Eris Transits and Houses

The jury is not out yet as to what sign, if any, Eris actually rules, but the growing consensus seems to point to Libra. The following article is based on that presumption but should not be taken as the last word.

Wherever Libra is in your chart, that's the area Eris is in charge of. If it is your 4th house(I recommend the whole sign house system), then Eris by natal position, transit, or progression will be the key to this house and its activities.

Wherever Eris is located natally is also important as this is where the influence of that planet will effect you on a permanent basis throughout your life. Transits or progressions to this point will release the Erisian potential in that sector.

For all of you with Libra on the Ascendant or 10th house/MC, this can get really interesting, as the Eris influence here should be quite noticeable in your life.

I've noticed, for example, that many Libra MC or 10th house people simply cannot decide what to do with their lives or take forever to do so. This is not surprising considering Eris takes such a long time to travel through the signs of the zodiac(anywhere from 15 to 125 years!). This is even slower than Pluto! The legendary Libran indeciseveness may in part be explained by the vast orbit(557 years) of its ruler, Eris.

While many with a Libra MC look to Venus(Libra's old ruler) for clues to their calling, I've noticed the interpretation doesn't quite satisfy or fire them up. When using Eris, however, the bells start ringing, and the native is infused with new life and potential. Suddenly it starts to make more sense and the direction becomes clearer.

Those with Libra on any of the angles(Asc,MC,Desc,IC) will be most powerfully affected by the transits of Eris. Libra in the succedent(fixed) houses is next followed by Libra on the cadent(mutable) houses.

Since Eris moves so slowly, particularly in its current sign of Aries(1924-2044), the transits will be few but lengthy. An Eris transit around the same natal degree can last anywhere from 5(early 1900's) to 9(2000's) years! The precise nature of the aspect, as well as the planets and houses involved, is very revealing. Conjunctions and oppositions are self-explanatory but the other five dual aspects should be differentiated. An upper, 10th-house, or sinister square, for example, is not the same as a lower, 4th house, or dexter square.

Here is a list of transiting Eris degrees and their corresponding time periods in years...

Eris Transit Degrees 1898-2052
22 pis = 1898-1902
02 ari = 1929-1936
12 ari = 1967-1976
22 ari = 2009-2019
23 pis = 1901-1904
03 ari = 1933-1940
13 ari = 1971-1980
23 ari = 2014-2023
24 pis = 1903-1908
04 ari = 1937-1943
14 ari = 1975-1984
24 ari = 2018-2027
25 pis = 1906-1912
05 ari = 1940-1947
15 ari = 1980-1988
25 ari = 2022-2031
26 pis = 1909-1916
06 ari = 1944-1951
16 ari = 1984-1992
26 ari = 2027-2036
27 pis = 1912-1918
07 ari = 1948-1956
17 ari = 1988-1997
27 ari = 2031-2040
28 pis = 1916-1922
08 ari = 1951-1959
18 ari = 1992-2001
28 ari = 2035-2044
29 pis = 1919-1926
09 ari = 1955-1964
19 ari = 1997-2005
29 ari = 2040-2048
00 ari = 1922-1929
10 ari = 1959-1967
20 ari = 2001-2009
00 tau = 2044-2052
01 ari = 1926-1933
11 ari = 1963-1972
21 ari = 2005-2014

I've examined the Eris transits(see here for greater accuracy) for my own chart and found they corresponded to major events/trends in my life. The midpoint pass of Eris over the exact degree and minute of a natal planet seemed to focus on the event. When Eris made a 9th-house/upper trine to my natal Uranus for example, I experienced a spiritual conversion or awakening that changed my life and which was intense for some two years. At this time, I also learned in-depth astrology and occult subjects in general(Uranus in the 8th). As Eris is the ruler of my MC, both events were triggered by people or forces outside of my control.

The influence of an Eris transit can begin two degrees before exactitude, but I would focus on the exact aspect otherwise the time span becomes very broad. If you have two or more planets being aspected at the same time it can get a little complex. On the average, only about one fourth(or less) of your chart/planets will receive transits from Eris in your lifetime, so each one will indeed be special.

Wherever Eris or Libra is in your chart, this is where you will take a LONG time to unravel. In your FIRST house, you are so interwined with the lives of others that you may never fully realize your identity. You grow to know yourself through others. In the SECOND house you may take many years to fully evaluate the worth of what you or others own. In the THIRD house your thoughts never seem to complete or reach a conclusion. You keep seeing different sides or angles and indecisiveness becomes a problem. In the FOURTH house, you go to great lengths to ensure the smooth running of your domestic situation. Disagreements are quickly settled, often with force. In the FIFTH house, you find it difficult to choose or commit to any one lover, and your children, if any, must be perfect. In the SIXTH, fair and just working conditions are required, otherwise no go. In the SEVENTH, your partners are attractive and artistic but shallow and indecisive. In the EIGHTH, you take a balanced look at death and karma. In the NINTH, you have impossibly idealistic visions and destinations. In the TENTH, you rarely, if ever decide on your true calling or career path. Often others decide this for you. In the ELEVENTH, your hopes and aspirations may be too idealistic or a long way off. Friends will help you. In the TWELFTH, you can harbour a secret forever.

New Thoughts on Eris

Eris, like Pluto, is a long-term collective influence whose real nature won't be fully understood for many years to come. If it actually rules Libra, as this article postulates, then it will reveal three distinct faces to astrologers. Every planet has the most to do with its ruling sign, but also displays some of the qualities of its opposing and octave(dual rulership) sign.

Pluto, for example, as ruler of Scorpio, is all about death, rebith, sex, reproduction, politics, crime, pollution, regeneration, etc., but its traditional link to Mars also makes it the planet of World War, atomic energy, and new large scale beginnings. It's opposition link to Taurus makes it the planet of big business, fantastic wealth, and huge money(it's always extreme with Pluto). In this way, Pluto's essential nature is well-defined by three signs in particular.

In the same way, Eris, as ruler of Libra, is associated with unity, peace, co-operation, beautification, and balance, but it's traditional link to Venus makes it the planet of marriage, business partnership, finance, wealth, ownership, and land. Its opposite player Mars/Aries gives Eris or Libra its subconcious desire for action, initiative, innovation, aggressiveness, and even war. Eris is currently hard at work behind the global monetary crisis and changing alliances of the planet. It's also behind the increasing earthquakes and weather changes. Eris will figure very prominently in the way we handle our planetary resources.

A play on words reveals another aspect to Eris. If the E in Eris is moved to the back we get risE or rise which may signify that we must rise to some occasion. The people of the world are rising to the corruption of their leaders and humanity in general is rising to a new level of being or conciousness. It may also signify the ascension process of humanity and the planet, or its judgement, for if Pluto rules death and regeneration, Eris rules the next step after that.

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