The Earth-Moon Gap in Astrology

Astrologically, there is a huge gap between the Earth/Ascendant and the Moon, as though another body should be situated between the two. This is obvious when we compare the orbital lengths of all the known legitimate planets in astrology as is shown below.

Pluto(248 yrs)

Neptune(165 yrs)

Uranus(84 yrs)

Saturn(29.5 yrs)

Jupiter(12 yrs)

Mars(1.9 yrs)

So far, each successive orbit is at least one-twelfth the length of the previous one: Mars 1.9 yrs X 12 =22.8 yrs(surpassing Jupiter's 12 years). Jupiter 12 yrs X 12 = 144 yrs surpassing Saturn's 30 yrs). Saturn surpasses Uranus, Uranus/Neptune, and Neptune/Pluto.

We continue with the inner planets...

Mars(687 days)

Sun(365.24 days)

Venus(225 days)

Mercury(88 days)

Moon(27.3 days)

Now we come to the crux of the matter -the Earth/Moon gap. Hollow Earth believers say our planet orbits or rotates around its inner central sun or fire in a period of roughly 24 hours, giving us our twelve ascendant signs. Flat Earthers say it's the sky dome that rotates around the Earth. In either case, the period is the same -24 hours. This period is substantially shorter than one twelfth the period of the Moon, as is made evident below.

Moon(27.3 days)

Earth(1 day)

It is in fact just over one-twenty seventh the length. Why the one-twelfth minimum? Because there are twelve zodiac signs, and one sign or thirty degrees is the minimum requirement for there to be a continuum from one orbit to the next.

What does the gap mean? It means we are basically CUT OFF from the rest of the heavenly bodies in the astrological sense, or that we are not receiving their FULL energies.

There are two solutions to this problem. Either slow down the Earth's daily rotation to at least 59 hours(29.5 days divided by 12), or introduce a new body between the Earth and the Moon with an orbit of at least 2.46 days(preferably 7 to 12 days). Either action would fully re-establish the full spiritual, astrological, or energetic link between Earth and the rest of our planetary system.

It may be interesting to note that in Atlantean times, before the Floods, Earth presumably had two moons: the present one, and a smaller one with a closer orbit. Both moons balanced the Earth energies and connected us in step-ladder fashion to the rest of the cosmos. The destruction of this smaller moon destroyed that harmony and led to our post-diluvial world as we know it. The destroyed moon may still exist in its etheric form and may one day re-establish its material mass or a new moon may take its place.

Prof. WM F. Lyon has predicted in his book entitled The Hollow Globe: The World's Agitator and Reconciler, that a new moon is currently forming around our planet which will take away much of the excess water, electricity, and cold we currently have. He gives it a distance of 100,000 miles(astronomical measure) or 2.5 times closer than the Moon which would give it an orbit of approximately 12 days. It is of course still invisible or in its etheric state.

In Flat Earth terms the distance of this etheric moon would be much, much, shorter -possibly in the tens, or at most hundreds of miles from the Earth surface. It may also in some way equate with that dark eclipsing body we call Rahu.

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