The Great
Aquarian Conjunction
of Feb. 4-5, 1962

Between February 4th and 5th of 1962, all of the visible seven planets -Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were transiting the sign of Aquarius, something that happens only every so many thousands of years. Was this the official beginning of the Aquarian Age? This site says yes! While the closest bunching of these planets occurs just after midnight London time on February 5th, the WHOLE two-day period from 10:57 PM February 3rd to 10:53 PM February 5th(London time) is the official entry period.

Closest bunching
of the planets on
February 5th, 1962,
12:11 AM London time 02 Aquarius 22 03 Aquarius 50 15 Aquarius 42 15 Aquarius 42 16 Aquarius 55 17 Aquarius 47 18 Aquarius 37
(all within 16 of each other)

As each age is roughly 2000 years, however, the general transition from one astrolopgical age to another, can last anywhere from two to five hundred years. The earliest beginnings of the Aquarian Age can be traced back to the discovery and colonization of the Americas around 1500 AD. The next major indication was the discovery of the planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, in 1781, and all it symbolized: electricity, science, revolution, liberation, the birth of the United States, etc. Perhaps the final major indication is this stellium in Aquarius in 1962, which saw the liberation of British(Saturn) colonies, the space race, a new superpower(United States), and the rise of the youth culture(hippies). The 1969 song by the music group The Fifth Dimension which begins with "This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius" celebtates this momentous event. Aquarius is the "sign of the son of man" spoken of in the New Testament bible.

Obviously, there will be periods of retrograding back into the Piscean influence, but as of 1962, the onus is on and forward into Aquarius. The official transition from Aries to Pisces occurred with the great Pisces conjunction in 7 BC and the birth of Christianity, but the Arian Roman Empire did not die off until 476 AD, so it may take another four to five hundred years before we completely shake off the Piscean influence. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth, freedom, and brotherhood. It will be followed by the Age of Capricorn around 4000 AD or more specifically when there is another great conjunction of the visible planets -this time in the sign of the goat.

Vernal Equinox: the point where Ages are measured
play music

the water bearer -symbol of Aquarius

I have had the pleasure to talk to someone(via email) born on February 4th, 1962. She is a photographer from Pennsylvania and as her planets would suggest, she is friendly to astrology and strongly believes in truth and the welfare of humanity. With seven planets plus the Midheaven in Aquarius(she has Gemini rising) there is a powerful emphasis on her ruler Uranus. Uranus is in creative Leo and photography is a natural for this placement.

I have since met other Aquarians born with this stellium and each has his or her unique story to tell. Underlying them all is strong search for truth and meaning and a desire to do something positive and important for the world. There are many Aquarian 1962 blogs on the net such as Aquarian Digest.

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