Burt Reynolds Chart

The online chart for Burt Reynolds(Gemini Rising) is incorrect. The correct chart(Scorpio Rising) was featured in the Feb.1983 edition of Dell Horoscope Magazine, which I have in my possession. On pages 12 to 16, astrologer Doris Kaye does an in-depth bio of Burt Reynolds with his chart displayed. The source is not stated but I am in perfect agreement with Scorpio Rising for Burt Reynolds, not just because some astrologer said so, but because he totally looks it. Burt is often compared to Marlon Brando(also Scorpio Rising) impersonating him at one point. Also, most of Burt's intimate relationships and/or leading ladies were overwhelmingly in the fixed Sun Sign category, especially Scorpio and Leo, which strengthens the case for his Scorpio Ascendant. Notables include Sally Field, Goldie Hawn, Lauren Hutton, Demi Moore, and Lorna Loft(all Sun in Scorpio), and Loni Anderson, Lori Nelson, Miko Mayama, and long time male film partner Dom DeLuise(all Sun in Leo). Others include Judy Carne and Tammy Wynette(Taurus), Mamie Van Doren and Farrah Fawcett(Aquarius), Inger Stevens and Catherine Deneuve(Libra), and Chris Evert and Pamela Seals(Sagittatius).

With Scorpio in the 1st, Burt Reynolds is magnetic, intense, focused, and somewhat intimidating. The Ruler Pluto is in Cancer adding to his emotional power. Jupiter in the 2nd in its own sign is extremely fortunate when it comes to one's material needs as there is an innate trust or spiritual belief that all will be taken care of, and it usually is. Owing foreign assets and publications is also a feature of this placement. Venus in the 3rd gives charm and pleasant everyday contacts. Sun and Mercury in the 4th indicate a dominant father and a home education. Home is where Burt can truly be his unconventional Aquarian self. Mars and Saturn in the 5th show both initiative and refrainment in love. It's also good for sports but with some serious setbacks or limitations(His football career was cut short from knee injuries). Aries on the 6th is active and energetic on the job or set, but is prone to headaches and cuts and bruises. Taurus on the 7th seeks permanent or stable relationships, but ruler Venus in Capricorn is cautious and fearful of committing. Gemini on the 8th does lots of reading on the occult and has various debts or alimonies. Near death has come more than once, and there is a youthful or childish attitude towards sex. Pluto in the 9th has life-changing experiences during travels, and the philosophical beliefs are one in a million. Leo on the 10th is his career as actor or entertainer, and he needs to be his own boss here. Neptune in the 11th with MC has strange friends and goals or objectives which can lead him astray. Moon in the 12th finds comfort and sustenance in private, and there are secret dealings with women. The Moon here can also indicate the loss of a home or the mother.

Burt died of a heart attack on September 6th, 2018(aged 82), at the Jupiter Medical Center in Jupiter, Florida.

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