Mars the god of war, passion, and energy is the activator in your chart. Without it nothing happens. It is your mover and motivator. A strong Mars(in the fire signs), will make you very martian-like in nature: active, fearless, combative, and forward-looking. Mars is of course strongest in its own sign of Aries.

Traditionally, Mars was also the ruler of Scorpio ruling over death, sex, and the occult, but this side of Mars has largely shifted to Pluto, making Mars less negative or obsessive. Mars or Aries champions life rather than death, and believes in being open rather than secretive.

Mars in the Air signs puts its energy and innovativeness into socializing and intellectual endeavours. Mars in the Earth signs puts its energy into building, producing, and amassing wealth. Mars in the Water signs excels at caring, feeling, providing, or preserving.

Below is a description of Mars in the zodiac signs and the strengths(rather than weaknesses) associated with the different placements, although it must be pointed out that Mars, a masculine planet, does better in the masculine signs(fire and air) than it does in feminine signs(earth or water).

Mars in Aries: is in its home sign or dignity here so that the strongest and purest attributes of both the sign and the planet are displayed. This placement gives you all the brute strength, energy, and confidence you need to accomplish anything you desire. It energizes every other part of your chart and gives you passion, strength, and an irrepressible will to live. You activate, initiate, inspire, and never give up. You are the warrior or soldier, fighter, or conqueror, who blazes forth new trails for others to follow. Yours is the blind, raw force of creation. Key words: my being or self.

Mars in Taurus: picks up where Mars in Aries left off; it makes productive use of its energy by creating something tangible or pleasing to the senses. This can take the form of gardening or farming, building or construction, or even producing a work of art or music. You are sensual, erotic, and a gourmand or connoiseur of food and drink. You have an amazing ability to quickly make(or spend) money. You're also persistently stubborn or determined to get your own way. Key words: my things or belongings.

Mars in Gemini: is brimming with nervous or mental energy and simply must communicate in some manner. They are constantly thinking and have many great or inspirational ideas which they wish to share with others or try out for themselves. They're better suited to mental rather physical work, and can excel as speakers, writers, advertisers, or idea people. They're quick, smart, attractive, verstile, and very humorous or amusing. They seem to thrive on change and movement and this is probably the secret of their lasting youthfulness. Key words: my thoughts or ideas.

Mars in Cancer: knows how to stir up the emotions and give life its meaning or color. They have keen memories and powerful imaginations which can make them good painters, artists, musicians, or historians. They excel as parents, homemakers, and providers in general, and will fight to protect family and loved ones. They also make competent cooks, restauranteers, realtors, and security people. They are very personable, lively, and colorful people who seem to know just which emotional buttons to push. Keywords: my feelings or emotions.

Mars in Leo: is individualized force with ego or will as the controlling factor. This is the showman or performer, the leader or commander. These people are very competitive and want to be the best at whatever they do. They're also very playful, creative, and loving. Physically, they are strong, athletic, good-looking, and recover rather quickly from most ailments or disabilities. Their power and motivation comes from the love and light of the Sun itself and they shine just as brightly. This placement is much like the Sun in Leo only more action-oriented. Keywords: my dignity or love.

Mars in Virgo: gets down to the nitty gritty and does the work most people would rather not do. They are hard and capable physical workers paying attention to order, detail, and functionality. They make good maintenance and repair people and common workers in general. They are service-oriented and make better employees than employers. They're also into exercising, dieting, healthcare, and taking care of wildlife and the environment. Personally, they are humble and simple types who get their satisfaction from actively helping others. Keywords: my works or services.

Mars in Libra: is social or people activity. They simply have to get out there and mingle with the crowd no matter what the consequences. They thrive on human interaction or exchange and are rarely seen alone. They're clever and attractive and enjoy challenging and interesting people. Many are beauticians, artists, designers, fashion people, mediators, and lawyers. They're also great debators and strategists and will sometimes rile up opposition just for the fun of it(much like the new planet Eris). They're also keen on fairness and justice and equal rights and will fight for such principles if need be. Keywords: my relationships.

Mars in Scorpio: is passionate and intense here(as is any other planet in this sign). Actions are motivated by desire, emotion, and conviction. There is an admirable ability to face danger and death fearlessly and to hide or sublimate pain or disturbance. This is the spy, surgeon, policeman, criminologist, and executioner. The highest human spirations or desires(as well as the lowest) are expressed by this planetary placement. These people are naturally secretive, possessive, determined, and highly sensual or erotic. They inspire awe and fear and you either love them or hate them. Keywords: my wants or desires.

Mars in Sagittarius: is an active and energetic placement both in the physical and spiritual sense. They excel as sportsmen, atheletes, or gamers, but also as counsellors, clergymen, and moralists or philosophers. They travel widely abroad and participate in various cultural activities. They're also proficient as linguists, teachers, writers, and publishers. They are truthful, highly freedom-loving, independant, and will fight for their beliefs or principles. Their open, trusting, and benevolent natures are endearing and inspiring to all. Keywords: my faith or beliefs.

Mars in Capricorn: gets things done by planning, organizing, and persisting or never giving up. This is an ambitious and practical placement concerned with one's standing in the world. They are serious, dependable, productive, and often indispensible in their field. They are slow but surefooted, shy but capable, insecure but successful, lowly but wise. They make capable executives, managers, accountants, buisnesspeople, builders, organizers, carpenters, locksmiths, etc. They also have a keen sense of time and space and a facility with numbers and mathematics. Keywords: my career or reputation.

Mars in Aquarius: is an electrical kind of energy that is sporadic and unpredictable. People with this placement are considered fascinating but strange, cool and brilliant but distant and innaccessible. It is much like Sun in Aquarius but more poignantly so. There is much activity with friends and humanitarian groups or causes. They are progressive, inventive, and want to do their part to help the world in some way. They will fight for their personal truth and freedom and often that of their friends. They make natural inventors, electricians, aviators, TV repairmen, and computer operators. They also have a tendency to be accident prone. Keywords: my truth and freedom

Mars in Pisces: is driven by feeling or emotion. They are extremely sensitive and intuitive and many become counselors or even psychics. These people put their sympathies into action by getting involved in charities, donation work, or fund-raising for those in need, often sacrificing their own time and money. Other good vocations are artists, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, filmakers, photographers, painters, lifeguards, nurses, and pharmacists. They are sweet, seductive, and compassionate people who know how to make a personal impresson. Keywords: my sympathy or understanding.

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