Greta Thunberg horoscope chart

Now here's a smart and serious Cappy who knows the score. At only age 15, her climate change speech at the UN in December of 2018 catapulted her to world fame, and despite suffering from Asperger's, her speeches are clear, intelligent, and impassioned.

Greta is a vegan and avoids plane travel to lessen her carbon footprint. In August of 2019 she sailed across the Atlantic in a 60 foot yacht to come to USA. She protests every Friday and with the help of supporters continues to give speeches and raise awareness on climate change which she says has developed into an "existentialist crisis".

With Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn, this is a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact girl, who takes her plight seriously. The Moon conjunct her Sun gives her round facial features and a strong sense of family and security. She doesn't waste words(Mercury in Capricorn) and her role is basically that of a messenger(ruler Saturn in Gemini). Saturn in Gemini struggles with speech or learning but becomes a master of both.

The passion, depth, and emotion she shows in her speeches are no doubt due to her two Scorpio planets(Venus and Mars). Venus here appreciates depth, passion and loyalty and Mars makes a deep and transformational impact on others.

Jupiter in Leo shows a proud, fun, creative, and playful side, that loves theater and entertainment in general. It also makes Greta good with children and she finds favor with influential people or those in power and authority.

Uranus and Neptune both in Aquarius indicate her powerful scientific, humanitarian, and truth-seeking side. Uranus in its own sign is pure and hardcore truth, but Neptune here can involve some confusion or deception.

Pluto in Sagittarius highlights her rare and dangerous voyage across the Atlantic and her desire or compulsion to travel in general. It also tends towards an extreme philosophy or faith.

Chiron closely conjunct her Sun makes her a gifted teacher despite her disabilities, and the North Node with Saturn is her mission to inform and educate us about the serious problems we face in the world.

We wish this young lady well with much success in her goals and wishes.

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