Elizabeth Taylor chart

Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Rosemund Taylor
Feb. 27, 1932, 2:30 AM GMT
London, England
0W10 51N30

Sun in Pisces 0718'
Moon in Scorpio 1545'
Mercury in Pisces 0729'
Venus in Aries 1710'
Mars in Pisces 0134'
Jupiter in Leo 1510'R
Saturn in Aquarius 0019'
Uranus in Aries 1703'
Neptune in Virgo 0635'R
Pluto in Cancer 2013'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 1315'
MidHeaven in Libra 1411'
Classic and beautiful actress starring in such films as Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), Cleopatra(1963), and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf(1966). Married several times, most notably to co-actor Richard Burton. A strong supporter for AIDS research. Died of heart failure on Mar.23, 2011.

Sagittarius rising or ascendant gives Elizabeth Taylor her great looks and buxom body. Midheaven in Libra is her reputation as a beauty queen . Moon in Scorpio gives her emotional intensity and sexual magnetism, and in the 12th house there is a strong need for privacy. Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in Pisces make her extremely sensitive, psychic, intuitive, feminine and vulnerable. Escapism through drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol is also indicated by these three planets, as well as a tendency to make excuses or sacrifices for others. A true romantic, dreamer, and lover of fantasy. In the 4th house, these three planets make the home the center of expression, study, and activity. Venus in Aries makes her passionate, magnetic, aggressive, and active, and Uranus conjunct adds ingenuity, chaos, and excitement. Both are in the 5th house indicating many love affairs and separations. Jupiter in Leo gives her much needed pride, strength, and star quality, and in the 9th indicates much travel and opportunity abroad. Saturn in Aquarius gives her a rebellious, scientific, and even humanitarian side. In the third house Saturn restricts or limits communication and there may be problems with siblings. Neptune in Virgo makes her part of a generation of perfectionists and people who lose themselves in their work. In the 10th house Neptune clouds the life direction or ambitions(something Taylor frequently complained about). It also inclines you towards artistic or glamorouus professons(such as film and acting). Pluto in Cancer makes Taylor part of a generation with deep family values and concerns and gives a powerful instinct for survival. In the 6th house, Pluto brings critical health and employment issues to bear which Taylor certainly had to fight with in her later years.

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