Selena Gomez chart

Selena Gomez
Born: Selena Marie Gomez
Jul.22, 1992, 7:19 AM CDT
Grand Prairie, Texas, USA
97W00 32N45

Sun in Cancer 2956'
Moon in Aries 2508'
Mercury in Leo 1713'R
Venus in Leo 1037'
Mars in Taurus 2704'
Jupiter in Virgo 1321'
Saturn in Aquarius 1618'R
Uranus in Capricorn 1527'R
Neptune in Capricorn 1714'R
Pluto in Scorpio 2010'R

Ascendant in Leo 805'
Midheaven in Taurus 022'
American actress and singer of Mexican and Italian descent best known for her role as Alex Russo in the Disney series Wizards of Waverly Place(2007-12). Starred in the films Another Cinderella(2008), Ramona and Beezuz(2010), Spring Breakers(2012), Rudderless(2014), The Fundamentals of Caring (2016), and A Rainy Day in New York(2019). Song hits include Who Says(2010), Naturally(2010), A Year Without Rain(2010), Love You Like A Love Song(2011), Hit The Lights(2012), Come & Get It (2013), Kill Em With Kindness (2015), Me & The Rhythm(2015), It Ain't Me(2017), and Fetish(2017)
Cute and talented Selena Gomez is a Cancer Sun with the Moon in Aries making her a strong cardinal type which implies much energy and activity. There is a fixed cross involving seven of her planets including the angles giving Selena much determination, and resourcefulness. The Sun in Cancer in her 12th house makles shy and sensitive and withdrawn, but you wouldn't know it with her Leo Rising and Mercury and Venus there, which presents a bold yet charming and youthful exterior. Selena is very kind and creative and gives much of her time and resources to help others. Mercury in Leo speaks boldly and wants respect and recognition, and Venus is similar wanting only the best in life. She is generous but possessive in love. Moon in Aries in the 9th also gives her much needed confidence and a fighting and adventurous spirit. She loves to travel and learn about other cultures and religions. Saturn in Aquarius in her 7th house balances her pride and ego with a friendly and freedom-loving attitude and an interest in scientific or futuristic subjects. In the 7th, Saturn draws older partners and mates but not very many of them. She seeks modern, intelligent, but enduring types who are tried and true. The Midheaven with Mars in Taurus gives Selena practical and artistic skills such as money management and singing or acting. She is sensual and very conscious about her physical appearance. Mars in Taurus gives Selena her strong singing voice and an appreciation for the material things in life. Money comes and goes quickly with this position. Jupiter in Virgo likes working and sizing things up. They are very clean and punctual and notice all imperfections. In the 2nd house, Jupiter has much luck or opportunity for accumulating money or wealth. The ruler in the 1st says that her money-making ability is directly tied to her person or persona and what she gives of herself. Uranus and Neptune are both conjunct in Capricorn giving Selena and her generation a strong serious, shy, and practical side with an interest in building and organizing and managing. As these two planets are otherworldly, this organizational ability is best applied towards artistic, musical, strange, or even mystical fields. In the sixth house, Uranus and Neptune give strange or unusual working habits and health ailments. Pluto in its own sign of Scorpio gives Selena Gomez and her generation powerful and intense emotions and a natural understanding of death, rebirth, and other occult principles. In the 4th house, Pluto brings profound or extreme situations in the the home or family sphere. The death of a parent or the loss of one's home or sense of roots will bring a total transformation in the nature. Selena vibrates to the master influence of 22 in her birth date which gives much wealth and power, provided she stays true to herself. "Selene" is the Moon(Cancer) godess in Greek mythology.
A more current image of Selena Gomez, who at 27, is still remarkably youthful and talented

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