Pluto and the Billionaires
Pluto is the planet of extremes, and whatever it touches in your chart can either go boom or bust, and nowhere is this more evident than in the field of finances.

Pluto is big money and big business, and is conspicuously configured in the charts of high-powered politicians, business people, and money magnates.

Nearly all of the top billionaires on the planet have Pluto aspecting the two money planets -Jupiter(greater benefic) and Venus(lesser benefic). Pluto/Jupiter conjunctions and trines are very common in these charts as will be shown below. Sextiles and even quincunxes can also produce wealth, especially if they are very tight by degree.

What is it about these two planets - Pluto and Jupiter - when they meet, that produces such fantastic wealth? Jupiter is ABUNDANCE and Pluto is EXTREMENESS, and together they spell EXTREME ABUNDANCE(or wealth). Jupiter is also LUCK and FORTUNE and Pluto is BEATING THE ODDS or that ONE IN A MILLION, so it's a very propitious combination indeed.

Aspects between Pluto and Jupiter or Venus by sign can produce favorable results in general, but the closer they are by aspect, the more powerful they become. Bill Gates, who is perhaps the richest man in the world, has the closest Jupiter/Pluto conjunction I've seen(under 1 degree). Even so, such an aspect can go undeveloped or unused. The potential is there, but it must be nurtured and activated. This takes a good education, good instincts, and favorable relationships or connections.

Another significant observation among the charts of the rich are the abundance of planets in the earth or water signs, particularly Cancer and Capricorn, which are concerned with business, power, and security. Taurus and Scorpio come next with their desire for power and wealth and the pleasure or benefits they bring. Virgo and Pisces are not so concerned with power and wealth but are important means or vehicles through which they are achieved. The cardinals are the bosses or directors, the fixed signs are the executives, and the mutables are the dispensers of this power or wealth. Of the fire and air signs, Leo, and perhaps Sagittarius, are the most concerned with power or wealth.

Below are the charts of thirteen top billionaires and their particular aspects. Close attention will be paid to Pluto/Jupiter aspects which appear to be highly relevant in the making of fortunes, followed by Pluto Moon, Pluto/Venus, and even Pluto/Neptune. Why would a planet such as Neptune be concerned about wealth? It must be understood that both Pluto and Neptune are occult planets and that most all wealthy people have strong occult ties or practices which have helped to make them rich.

For the moral implications of Pluto aspects and wealth see the article at the bottom following the charts.

How rich are the super rich? The figures vary or change from year to year. The Forbes listing for September 2014 for the top ten is as follows...

Carlos Slim - 84 billion
Bill Gates - 81.4 billion
Warren Buffet - 67.6 billion
Amancio Ortega - 64.1 billion
Larry Ellison - 50.5 billion
Charles Koch - 41.7 billion
David Koch - 4.7 billion
Christy Walton - 38.2 billion
Jim Walton - 36.5 billion
Liliane Bettencourt - 36 billion

For a complete list of more than 1600 of the world's richest people go to

Below are the charts of 15 top billionaires and my brief analysis of their relevant aspects.

The first four and most richest show definite Pluto-Jupiter aspects with tight orbs

The remaining eleven start to deviate in terms of tight Pluto-Jupiter aspects. Some do and some don't,
but they also open up other pertinent links or aspects such as Pluto-Moon, Pluto-Venus, Pluto-Neptune, Pluto-Sun, etc.

Pluto Aspects To Jupiter - Good or Bad?

Being rich or wealthy is not a sin. We should all be so. There is enough wealth or abundance in God's universe for everyone and more. And even if Earth's resources are limited for an ever growing population, there are enough habitable worlds out there to accomodate an infinite number of people's needs. The problem is selfishness, fear, insecurity, pride, or the desire of one or a few to want to own or control ALL or MOST of the wealth in our Creation. Luciferian types have this problem and Earth is currently dominated by such.

In astrology, sin or evil is generally represented by the feminine planets, signs, or aspects, whereas virtue or good is generally represented by the masculine planets, signs, or aspects. Together they balance each other out and form the spectrum or kaleidascope of life. What would day be without night, male without female, love without hate, pleasure without pain, etc. This all-pervading duality is what defines or gives meaning to our existence.

Pluto as the planet of extremes and Jupiter as the planet of abundance can be extremely good or abundantly bad when coupled together. It depends on the aspects. Normally, Pluto and Jupiter, or the rulers of Scorpio and Sagittarius respectively, are totally different from one another, like night and day. ALL semi-sextile(signs next to each other) relationships are like this. In the ideal chart, where every planet is in its home sign, Pluto/Scorpio is in 12th house or sinister semi-sextile relationship to Jupiter/Sagittarius and that is the way it should be. That is the best aspect(first by sign then degree) for Pluto and Jupiter to be in your chart, followed by the quincunx and square. These negative aspects provide the necessary buffer between two planets that are naturally antagonistic or incompatible with one another.

What happens, however, when Pluto and Jupiter are linked by positive aspects such as the conjunction, trine, sextile, or opposition? That's when the buffer dissapears and the unholy blending takes place. The strongest blending, of course takes place with the conjunction. When Pluto and Jupiter conjunct by sign, and especially by orb or degree, normally incompatible characteristics or features become fused or integrated. Abundance(Jupiter) becomes an obsession(Pluto) and morals(Jupiter) become adulterated(Pluto). This does not take away the fact that extreme wealth will occur, but it may come at the sacrifice of one's morals or better judgement. The same can be said for good aspects between Pluto and the Sun or Pluto and Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and the Ascendant.

Good aspects from Pluto to the Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, or Midheaven, on the other hand, are much more positive indicators of extreme wealth or power. This is because all of these planets are feminine and ruled by signs compatible to one another. Pluto conjunct, trine, sextile, or oppose Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, or Midheaven are common aspects in the charts of the very wealthy, especially the self-made and morally driven types.

Most of us on the lower rungs of the economic ladder tend to despise the wealthy, and especially the super-wealthy, and this is a normal reaction but not all rich people have lied, stolen, killed, or sold their souls to get to the top. Those who have, have been greatly influenced by the more negative Pluto aspects and will have a steep price to pay, but those who have used their ingenuity, determination, good fortune, and faith have obviously cultivated the more positve Pluto aspects in their chart. These are the true Plutocrats who have a definite role or purpose in our society: to lead and provide job growth or economic opportunity for everyone else.

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