Gal Gadot chart
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Actress and model, best known as Giselle Yashar in The Fast and Furious series(2009- ). Miss Israel 2004. Combat instructor and student of law and international relations. Leading fashion model for the Castro clothing company. Also well-known for her role as Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman(2016), Justice League(2017), and the solo film Wonder Woman(2017).

Gal Gadot born Apr.30 1985
Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel
Noon Positions

Sun in Taurus 9/58
Moon in Virgo 8/00
Mercury in Aries 13/15
Venus in Aries 6/33
Mars in Gemini 2/46
Jupiter in Aquarius 15/02
Saturn in Scorpio 25/58r
Uranus in Sagittarius 17/23r
Neptune in Capricorn 3/27r
Pluto in Scorpio 3/10r

Beautiful Gal Gadot is a Sun in Taurus native with ruler Venus in feisty Aries. Mercury is also in Aries giving Gadot extra spirit and fighting power. Dispositor and mutual receptor Mars is in Gemini making her quick, clever, attractive, and versatile. Jupiter is in humanitarian and truth and freedom-loving Aquarius and the dispositor and mutual receptor Uranus is in Sagittarius which also loves truth and freedom and doing the right thing. Moon in Virgo complements the Sun and gives Gadot a practical and hard working side that is very sharp and analytical and uses this in an aggressive fashion(dispositor Mercury in Aries). Saturn in Scorpio together with Pluto seriously ponders death, sex, and the occult, and works in a group or association to research these matters. Neptune in Capricorn completes a grand earth trine with the Sun and Moon giving Gadot much practical know how and wisdom as well as much charisma or charm. Public success is indicated in film or the arts.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Action

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