Wheel Format Charts

The following charts are done using the Whole Sign House System and have been specifically selected to highlight pure or unadulterared Rising signs. This happens when there are no planets in the first house. The sign is then displayed in its purest form. This also happens when the Ascendant or 1st House is occupied by its own ruler, only here, the true planet nature is also revealed, doubling the impact Also, some of the charts presented here will conflict with those online. In such cases I have exercised my own judgement, and the reader should do the same.

Audrey Hepburn , Burt Reynolds , David Cassidy ,
Kristin Davis , Russell Brand , Rita Hayworth , Zendaya

Celebrity Page Charts

Due to popular request, I am posting some of the old format charts(updated) from my previous site, which give more specific information, such as the degrees and minutes of a celeb's planet positions. Only proven or well established charts will be posted. The house descriptions are based on the whole sign house system. I have removed the Eris positions because it is still not officially recognized by astrologers. Other chart formats or styles are also included.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez , Princess Diana , Donald Trump ,
Elizabeth Taylor , Elvis Presley , Gal Gadot , Jerry Lewis ,
Mariliyn Monroe , The Partridge Family , Queen Elizabeth II ,
Richard Burton , Selena Gomez , Toni Braxton , Woody Allen ,
Greta Thunberg , Georgia Meloni ,

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Deep State Charts

Some of the most popular "deep state" personalities in the media and their chart info.

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