The Archontic Nature of Astrology

The archons are the angelic hosts or entities who maintain and guide this material creation. Chief among them are the great Archangels or planetary gods such as Michael(the Sun), and Gabriel(the Moon). Beneath them are many other levels of spirit beings like the devas and nature spirits, all who do their appointed work which ensures the proper running of this material realm known as Earth.

The archons have acquired a negative reputation because of their cold and dutiful nature, but they are in fact neutral and necessary to our growth and expression. Of course, there is a faction or splinter group of archons which have rebelled or broken away from their appointed duties, namely the fallen angels(demons) under their chief ruler Lucifer/Satan/Yawhweh. These are destructive in nature and are represented by the broken-up or wayward bodies in our system such as the asteroids, comets, certain stars, and dark or invisible bodies(Rahu, Nibiru, Planet X, Nemesis, etc.).

Humans appear to be trapped in a negative archontic realm called Earth for thousands of years. It's not that the Earth itself is negative, rather, it has been overtaken by negative archons. The Earth and all life on it has been changed drastically by these parasitic forces so that we are only a tiny fraction of what we once were, and our mangled DNA structure is evidence of this. We began as fully enabled divine beings not attached to any particular physical vehicle, but are now entrapped in physical bodies designed and overseen by the negative archons themselves. It is our goal to overcome this Earth/Ascendant body and all its pulls, but few have succeeded in doing so. This is Satan's(Saturn's) test for us in this life and every other physical incarnation.

Jesus, Buddha, and similar personnages have succeeded in overcoming this material realm, principally through true knowledge(Uranus) and fasting(Saturn). Uranus or the Christ principle is the key to liberating oneself from the clutches of this Saturn-dominated realm. On a global and historical scale, empires such as Atlantis and the United States(both Uranus-ruled) have been incepted to fascilitate this liberation, at least for a period. Ultimately, however, it falls on each individual to find one's way back home.

Planets in astrology are the key components in the archontic game of life, giving us both help and hindrance. They hold the collective successes and failures of all organic life, and we can draw upon them to achieve our purpose, whatever it may be. Many but not all of us have the privelege of choosing a certain planetary pattern at birth that will fulfill our growth and learning, which is why learning astrology now can be useful for choosing your next incarnation while in the bardo state. Otherwise it will be left to the astral archons themselves to do this for you, taking into account other factors such as race, sex, and karma. The archons are master astrologers. It is in fact their universal or empirical system of categorization and their so-called "book of life". Each of the planets in astrology is a marker or portal within time and space.

Astrology is based on the number 12 which is Pisces or Neptune, and the principle of universality. It functions in a magnetic or receptive manner drawing or tempting you in a certain direction. It will never force or dictate, but will rely on your generally weak or passive human nature to succeed(which is most of us). Astrology is a "beggarly" influence(as the bible calls it). You can go against its pull, but most of us will give in, like we give in to sleep and hunger and sex or temptation. The negative archontic forces take advantage of these weaknesses to further their agenda of taking over our realm which is why we must be strong if we want to maintain dominance here or in our own personal lives. Most of us will fail, at least temporarily, but those few who succeed can help the others, by overshadowing them with their "holy" spirits. Similarily, the weak ones usually get overshadowed by the negative archons, which includes most persons in power now.

So astrology and the planets are an archontic(archangelic) system designed to flavor and run the material realm from its roots in the astral/mental/spiritual realms. It is neither bad nor good, but simply a necessity, providing a framework from which to work with. It has currently been hijacked and degraded by certain fallen ones, but remains functional. When repaired and purged of its negative controllers, it will provide a stable and balanced environment for all potentialities in life, without which there would be utter chaos.

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