1991: The Year of the Virgo Nations

When the Soviet Empire fell on August 19,1991, a whole host of nations on its western and southwestern flanks were liberated and declared their independence. It actually began the year before with Armenia declaring independence from the USSR and then in the spring with Lithuania and Georgia, and finally the avalanch in the summer of 1991.

Of the 17 nations that declared independence in 1990-91, nine(over half) were in late August to early September or during what is known astrologically as the Sun in Virgo period, shown in olive below. Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldovia separate Russia from the rest of eastern Europe, Macedonia is just north of Greece, and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgystan are further east. Together, these 9 nations comprise a population of about 116 million people(2013) with Ukraine and Uzbekistan making up about 65% of the total.

Why the preponderance in Virgo? Is there a message here? As most of my readers know, there is currently no single planetary ruler attributed specifically to the sign of Virgo. Both Virgo and Gemini share Mercury but this condition is unsatisfactory. It's like two people sharing one room or apartment when they'd probably be happier having their own. The birth of all these Virgo nations or countries is a sign that Virgo's true ruler is asserting its influence on us and that its discovery is near. The growing general concern for our health, weather, environment, purity, and service to others are other indications.

Astrological influences ground themselves in both people and nations. Nations are simply larger entities or collectives. The ultimate representation is a planetary body or ruling home world. Aquarians acquired Uranus in 1781, leaving Saturn to Capricorn, Pisceans acquired Neptune in 1846 leaving Jupiter to Sagittarius, and Scorpios acquired Pluto in 1930 leaving Mars to Aries. Why should it be any different with Virgo(and Gemini)?

In 1995, only four years after the birth of these nations, the home computer and internet exploded into our daily lives. The information aspect of computers is Geminian, but the physical computer itself is Virgoan. It's the same relationship between the mind and the body with memory(Moon/Cancer) linking the two and spirit(Sun/Leo) directing it all. What about Taurus and Libra? China(Oct.1,1949) and a reunited Germany(Oct.3,1989) are important grounding nations for Libra, leaving sensual Venus to Taurus. Eris or the Earth itself are good candidates for the true ruler of Libra. Perhaps the most important grounding nation for Taurus in terms of territory is Greenland which was given home rule on May 1st, 1979.

A special note should go to Ukraine which is considered the bread basket of eastern Europe and Russia, bread or wheat being a natural symbol for Virgo. Virgo is very much concerned with agriculture, food, and nutrition. She is also concerned with weather and climate which are the key to growing good crops. Perhaps the weather craziness of the last few decades will provide the stirring or call for Persephone to come from the depths and restore our climate and productivity. A call also goes out to the god of Libra to balance the excesses and extremes(of Pluto/Scorpio) that are now endangering our planet.

Another important and mostly older concentration of Virgo countries can be found in Latin or Central America. These include Mexico(Sep.16,1810), Belize(Sep.21,1981), Costa Rica(Sep.15,1821), El Salvador(Sep.15,1821), Guatemala(Sep.15,1821), Honduras(Sep.15,1821), and Nicaragua(Sep.15,1821). Total population of these countries for 2013 is 160 million with Mexico comprising about 3/4 of the total.

The Caribbean has St Christopher and Nevis(Sep.19,1983) and Trinidad and Tobago(Aug.31,1962). Then there is South America with Brazil(Sep.7, 1822), Chile(Sep.10,1810), and Uruguay(Aug.25,1825). Brazil actually has two dates, the Virgo declaration date(Sep.7, 1822) favoured by astrologers like Marc Penfield, and the Scorpio Republic date(Nov.15, 1889) favoured by astrologers such as Doris Chase Doan. Brazil is a big deal in terms of population and territory, and since it celebrates Independence day on Sep.7 every year, I will go with the Penfield source. This makes Brazil the most significant Sun in Virgo nation, with ruler Mercury in Virgo as well. Total population of these countries is 222 million with Brazil alone comprising 201 million(2013).

Other countries around the world include: Switzerland(Sep.12,1848), Malta(Sep.21,1964), Bulgaria(Sep.15,1946), Guinea Bissau(Sep.10,1974), Mali(Sep.22,1960), Swaziland(Sep.6,1968), Venda(Sep.13,1979), Qatar(Sep.1,1971), North Korea(Sep.9,1948), Malaysia(Sep.16,1963), and Papua New Guinea(Sep.16,1975). Total population of these nations for 2013 is 99 million with N.Korea and Malaysia comprising over half of the total.

Grand total of Sun in Virgo nations worldwide for 2013 is 576 million or just over 8% of the world's population(7.14 billion).

Note: nations go through different incarnations just like people and acquire different horoscopes at different times. Usually, the last declaration of independence is used to determine the operative chart. The actual birth of many nations and their true horoscopes are often lost in antiquity and so we have to make due with more modern versions which hopefully reflect the originals as much as possible. China, for example, is way much older than it's current Oct.1, 1949 chart, yet this chart describes it quite well. The choice of a national chart is not happenstance, and Providence sees to it that it is suited to its owner.

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