Solar Houses
in Astrology

While the Rising sign or Ascendant determines your Earthly houses which describe external conditions, your Sun sign has its own set of houses which describe internal conditions. These are called solar houses and are generally used in newspapers and magazines. In fact, every planet in your chart can have its own set of houses and reveals different information about you, but the Sun is central and perhaps most important.

Ascendant houses, while accurate, also tend to be superficial. They describe the immediate or short-term external relationships and situations in your life which do not always reflect or support the more long-term inner goings on of the solar-based houses, especially if the natal Sun and Ascendant are in different genders or elements.

I have found that while the Ascendant houses hold true initially, the Sun houses gain more importance over time as they represent the native's true yearnings. Of course, if the Sun and Ascendant are both in the same sign then there is no conflict between the outer and the inner life.

Untill recently, most astrologers would start the first house with the natal ascending or solar degree, but this author prefers the whole sign method where the sign and not the degree determines the whole first house and the successive ones. This makes everything clearer and easier and is surprisingly accurate.

Also, it must be remembered that a planet in a house takes precedence over the sign it is in, but both must be considered. The ruler of that house and its location gives more information. When there is no planet in a house, the sign (and its ruler) tell the story. These rules apply to any set of houses whether it is Earthly, Solar, Lunar, or otherwise.

Because we live on Earth and not the Sun, the Ascendant or Earth houses take precedence or first importance -they dictate our prescribed roles in this life whether we like them or not. The Sun, the Moon, and the planets(including the MC) all take a back seat in relation to the Earth/Ascendant which is the prime determinant of our chart. Solar houses however reveal our true or central yearnings which we may or may not achieve in this lifetime and are very worthy of studying.

Just what are houses anyway? Long time readers of my work know that I equate houses with aspects. Houses are actually a sophisticated way of describing the aspect or relationship(by sign) between the Earth/Ascendant and the planets, or between the Sun and the planets, and so on. The Sun in the fifth house, for example, is nothing more than the Sun in lower or dexter trine to the Earth/Ascendant. Because we live on the Earth, the relationship of the other planets to it becomes central or extra important -hence the "houses", but I guess it all depends on what you consider your real center to be.

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