Rita Hayworth Chart

The late Taurus Rising chart is incorrect. Rita Hayworth, with no planets in her 1st house, displays classic Gemini Rising features -pretty slender, clever, and youthful. The other two air sign influences, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Libra, and Uranus in Aquarius, complete a grand air trine making Rita a stunning beauty. Sun in Libra desires harmony and peace for one's self and others. Mercury in Libra thinks about relationships and knows how to make things beautiful or harmonize. Venus in Libra is a true artist concerned with form and symmetry and likes to own or buy beautiful things. All three in the 5th house make Rita very desirable, expressive, and dramatic, with a strong ego and presence(she was considered a "sex godess"). There is also the possibility of many love affairs and children. Virgo on the 4th house indicates critical and hardworking parents, and the ruler Mercury in the 5th house shows them to be entertainers. She partnered with her father as dancers(in her teens) but was also sexually abused by him. Moon in Pisces makes Rita emotional, romantic, and very sympathetic to others(she admitted to being very shy personally). It's also a good position for singing and dancing(her father started her dancing at age 3). In the 10th house, the Moon gives public prominence or recognition(She was a popular pin-up girl throughout the 1940's). Scorpio on the 6th house indicates a tense work environment with sexual innuendo. Mars in Sagittarius makes her sporty, good-natured, and leggy. These people fight for what's right and cannot be controlled or constrained. Mars in the 7th falls in and out of relationhips quickly(she had several marriages) and the partners are fiery and passionate types(she was often mistreated by them). Jupiter in Cancer gives Hayworth a strong interest in home and family life and housing and the caring professions(she always wanted to settle down). Jupiter with Pluto gets exceptional deals and opportunities(of which she had many). Jupiter and Pluto in the 2nd house comes into big money and wealth(she owned 25% of film profits). Saturn in Leo gives Rita much confidence and ambition to succeed and makes a good leader or manager. Saturn with Neptune has the ability to make dreams tangible and is good for music, film, and the arts. In the 3rd house there is difficulty or confusion with speech and thinking. Uranus is at home in Aquarius giving Rita much beauty, strength, and intellect. This is a very independant lady with humanitarian interests. Uranus in the 9th travels by air a lot and discovers new cultures and philosophies. Aries in the 11th is active with friends and groups and attains self-definition or identity through them. Taurus in the 12th has financial secrets and worries, particularly in relation to love and children(ruler Venus in Libra in 5th). Neptune in Leo gives Rita and her generation a desire to be in the limelight. They are infatuated with glamour, ideal love, and romance. Neptune in the 3rd house gives a confused or impressionable thinking pattern(she suffered from Alzheimers and drinking), and strange relations with siblings. Pluto in Cancer gives her and her generation powerful emotions and a devotion to home and family life. Security and survival are everything to them.

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