artist's conception of Neptune as seen from Triton it's largest moon

The power of Neptune can be seen working in our lives on so many levels that it absolutely boggles the mind! Most of us, however, are largely unaware of the all-pervasive influence this mysterious and fascinating planet has on us and the rest of the solar system, and will continue to have in the years ahead. At the outskirts of our system, Neptune is in an ideal position to rule over the collective nature of our beings. Even rogue and distant Pluto does not entirely escape its vast and entangling net.

Neptune was discovered in 1846, and is the planet of dreams and the subconcious, ruling over at least one third of our daily lives. It's discovery coincided with the rise of religious sects and secret societies, the use of oil and steam for power, and a growing collective awareness or unity through such visual media as film and television. Neptune's power is the power of subtlety and suggestion.

In 2010, Neptune made one full orbit around the sun(and through all twelve zodiac signs) since its discovery, signifying an important stage in our collective awareness -an ability to to see, understand, and deal with the various illusions or misconceptions that humans as a whole have been living under. Neptune is the planet of Maya, which means "illusion".

Below is a pictorial on some of the things Neptune has rule over.

What Neptune Rules

Neptune rules sleep, dreams, imagination, and the deep

layers of the individual and collective subconcious

Neptune rules hypnosis,

and the power of suggestion

Neptune rules the pineal gland or third eye

and our connection to higher conciousness

Neptune rules meditation,

visualization, and the inner life

Neptune rules the oceans and seas

and all large bodies of water

Neptune of course rules the sign Pisces,

fishes, and marine life in general

Neptune is fishing and nets

Neptune also rules clouds, fog, mist

and other hazy or humid conditions

Neptune rules illusion, deception, hallucination,

and visual perception in general

Neptune rules tiredness, drain, lethargy,

and weakness in general

Neptune rules lying, secrecy,

deviousness, and deception

Neptune rules drugs, drinking, smoking,

and addiction in general

Neptune rules liquor

and drunkenness

Neptune(along with the Moon) rules

swimming and bathing

Neptune also rules drowning

and the feeling of helplessness in general

Neptune rules baptism, forgiveness,

and the receiving of the Holy Spirit

Neptune rules temptation, sacrifice,

and martyrdom

Neptune(along with Pluto) rules witches,

spells, sorcery, and sorcerers

Neptune is magic and magicians

and the power of illusion

Neptune is fortune telling

and the psychic or occult world in general

Neptune is mystical religion

and secret societies

Neptune is the Illuminati,

symbolism, ritual, and conspiracy

Neptune is Theosophy and Masonry

Neptune is Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus,

and prophets and visionaries in general

Neptune rules ghosts, apparitions,

and the astral world in general

Neptune rules angels, fairies, devas,

elementals, and spirit life in general

Neptune rules mermaids, mermen,

and merpeople

Neptune rules fantasy and myth in general

Neptune is painting, drawing, sculpture, and fine art

Neptune is dance, mime, and ballet

Neptune is classical music

and stringed instruments

Neptune rules poetry, art,

and artists in general

Neptune also rules film, photography,

and all other visual media

Neptune is glamour, mystery

seduction, and allure

Neptune is make-up

and make-believe

Neptune is perfumes, oils, and scents

Neptune(along with the Moon)

is wax and wax museums

Neptune is steam and steam power

Neptune is oil and oil rigs

Neptune is gas and gas stations

Neptune is color, paint, painting, and painters

both artistic and industrial

Neptune rules chemicals, chemists,

and toxicity or poison

Neptune is Neptunium, a radioactive element

obtained from nuclear waste

Neptune is chaos, disorder, and confusion

Neptune is looseness

and leaking

Neptune of course rules the feet

Neptune(along with Jupiter and Saturn)

rules shoes and shoemakers

Neptune also rules socks,

stockings, and hosiery in general

Neptune rules hospitals and nurses

Neptune rules anesthetics

and medicine in general

Neptune rules pharmacies, pharmaceuticals

and pharmacists

Neptune rules psychology

and psychiatry

Neptune rules retreats of all kinds

Neptune(along with Saturn)

is isolation or confinement

Neptune rules asylums

Neptune rules welfare and unemployment

Neptune rules charities and donations

Neptune(along with Saturn) rules retirement

A More Complete List of Neptune's Rulership

Things Ruled by Neptune

acting, alcohol, anemia, anesthetics, angels, aquariums, aqueducts, art, asylums, the astral plane
ballet, baptism, bartenders, bathing, beaches, beverages, bleacing, blindness, boats, bottles, bubbles, butterflies
cameras, canals, chaos, cheating, chakras, charities, charlatans, chemicals, chemists, chorus, christianity, churches, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clouds, clues, cocaine, coffee, color, collectivity, comas, conciousness, confinement, confusion, conspiracies, cosmicity, counterfeiting, crimes, criminals
dance, dancers, divers, drunkards, detectives, dreams, drugs, drinking, devas, deceit, dew, degeneracy, democracy, deluges, dilution, dissolution, disill/ation/ers, divin/ing/ers, docks, doubts, drains, drifters, drowning
ecstasy, elasticity, elusiveness, embezzlement, emotions, enemas, enigmas, erotica, eroticism, escape, espionnage, ether, evasion, exile, exploitation, extortion, eye glasses
fables, fading, fairies, fakes, fantasy, fascination, fear, feelings, feet, ferries, fiction, fiddles, film, fish, flasks, flattery, fleets, flexibility, floatation, floods, flues, fluorescence, flutes, foam, fog, forecasts, forebodings, foresights, forgery, fortune tellers, fountains, forgiveness, fraud, fumigation, fusion
galoshes, gargling, garters, gas/oline, gelatin, geysers, ghosts, gin, glamour, glass, grafts, gullibility, guilt
hallucinations, harems, haze, hidden, hoaxes, hospitals, hydraulics, hydrogen, hypersensitivity, hypnotism, hypocrisy, hysteria
ice cream, idealists, illusion, illustrat/ion/ers, imagination, immitation, immateriality, impersonaton, impracticality, impressionability, imprisonment, infatuation, inferiority, infidelity, inflation, informers, insanity, instability, intangibility, intoxication, intrigue, intuition, investigation
jails, jellyfish, kerosene, lather, lavatories, lavender, leaks, lenses, lethargy, liars, life guards, liquids, liquor, LSD, lubrication,
magic, martyrdom, make-up, mazes, mediums, mermaids, metaphysics, mind readers, mirages, missionairies, mist, mobs, monasteries, morphine, moss, music, mystery, mythology
nakedness, narcotics, navy, navigation, nebulosity, negativity, nets, neurosis, nudism, nuns, nymphs, obscurity, observartions, occult, occult writers, ocean, oil, omens, opium, optometry, oracles, osmosis
pails, paint, perfumes, pans, parables, paradise, paranoia, penitentiaries, periscopes, perspiration, persecution, petroleum, phantoms, pharmacists, philanderers, photographers, pigs, pineal gland, pipes, pirates, poems, poets, poisons, ponds, pools, ports, potassium, ptions, predictions, pretending, prison, privacy, prophecy, prophets, pseudonysms, psychics, psychology, psychiatrists, pumps, puzzles
rafts, rain, raincoats, reformatories, reservoirs, retirement, retreats, rest, rythm, romance, rubber
scandal, schemes, sea, seamen, seances, seclusion, secret societies, secrets, sedition, seduction, seers, sensationalism, sensitivity, service stations, servitude, ships, shipping, shoes, shoemakers, sinks, sirens, slander, slavery, sleep, sleepwalking, smuggling, smoking, solitude, sorcerers, sorrow, spaciousness, space, spies, spirituality, sponges, springs, stage, steam, stockings, streams, stupor, stringed instruments, submarines, subterfuge, subtlety, suicide, surf, swamps, swimming, swindles, sympathy, synthetics
tea, telepathy, thieves, tinctures, tires, tissues, tobacco, toupees, trances, temptation, theosophy, transparency, treachery, turbines
universality, vacillation, vagueness, vapors, veils, violins, visionaries, visions, voodoo
wandering, wardens, washing, wasting, water, waterfalls, waves, weakness, weirdness, wetness, whirlpools, whiskey, white, windmills, wine, witches, wizards, workhouses, worry
yachts, yeast, yogi
-selected from THE RULERSHIP BOOK by Rex E. Bills

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