Kristin Davis Chart

There is no time of birth for Kristin Davis, but there is no doubt in my mind, what her Ascendant is. With a Gemini Ascendant she would be born between 10:23 AM and 12:18 PM MST. With no planets in the first house she displays the classic features of her Gemini Rising sign - pretty, slender, and smart. With a heavy 10th and 4th house chart, career and family are what preoccupy her the most. Sun in the 10th is a career in entertainment, and she works hard at it(Saturn). She's also known for her speaking and witing ability(Mercury). Venus in the 9th house loves travel to foreign places, makes many friends there and partakes in humanitarian activities(Aquarius). Moon in the 7th makes her a public figure, Neptune in the sixth works in glamour, film, or the arts, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in the 4th shows much intense(Pluto) and unpredictable(Uranus) activity(Mars) in the domestic sphere, and Jupiter in the 12th is spiritual protection and beneficial alone time. Cancer on the 2nd is money from family, Leo on the 3rd is communicating creatively or with authorities, Libra on the 5th is beautiful love affairs and pleasant children, Capricorn on the 8th is managing other people's resources and a long life, and Aries on the 11th is spicy friends(co-actress Sarah Jessica Parker), and activism. The rulers of the signs give more information.

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