Deep State Horoscopes
George Soros
(Schwartz Gyorgy)
time unknown
Sun in Leo 19
Moon in Pisces 21
Mercury in Virgo 12
Venus in Libra 2
Mars in Gemini 19
Jupiter in Cancer 10
Saturn in Capricorn 5 R
Uranus in Aries 15 R
Neptune in Virgo 2
Pluto in Cancer 20
George Soros' chart has many positive placements such as a dignified Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn, and an exalted Jupiter, yet he is involved in funding many nefarious activities. Obviously, there are other factors beyond astrology which determine an individual's fate such as karma, upbringing and free choice. Another explanation is that a "bad" Ascendant(one in earth or water) would put all of his many "good" placements in bad houses. Jupiter conjunct Pluto spells riches and power.
Sun in Scorpio 5
Moon in Aries 8
Mercury in Libra 16
Venus in Scorpio 20
Mars in Libra 10
Jupiter in Leo 27
Saturn in Scorpio 21
Uranus in Leo 2
Neptune in Libra 28
Pluto in Leo 28
Ascendant in Cancer 27
Midheaven in Aries 4
Rich and powerful Bill Gates has an even mix of good and bad planets if you include Asc and MC, with Sun, Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Asc and MC bad and the rest good. Saturn and Venus with the Sun can produce sober, severe, but practical individuals. Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Libra tends towards hidden ideas, activities and relationships. Jupiter tightly conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house is the millionaire/billionaire aspect par excellence, and with Uranus also there by sign, there is unusual profit or gain in fields such as science and technology. MC in Aries is the pioneer.
time unknown
New York
Sun in Capricorn 2
Moon in Scorpio
Mercury in Sagittarius 22
Venus in Sagittarius 4
Mars in Scorpio 22
Jupiter in Taurus 5 R
Saturn in Taurus 8 R
Uranus in Taurus 22 R
Neptune in Virgo 27 R
Pluto in Leo 3 R
Deep stater Anthony Fauci is dominated by Capricorn and Scorpio as well as a Taurus stellium, making him very practical and serious and heavily involved with governmnt, money, sex, death, and the occult. Mars is dignified in Scorpio. Mercury and Venus in Sag does give Fauci an open and ethical side even though it might be tainted tainted by his desire for money and security(disposited by his Taurus stellium). A grand earth trine by sign gives Fauci much material success and ambition.
time unknown
Sun in Aries 14
Moon in Cap/Aqu
Mercury in Aries 13
Venus in Tau/Gem
Mars in Capricorn 23
Jupiter in Leo 21 R
Saturn in Sagittarius 2 R
Uranus in Cancer 28 R
Neptune in Libra 29 R
Pluto in Leo 26 R
Fauci's sidekick Deborah Birx is an Aries / Capricorn type which represents the Nazi ideal of a militarized government. Moon is more likely to be in Capricorn than Aquarius. Venus highly likely in Taurus. A grand fire trine by sign gives much energy, pride, and creatiivity. Jupiter conjunct Pluto indicates much wealth and power. Saturn in Sag. has traditional spiritual beliefs. Uranus in Cancer has scientific notions of family and home. Neptune oppose Sun/Mercury weakens the ego/mind and tempers aggression.
7:24 PM
Sun in Leo 12
Moon in Gemini 3
Mercury in Leo 2
Venus in Cancer 1
Mars in Virgo 22
Jupiter in Aquarius 0 R
Saturn in Capricorn 25 R
Uranus in Leo 25
Neptune in Scorpio 8
Pluto in Virgo 7
Ascendant in Aquarius 18
Midheaven in Scorpio 28
There is still an uncertainty about Obama's true time and place of birth. Sun in Leo is proud and creative. Moon in Gemini is clever and charming but also cunning and deceptive. Mercury in Leo speaks proudly and authoritatively and Venus in Cancer loves home and family, Mars in Virgo works hard and Jupiter in Aquarius has humanitarian concerns. Saturn is dignified in Capricorn making Obama lean and frugal and organized. Uranus with Mercury and the Sun makes him ingenious and rebellious. Neptune in Scorpio explores sex and the occult and Pluto in Virgo is highly efficient and health conscious.
(Diane Rodham)
time uncertain
Sun in Scorpio 2
Moon in Pisces
Mercury in Scorpio 21 R
Venus in Scorpio 16
Mars in Leo 14
Jupiter in Sagittarius 0
Saturn in in Leo 21
Uranus in Gemini 25 R
Neptune in in Libra 11
Pluto in Leo 14
Much maligned Hillary Clinton is a strong water/fire type with powerful Scorpio and Leo dominating half the chart. These two signs are concerned with power and authority and are very fixed or determined. Moon in Pisces increases the emotional or intuitive side of Scorpio. Jupiter is dignified in Sagittarius making her lucky, expansive, and opportunistic, with spiritual or philosophical leanings, and a love of animals and nature. Uranus and Neptune in air gives an intellectual/social side and a positive interest in artistic or occult matters.
(William Jefferson
Blythe IV)
8:51 AM CST
Sun in Leo 26
Moon in Taurus 20
Mercury in Leo 7
Venus in Libra 11
Mars in Libra 6
Jupiter in Libra 23
Saturn in Leo 2
Uranus in Gemini 21
Neptune in Libra 6
Pluto in Leo 11
Ascendant in Libra 5
Midheaven in Cancer 6
Playboy Bill Clinton is dominated by Leo and Libra, the signs of love and pleasure. Moon in Taurus gives Bill an earthy sensual side with political and financial leanings. Uranus in Gemini makes him smart and amusing but also cunning and deceptive. Mercury conjunct Saturn and Pluto gives a serious and probing mind. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune all on the Ascendant in Libra makes Bill a very attractive and sexy man. Lack of water(except for the MC) makes Bill largely unemotional or insensitive. Sun and Mercury with Saturn/Pluto gives an obsessive mind and a desire for power and control.
time unknown
Sun in Aries 6
Moon in Scorpio
Mercury in Pisces 17 R
Venus in Taurus 20
Mars in Taurus 26
Jupiter in Aries 18
Saturn in Taurus 0
Uranus in Taurus 19
Neptune in Virgo 23 R
Pluto in Leo 0 R
Aged but feisty Nancy Pelosi has positiv Sun and Jupiter in Aries driving her as well as power-driven Moon in Scorpio disposited by deeply dramatic Pluto in Leo. Mercury is poorly placed in Pisces accounting for her mental and verbal vagueness and confusion. Balancing her strong feeling nature is all of that earth in Taurus and Virgo which gives her a moderate amount of practicality and business acumen. There is no air in the chart(unless the Ascendant is there) indicating a lack of intelletual or social acumen. Sun and Jupiter trine Pluto equals wealth/power.
(Charles Ellis)
11:00 AM EST
New York
Sun in Sagittarius 0
Moon in Taurus 20
Mercury in Sagittarius 13
Venus in Sagittarius 3
Mars in Capricorn 13
Jupiter in Aquarius 29
Saturn in Libra 0
Uranus in Cancer 8 R
Neptune in Libra 18
Pluto in Leo 19 R
Ascendant in Capricorn 25
Midheaven in Scorpio 20
Chuck Schumer has a heavy 12th house in Sag doing most of his work in private or behind the scenes. Sag types love travel, philosophy, and sports or nature outings. Moon in Taurus make him earthy and sensual and security-minded. Asc. in Capricorn with Mars also makes him earthy and sensual with a feisty and impatient attitude. Sun exactly sextile Saturn is disciplined, organized, and ambitious. Moon exactly oppose MC faces challenges in public. Mercury trine Pluto has a deep and probing mind. Jupiter in Aquarius has humanitarian/political interests.
time unknown
New York
Sun in Sagittarius 14
Moon in Gemini
Mercury in Capricorn 5
Venus in Aquarius 0
Mars in Scorpio 18
Jupiter in Libra 24
Saturn in Sagittarius 16
Uranus in Leo 11 R
Neptune in Scorpio 3
Pluto in Virgo 2 R
Andrew Cuomo's Sun-Saturn conjunction can make him severe or heavy-handed, but also, practical, determined, and responsible. Moon in Gemini is clever, humorous, versatile, but also cunning, and flirtatious. Mercury in Capricorn is serious, quiet, realistic, and calculating. Venus in Aquarius values truth, freedom, and friendship. Mars in Scorpio is deeply passionate, emotional, and extreme. Mars with Neptune can lead to shady activities. Jupiter in Libra loves beauty, art, fashion, and justice. Sun trine Uranus likes what is different or unique and is a free spirit.
8:51 PM EST
Sun in Virgo 0
Moon in Libra 4
Mercury in Virgo 5 R
Venus in Leo 29
Mars in Aquarius 13 R
Jupiter in Scorpio 27
Saturn in Gemini 5
Uranus in Libra 11
Neptune in Sagittarius 0
Pluto in Virgo 28
Ascendant in Aries 8
Midheaven in Capricorn 4
Aries rising with ruler Mars in Aquarius displays confidence, brashness, unconventionality. Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Virgo can be intensely critical, analytical, and organized. Moon conjunct Uranus in Libra seeks out exciting and unusual relationships. Venus in Leo loves power, show, and drama. Mars in Aquarius is unique, different, and "crazy". Jupiter in Scorpio explores and benefits from sex, death, politics, and occult matters. Saturn in Gemini overcomes learning disabilities to become a masterful speaker, writer, or communicator. Neptune in Sag ponders travel and ethics. MC in Cap governs and controls.
5:13 AM PDT
San Francisco
Sun in Libra 16
Moon in Capricorn 16
Mercury in Scorpio 11
Venus in Virgo 4
Mars in Sagittarius 20
Jupiter in Leo 28
Saturn in Aries 8 R
Uranus in Virgo 26
Neptune in Scorpio 22
Pluto in Virgo 21
Ascendant in Virgo 21
Midheaven in Gemini 20
Uranus and Pluto conjunct Newsom's Ascendant makes him powerful, intense, and highly strung or unpredictable. Venus also there gives him charm, grace, and good looks. Sun in Libra strives for balance, harmony, beauty, and justice, whereas Moon in Capricorn seeks power, recognition, discipline and control. Mercury in Scorpio with Neptune makes Newsom secretive, suspicious, investigative, and interested in occult matters. Mars in Sagittarius is wild, open, energetic, and a risk taker. They can be sharply blunt or moralistic and will fight for beliefs and principles. Jupiter in Leo is very proud, generous, creative, and loves show, entertainment, and children. Saturn in Aries seeks to define self and MC in Gemini presents ideas and information.

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