Uranus in Scorpio(1975-1981)

Uranus unlocked the secrets of the paranormal and revolutionized the sex industry as it transited through Scorpio between 1975 and 1981. I remember this period well as I was barely out of my teens then, and Uranus being one of my rulers, affected me very personally.

This was the time we left soft rock and went full swing into the disco era with Uranus-ruled John Travolta strutting his stuff in 1977-78. There was an unmistakable sexual awakenining or liberation occuring during the Uranus in Scorpio transit; people explored and experimented freely, the sex industry took off like a rocket, gays and lesbians came out of the closet, and AIDS first reared it's ugly head.

There was also a genuine attempt, on the part of the Uranus-ruled(anyone with a personal planet in Aquarius), to search or uncover deep mystical or occult truths previously hidden from society. The nature of death and regeneration or the afterlife, deep-space exploration, UFO's, abductions, undeground societies and activities, etc. -all were openly and refreshinglly explored or investigated at this time.

Anyone with planets in Scorpio were also deeply affected during this seven-year transit experiencing much change and destabilization in their lives. It was a time to rebel, break free, and try new things. Old relationships and ideas gave way to new ones and a sense of excitement prevailed. There was a definite cast or mood in the atmosphere of those times which was even captured in films and photos.

One of the most affected groups by this transit were all those born with natal Neptune in Scorpio(1956-70). As Uranus transited Scorpio it also activated or awakened this natal Neptune placement in those individuals, stirring up deep desire or eroticism on one side and deep mysticism or spirituality on another. Transiting Neptune was in Sagittarius during the Uranus in Scorpio transit so that there was an equally spiritual as well as a sexual or occult influence, and Pluto was transiting Libra with its emphasis on society, relationships, and pleasure.

People with natal Uranus in Scorpio(roughly born from 1975 to 81), have a very fixed or determined nature and are basically a law unto themselves. They effect change on the basis of feeling or desire rather than logic or reasoning. Their prime objective is to uncover or expose occult truth and knowledge as well as debunk what they perceive to be sexual myths, lies, or fallacies. They are explorers of inner as well as outer space and can find beauty in ugliness and have the ability to make monsters our friends.

The last time Uranus was in Scorpio was 1890 to 1897 and the next time will be 2059 to 2065. Each of these transits brings revolutionary changes in the deepest part of our psyches. Uranus is said to be exalted in Scorpio and this may well be so, as this transit has proved(at least to this author), to be one of the most fateful and interesting times of his/her life.

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