Georgia Meloni chart

Georgia Meloni
Born: Georgia Meloni
Jan.15, 1977, 6:30 PM CET
Rome, Italy 73W48 40N41

Sun in Capricorn 2528'
Moon in Sagittarius 344'
Mercury in Capricorn 717'
Venus in Pisces 1215'
Mars in Capricorn 1104'
Jupiter in Taurus 2110'
Saturn in Leo 1450'R
Uranus in Scorpio 1122'
Neptune in Sagittarius 1508'
Pluto in Libra 1411'

Ascendant in Leo 1319'
MidHeaven in Taurus 213'
Georgia Meloni got involved in politics as early as the age 15, but it solidified when she became Italy's Minister of Youth between 2008 and 2011. In 2012 she founded the Brothers of Italy and became its President since 2014. In 2022 she ran for Prime minister and won the election on Sep. 25th, 2022. Meloni is a far right conservative standing for home, family, God, and country. She is a mother with a daughter and has two books to her credit. She also speaks good English!
Leo Rising is fairly obvious in Meloni's chart. She radiates boldness, leadership, and strength. Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in her 1st house of Leo adds seriousness, power, authority, and determination to her character. Her Sun/Mercury/Mars grouping in Capricorn is naturally serious and responsible, and with Mars there in exaltation and in a master degree, there is much drive and ambition and the ability to get things done. Moon in Sag lightens things up a bit giving Meloni humour, optimism, and a sense of right and wrong, as well as an interest in philosophy, travel, linguistics, and international affairs. This Moon placement can be brutally honest, as evidenced in her victory speech. Venus exalted in Pisces is kind, compassionate, creative, and romantic. They have refined musical and artistic taste and do well in the arts in general. Jupiter in Taurus gives Meloni much common sense, determination, and financial ability or influence. Jupiter in her 10th house with the Midheaven she is slated for public prominence. Uranus in Scorpio gives Meloni and her generation a keen interest in the hidden or occult aspects of life, as well as a open or experimental approach towards sex and reproduction. Uranus is in a master degree and minute strengthening this placement. Neptune in Sag is a generation of philosophers, explorers, and travelers. The can appear to be intrusive or insensitive, but are good natured and well-meaning. Neptune in the same sign as Meloni's Moon refines and deepens her emotions. Negatively it may give her wanderlust. Pluto in Libra is very selective about relationships -its all or nothing here. This Pluto generation leaves its distinctive mark in the arts, fashion, and beauty industry. Pluto in Meloni's 10th solar house, makes her feel a powerful internal drive to succeed or rise to the top of her career. Meloni's birthday adds up to master number 22 giving her a powerful destiny or direction in life. This number is often found in the charts of powerful politicians or business people.

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