Elvis Presley chart

Elvis Presley
Elvis Aaron Presley
Jan. 8, 1935, 4.35AM CST
Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
88W42 34N15

Sun in Capricorn 1714'
Moon in Pisces 0201'
Mercury in Capricorn 2219'
Venus in Capricorn 2922'
Mars in Libra 1249'
Jupiter in Scorpio 1804'
Saturn in Aquarius 2544'
Uranus in Aries 2730'
Neptune in Virgo 1427'R
Pluto in Cancer 2508'R

Ascendant in Sagittarius 1221'
MidHeaven in Virgo 2649'
Popular singer and actor of the late 1950's and early 1960's with such music hits as Heartbreak Hotel(1956), Don't Be Cruel(1956), Good Luck Charm(1961), Suspicious Minds(1961), and movies like Love Me Tender(1956), Blue Hawaii(1961), Girl!Girls!Girls!(1962), and Viva Las Vegas(1964). The King of Rock did it his way, but he died a lonely and troubled soul. He was found dead in his home the afternoon of Aug.16,1977. He suffered a heart attack caused by obesity and barbituates.
Ascendant in Sagittarius gives Elvis his basic good looks and open and forthright manner. Midheaven and Neptune in Virgo(in the 10th) are the main indicators of his musical and cinematic career. Moon in Pisces is very musical and artistic, but also makes Elvis shy and sensitive. In the 4th, the Moon makes Elvis a very devoted family man. Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn are the driving forces of his success making him a very practical, ambitious, and determined individual. Entertainers often have a heavily tenanted 2nd house, especially the Sun. Mars in Libra gives him sex appeal and popularity with the ladies, and in the 11th makes him dynamic and unpredictable. It also adds to his musical or artistic talents. Jupiter in Scorpio(in the 12th) is his dark secretive side, the part of him that gets him involved in underworld activities, but he is protected here. Saturn in Aquarius makes him unique and rebellious but also popular and ingenious. In the 3rd he is a man of few but wise words. Uranus in Aries gives him lots of energy and daring and a temper as well, and in the 5th he is quite liberal in love. Pluto in Cancer gives him and his generation a love and loyalty for home and family. Elvis cared deeply for his mom and her death both pained and transformed him. Pluto in the 8th also has a natural interest or obsession with death, sex, and the occult.

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