Pluto in Capricorn Transit(2008-2023)

Pluto transiting through Capricorn(2008-2023) brings to light all of the corruption in government, big business, and politics.

With an orbit of 248 years, and a varying stay of 11 to 32 years per zodiac sign, Pluto doesn't change signs often in our lifetimes so let's take a look at what this planet's move into the tenth sign of the zodiac means.

Small but powerful Pluto, ruler of intense Scorpio, dredges up the dirt in a major way no matter where it is transiting. In Sagittarius(1995-2008) it exposed religion, ideology, and morality for what it reallty is, and gave us a new sense of vision or direction. It also changed our view of travel and danger from abroad. Of course the big event here was terrorism(Pluto) and the whole 9/11 saga. Pluto in Sag also changed and expanded our view of our cosmos with the burgeoning discovery of new planets, stars, and other bodies.

In Capricorn(2008-2024), Pluto will focus on all the structural aspects of our world and society, from buisness and government or politics to the way we deal with time, space, career direction, and life purpose.

Politically, it will dig up the dirt on nations, groups, or individuals who have been less than forthcoming on their policies or activities and mete out their fate or punishment. Many governments or buisnesses and their leaders will be brought to account and be eliminated or replaced if need be. If a deep economic recession or even depression is due it will certainly occur during Pluto's transit through Capricorn.

The United States has natal Pluto at 2734' Capricorn so it is due for a Pluto return which means it will either die or be completely transformed in some way. The United States, Canada, and other Sun in Cancer nations will have a challenging opposition aspect from Pluto during its transit through Capricorn so that they will be forced to become more co-operative internationally if they wish to survive. The USA in particular will be hit early with Venus at 221' Cancer and with three other planets following. This Pluto transit may also signify the empowerment of World Government.

On a more local level, buildings, roadways, pipelines, and infrastructure, will come under intense scrutiny, as this, more than any other time, is when they may collapse or require extensive repair. This will lead to entirely new methods of building and maintenance. Earthquakes and other underground disruptions may also increase in frequency and magnitude. Expeditions deep inside the earth will be planned and undertaken and we may unearth or discover some truly fantastic finds. Rare gems and minerals will be very prized or sought after, especialy diamonds and rubies.

On a personal level, anyone in tune with the Pluto energy will seek to become more organized, efficient, or economical in their lives. Sun in Scorpio natives, or those with Scorpio rising or some other key planet in this sign will experience a new sixteen-year period of restructuring and reorganization in their lives, getting rid of what is no longer useful or necessary, and keeping or incorporating what is. This can involve their job or career, personal posessions, or even relationships.

Perhaps hardest hit of all will be Sun in Capricorn natives, and to a lesser extent Sun in Virgos and Taurus. The early degrees of these signs will feel it first. Their will be intense pressure on them to make huge changes in their lives which may seem painful at first but which will be for the best. If they do not make the necessary changes they will probably suffer serious setbacks. The other cardinal Sun signs will also go through some heavy changes or restructuring.

Pluto in Capricorn will also revolutionize the skin, hair, and bone industry, as this it what Capricorn rules biologically. Perhaps cures will be discovered for rejeuvenating the skin, restoring hair, or regenerating bone. Even the aging process may fimally be understood and slowed, halted, or even reversed. Regeneration through fasting will become more popular and accepted.

Lastly, our sense of time and space will change. Miniturization will continue to progress until we can fit huge amounts of data into ridiculously small spaces, and socially we may simply learn to make the most of our living spaces and environments. New time modes or ways of counting and neasuring may be established. The whole concept of time may finally be understood for what it really is -an illusion or artificial construct of mortal life.

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