Zendaya chart

Promising young actress, Zendaya Coleman's most outstanding feature is Uranus(in its own sign) conjunct the Ascendant in Aquarius, openly displaying the true nature of this sign and planet, both physically and personally. This is a strong-minded independent woman who will seek to express the truth at all costs. She likes to be unique or different and can shock others with her unconventional ways. She hates being restricted or coerced and belives in freedom for all. There is also a keen tendency to associate with groups espousing avant garde ideas or philosophies geared toward the advancement of the human condition.

Sun in Virgos are also truthful and interested in helping others, but in a practical or service-oriented way. The Sun ruler, Mercury is in Libra, seeking expression and perfection in the beauty and art fields, including music and entertaiment. Zendaya is both a dancer and singer, appearing as a contestant in Dancing With The Stars(2013), and producing such hit music singles as Swag It Out(2011), Watch Me(2011), Replay(2012), and Rewrite the Stars(2013). She's also appeared in several films outlined in the birth chart, and has her own clothing line and beauty products. She's also contributed money towards the feeding of poor and hungry children in countries like Haiti, Tanzania, and the Philippines. Zendaya is a vegetarian and is currently living in an expensive home in Los Angeles, California(2017- ).

Behind Zendaya's beauty and glamour is a very down to earth woman, with a grand earth trine configuration involving Sun in Virgo, Moon in Taurus, and Jupiter in Capricorn. This is a serious, no-nonsense type of girl despite her seemingly liberal and rebellious outward behaviour. She knows her worth and plans out her success carefully and meticulously. She is home-loving and ethical and can be quite emotional with Venus and Mars conjunct in Cancer. This conjuntion also makes her attractive and desirable sexually so she can expect lots of dating and romances. She is very active in and around the home and puts a lot of money here. She loves food and cooking and going out to eat but is very clean and sensitive and conscious about her health(Venus and Mars are in 6th house and opposed by Neptune). With the Sun in the 8th house, there is a strong interest in occult or hidden subjects and Mercury in the 9th house is interested in travel and foreign cultures and philosophies. Pluto in the 11th is very selective with friends, and trust and honesty(Sagittarius) are big issues here. Jupiter and Neptune in the 12th is the true artist and psychic. Lots of lone time is required to recharge her batteries. Saturn in Aries is always searching to define self and identity and in the 3rd house there may be problems with siblings or even speech or communication. Moon in the 4th is the mother and homemaker. North node in the 9th requires that Zendaya work on her moral and spiritual development in this life, and the part of Fortune conjunct will help her succeed. MC in Scorpio denotes a very exclusive and investigative type of career, with ruler Pluto in Sag adding that it will involve much travel and digging into spiritual issues.

Mercury closely trine Uranus and both sextiled by Pluto shows a keen interest in astrology and the study of the heavens. Venus-Mars and Neptune closely trine and sextile the MC brings success in film, fashion, love, money, and any personal enterprise. Sun. Moon, and Jupiter closely trine each other spells personal and public success. Saturn trine Pluto knows how to handle power and authority. Mercury square Jupiter can sometimes say the wrong thing or offer bad advice. Jupiter square Saturn may not know when to quit. Moon square Uranus can prove disruptive when changing residence, and Moon exactly square Ascendant can have difficult personality issues. Neptune oppose Venus and Mars can become involved in deceptive love relationships. Mercury oppose Saturn may be shy or fear speaking in public.

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