Neptune, Pisces, and Dissolution

Everytime Neptune goes into its home sign of Pisces(currently 2012 to 2024), a great dissolving or dissolution occurs, on all levels, but especially on the astral or mental/emotional level which it rules.

Feelings and thoughts of association or what binds everyone and everything together just come apart or disperse and dissolve until only the root essence remains. Physical matter and form and the thoughts and feelings that hold it together relax and loosen and disassemble back into their original components. The ice becomes water, and the water becomes steam, and the steam becomes gas or air.

Under Neptune in Pisces, the collective mind and soul of humanity is melding into one so that it can be reshaped into something new. The old drops(individual sparks or souls) are being reabsorbed into the ocean(God or Oversoul) so they can come out again as new and different drops. The old ideas and beliefs are breaking down as are the institutions that uphold them. Society as we have known it for about the last two hundred years, is collapsing so that it can be reborn or renewed(Neptune going into Aries).

People with planets in Pisces or in water are especially affected by this 14-year transit of Neptune through Pisces. Those with Mercury in Pisces, for example, who are already nebulous in their thinking, will experience further confusion or weakness finding it very difficult to focus or express themselves intellectually. They will be stimulated to simply let go of the logical or reasoning faculty and just feel or intuit their way through life. They can easily fall into a meditative state and link with the vastness of the collective, etheric, or unconcious state.

People with the Sun in Pisces or water will experience a loss or weakening of ego or pride, whereas those with Mars in Pisces or water will experience much energy drain and find it dificult to move or act or be confident about anything. People with Pisces or water rising will lo(o)se many of their relationships and experience physical and emotional laxity. Moon/Saturn in Pisces or water people will feel a strong disassociation with both their domestic and career environments. Venus in Pisces or water people will see a loosening or dissipation of their values and desires, and Jupiter in Pisces or water people will lose much of their empathy or spiritual conviction.

Neptune in Pisces is basically a time for the world to let go of old or rigid beliefs and ideas so that new and better ones may replace them. It is also urging us to stop going outwards for help or solutions and to become more inward or self-sufficient. You live in your own world or universe, and in the end that's all that really matters.

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