Woody Allen chart

Woody Allen
Born: Allen Stewart Konigsberg
Dec.1,1935, 10:55 PM EST
Bronx, New York, 73W54 40N51

Sun in Sagittarius 9°03'
Moon in Aquarius 24°06'
Mercury in Sagittarius 4°31'
Venus in Libra 22°54'
Mars in Capricorn 26°06'
Jupiter in Sagittarius 5°07'
Saturn in Pisces 4°00'
Uranus in Taurus 2°11'R
Neptune in Virgo 16°41'
Pluto in Cancer 27°11'R

Ascendant in Virgo 2°18'
MidHeaven in Taurus 27°12'
Famous actor/writer/comedian, best known for such films as Sleeper(1973), Annie Hall(1977), Manhattan(1979), Hannah and Her Sisters(1986), Husbands and Wives(1992), Match Point(2005), Midnight in Paris(2011), and Café Society (2016). Loves jazz and magic tricks.
Ascendant in Virgo with Neptune gives Woody Allen his affable and studious look, and MC in Taurus with Uranus typecasts him as an actor, musician, rebel, and genius. Moon in Aquarius makes him a nerdy intellectual, who doesn't take kindly to being told what to do. In the 6th house, the Moon makes Woody handy and efficient but subject to mamy job changes and health issues. Sun and Mercury and Jupiter(dignified) in Sagittarius make Allen a natural philosopher, writer, publisher, analyst, and student of life. The approach is open, honest, curious, versatile, flexible, and well-meaning, and in the 4th house, these three planets make the home the center of operations for Woody. Venus in Libra is his social, musical, and artistic side, and his appreciation for beauty, companionship, equality, and justice. In the 2nd house, Venus is dignified, making him naturally resourceful and productive. Mars in Capricorn gets things done through planning and organization and has a shy, reserved, and sensual nature. Mars in the 5th house has many love affairs and creative projects in the works. Saturn in Pisces is Woody's shy, sensitive, and insecure self who takes a serious interest in film, photography, and the visual arts in general. There is also an interest in mystical or occult subjects. In the 7th house, Saturn makes relationships difficult or limitiing and there is a tendency to get involved with older partners or mates. Uranus in Taurus is Woody's plodding and steadfast self as well as his financial genius. In the 9th house, Uranus makes Woody a rebel and outcast in foreign countries and a challenge to conventional belief, and this can be seen in some of his movies. Neptune in Virgo is his and his generation's critical and workaholic side, and in the first house, this is obvious in Woody's persona. Pluto in Cancer is his and his generation's deep need for security and home and family life. It also gives exceptional business and survival acumen. In the 11th house, Pluto gives Woody rare or elitist friends and access to exclusive groups and organizations.

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