Pluto Generations in Power

The planet Pluto in astrology has everything to do with how you handle power both personally and socially. As it's orbit covers large periods of time, it is a good indicator or description of the groups or generations of people born under it and their attitude towards power. Pluto can spend anywhere from 11 to 32 years in a zodiac sign(shortest/fastest in its own sign). Here are descriptions of the Pluto generations of the current centuries and their transformational effects on us.

Pluto in Gemini(1882-1914):
The gangsters and con men of the early 1900's as well as the broadcasters, journalists, and media people who deeply influenced the thoughts and communications of the masses of that period. Rare books and knowledge were coming to light and the power of the radio, newspaper, and telephone dominated this era and generation. Local travel through rail, bus, and the first automobiles also flourished at this time. The effects of this generation was partifcularly strong during the first quarter to the first half of the 20th century when this generation reached adulthood and came into power. The New York city press with its dogged drive to find that highly exclusive front-page news story(such as in the Superman or Spiderman movie series/cartoons) epitomizes Pluto in Gemini. Most, if not all of this generation has passed away as of 2019(aged 105-137 years).

The Pluto in Cancer generation(1912-1939) was the first truly stable generation(Pluto is well placed by element here) putting emphasis on the home, family, and security. These people were/are less cold or cerebral than the Pluto in Gemini generation, stressing the importance of emotion, feeling, sentiment, protection, and nurturing. The picture of the mom baking and serving the other household members in their new and modern house is the perfect representation of this generation. People had strong family values then, and this generation dominated the 1940's and 50's, when they were adults. The oldest members of this generation are still with us but they are quickly dying off(currently aged between 80 and 107 years as of 2019), leaving power to the next generation.

The Pluto in Leo generation(1937-1958) or those currently between 61 and 82 years of age(as of 2019) hold most of the power or reign in our society today and the results are being felt dramatically. Pluto is not comfortable in Leo(water versus fire and in square) and can be rather bombastic or dictatorial here with often negative results. Positively, there is exceptional brilliance, creativity, leadership, and warmth or generosity, but more often, there is excess or extreme power, dominance, pride, and the exploitation of love and the natural creative impulse. Superheroes, super athletes, oligarchs, princes, autocrats, plutocrats, dictators, pedophiles, and pornstars, are all Pluto in Leo phenomenon. The current power crisis in America and elsewhere is the negative manifestation of the Pluto in Leo generation, with their emphasis on immoral pleasure or power rather than effective leadership. Three of the last four American presidents are all of the Pluto in Leo generation and display, to varying extents, this particular abuse of power. At the other end exist the anti-tyrants(also Pluto in Leo) who expose this criminality(it takes one to know one). Positively, this generation can be the most generous, creative, and most loving, but it needs much support or guidance. Pluto in Leo is also atomic or nuclear power(the first bombs were dropped in 1945 when Pluto was in Leo) and there is the danger of this kind of war with this generation in power. Conversely, there is also the potential to use hydrogen or the Sun's power for regenerative rather than destructive purposes.

The Pluto in Virgo generation(1956-1972) aged 47 to 62 as of 2019 are also in power, gradually replacing the Pluto in Leo generation, and will emphasize a regenerative diet, a clean environment, and a proper working lifestyle. Pluto is well-placed in humble and hard-working Virgo(water/earth mix) and emphasises, duty, order, civility, purity, and perfection. Many are coming into power now and they will use their highly critical, analytical, and technological skills to improve the everyday aspects of our lives, from how we work and serve to our eating, dressing, and grooming habits. Most of them are into computers or high tech as well as vegan or organic diets and will bring back the natural lifestyles and environments we so desperately need. Super health and super service are the key phrases of the Pluto in Virgo generation.

The Pluto in Libra generation(1971-1984), or those 35-48 years of age as of 2019, are getting their first taste of power, and will focus largely on relationships, unity, balance, justice, harmony, beauty, and societal issues in general. These people will seek to restore the gross social violations or imbalances of the previous generations. Both people and nations will interact drastically different when this generation takes more power and control. Marriage laws will change and so will global diplomacy when they are exposed for what they really are. Beautiful people and things will be worshipped and artists and reconstructive surgeons will be much in demand. Great orators and mediators will surface and rare treaties, partnerships, and associations will be formed. Since Libra is the first sign of the second or objective half of the zodiac, these people will be the instruments for a greater global consciousness to occur. They will teach us that we are all connected and part of one another in ways we had never imagined.

Then there is the Pluto in Scorpio generation(1983-1995), or those currently aged 24-36(as of 2019) who are just beginning to get a taste of their role in society and who will in all likelihood make the greatest changes of all, as Pluto and Scorpio are synonymous. These people are emotional volcanoes and walking x-rays with the perception and power to completely remake themselves(or others) if need be. They instinctively get to the root of things and eliminate all the crud and crap so that only the truth is left upon which to rebuild. This generation will purge and cleanse the planet of all falsity or lies so that nothing is left unexposed. If you think the Snowden revelations are big(he had his Moon in Scorpio), you ain't seen nothin' yet. These are old souls and masters with a ready understanding of the dark or hidden side of life which includes sex or reproduction, death and rebirth, ufo's and abductions, or any paranormal, underground, secret society, or occult principle or reality. Personally, they are deeply feeling or emotional people who do everything with a passion or high intensity.

The Pluto in Sagittarius generation(1995-2008), aged 11 to 24(as of 2019), are the newbies in society, just waking up to their deep spiritual and philosophical stirrings which will transform the way we view or understand the world or universe we live in. They are extremely freedom-loving souls who detest borders or boundaries of any kind and who will go all out to travel abroad and mix and mate with other cultures. They will be fearless to explore new ideologies or beliefs but can be cruel or dogmatc in their attempts to convert others. The Inquisitors had this Pluto position. Positively, they will experience the deepest communion possible with their spiritual or higher selves. This Pluto position will revolutionize the travel industry, so that it will be practically instant, and their teachings and publications will transform and uplift others both mentally and spiritually. They are extremely blunt and honest and can instantly feel your motives or intentions. They can be very careless and insensitive but their utmost sincerity and optimism usually carries them through.

The Pluto in Capricorn generation(2008-2024), is still in its infancy(as of 2019) and will not take power until the 2030's and 2040's. These are the little business men and women who will introduce a bare-bones economy and government that will do the job just as well or better than any of today's overbloated institutions. They are extremely wise, cautious, and organized individuals with a no-nonsense approach to most tasks and will get things done in a fraction of the time it takes most leaders or public servants today. They are exceptional builders and their infrastructure will practically last forever. They are very health-concious and will introduce revolutionary ways of regenerating hair, skin, and bone. Extremely economical, they will let nothing go to waste, and garbage and pollution will be kept to a minimum. Never count these people out. They are tough and persistent and have a way of winning out in the end. They are wise little spiders setting their traps and lying in wait for their prey. They can experience incredible loneliness and depression and misfortune, but they build right back better and stronger than ever. They will change the way we see or count time and may find ways to reverse or even eliminate the aging process.

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