publishing, and sports.
Midheaven in Capricorn: practical ego, career in buisness, politics, building, and management.
Midheaven in Aquarius: unconventional ego, career in science, astronomy, astrology, electronics.
Midheaven in Pisces: sympathetic ego, career in the arts, film, photography, medicine, mysticism.

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