Married with Children Charts

Every now and then, when times are rough we want to just sit down and enjoy ourselves, and forget about the nasty world out there. We do this through good food, a movie, a night out, time with friends and family, or a hilarious sitcom like Married with Children which ran for 11 seasons from April 5th 1987 to June 9th 1997.

It stars our favorite loser Al Bundy, cursed with a lowly job as shoe salesman, his wife Peg Bundy(Wanker) who parasites off of him, and his two children, smart alecky Bud and sexy but vacuous Kelly. Neighbours Marcy and Steve and Jefferson show up occasionally to spice things up and co-worker Griff joins Al at the shoestore.

This show is is at times racy and vulgar but highly entertaining with good acting and witty punchlines. It makes you laugh and forget about your own problems for awhile. Free clips of this family sitcom, which has gained worldwide popularity all over the world, can be found on You Tube and elsewhere ranging from a few minutes to over ten minutes.

Watching celebs while knowing their charts at the same time is a great way to learn astrology. I have done so with Married With Children and have gained many insights. You can do this too with this or any other show by writing down or memorizing the actors' charts. Degrees aren't necessary when doing this as who wants to remember all that data. Just the main planets and their sign positions is all that's necessary, and then watch astrology in action. Yes, they are actors and may hide some of their real traits, but the gist of their natures usually come through. The Rising and Moon positions in particular are impossible to hide.

Here are the charts of the actors playing the Bundys and their main fellow cast members as given variously by Astrotheme, AstroSeek, and Even the dog has a chart! Some rising Signs are unavailable(noon is used). Study, watch, and enjoy!

Ed O'Neill(Al Bundy)
Born Apr.12,1946
9:15 PM
Youngstown, Ohio
Sun 22Ari33
Moo 14Vir19
Mer 28Pis19
Ven 09Tau55
Mar 25Can55
Jup 22Lib28r
Sat 18Can27
Ura 14Gem32
Nep 06Lib50r
Plu 09Leo27r
N.N.24 Gem04
Chi 17Lib48r
Asc 20Sco00
MC 01Vir45
Katey Sagal(Peg Bundy)
Born Jan.19,1954
2:37 PM
Los Angeles, Calif.
Sun 29Cap20
Moo 09Leo14
Mer 02Aqu44
Ven 26Cap55
Mar 18Sco05
Jup 17Gem11r
Sat 08Sco39
Ura 20Can42r
Nep 26Lib02
Plu 24Leo22r
Chi 22Cap43
Asc 27Gem03
MC 08Pis07
Christina Applegate(Kelly)
Born Nov.25,1971
5:45 PM
Los Angeles, Calif.
Sun 03Sag08
Moo 08Pis00
Mer 24Sag51
Ven 26Sag13
Mar 10Pis58
Jup 14Sag15
Sat 03Gem01r
Ura 16Lib49
Nep 02Sag48
Plu 01Lib36
Chi 09Ari38r
Asc 19Gem57
MC 00Pis15
David Faustino(Bud)
Born Mar.03,1974
1:21 AM
Burbank, Calif.
Sun 12Pis22
Moo 03Can10
Mer 29Aqu32r
Ven 01Aqu29
Mar 02Gem10
Jup 28Aqu47
Sat 27Gem47
Ura 27Lib22r
Nep 09Sag35
Plu 06Lib05r
N.N.24 24Sag40
Chi 18Ari11
Asc 04Sag30
MC 16Vir36

Amanda Bearse(Marcy)
Born Aug.09,1958
time unknown
Winter Park, Florida
Sun 16Leo
Moo 08Gem
Mer 07Vir r
Ven 22Can
Mar 11Tau
Jup 25Lib
Sat 19Sag r
Ura 12Leo
Nep 12Sco
Plu 01Vir
Chi 20Aqu r
Asc ------
MC ------
Ted McGinley(Jeffereson)
Born May.30,1958
time unknown
Newport Beach, Calif.
Sun 08Gem
Moo 11Sco
Mer 19Tau
Ven 28Ari
Mar 24Pis
Jup 22Lib r
Sat 23Sag r
Ura 08Leo
Nep 02Sco
Plu 29Leo
Chi 22Aqu
Asc ------
MC ------
David Garisson(Steve)
Born Jun.30,1952
time unknown
Long Branch, N.J.
Sun 08Can
Moo 10Lib
Mer 00Leo
Ven 10Can
Mar 03Sco
Jup 13Tau
Sat 08Lib
Ura 13Can
Nep 18Lib r
Plu 19Leo r
Chi 22Aqu
MC ------
Harold Sylvester(Griff)
Born Feb.10,1949
time unknown
New Orleans, Louisiana
Sun 21Aqu
Moo 15Can
Mer 05Aqu
Ven 05Aqu
Mar 29Aqu
Jup 19Cap
Sat 03Vir r
Ura 26Gem r
Nep 14Lib r
Plu 15Leo r
Chi 07Sag

Born Apr.26,1983
time unknown, USA
Sun 06Tau
Moo 29Lib
Mer 24Tau
Ven 15Gem
Mar 15Tau
Jup 09Sag r
Sat 00Sco r
Ura 08Sag r
Nep 29Sag r
Plu 27Lib r

r = retrograde, N.N.= North Node(True), Chi = Chiron

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