Russell Brand Chart

Russell says he is born at midnight, which would give him late Capricorn rising, but his appearance and relationships tell me otherwise. There's no mistaking those deep hypnotic eyes and overall intense appearance -Scorpio Rising hands down. His deep and intimate relationship with Sun in Scorpio singer, model, actress, and panel judge Katie Perry also says Scorpio Rising. Katy is obviously a Sag rising and I don't care what the online charts say. Most all intimate relationshps have sun conjunct or oppose Ascendant(by sign) between them. Their basic sun sign differences(among other things) is what eventually drove them apart.

Russell has no planets in his first house so that the pure qualities of the Scorpio sign come out. Neptune in the second means spiritual values, intensified by being in Sag. Capricorn on the third comunicates seriously and authoritatively and can also mean older brothers and sisters. Aquarius on the 4th is a friendly but detached relationship with parents or a home filled with the latest gadgets. Pisces on the 5th is romantic love affairs and artistic pleasures or enjoyments -movies, music, etc. A heavy and active sixth house means lots of work and health issues. Mars here is better off working for oneself, Moon is frequent job changes , working with women, and sensitivity to one's environment, and Uranus needs to be free to come and go and do one's own thing. Taurus on the 7th wants steady and permanent relationships and money is always an issue here. Sun and Mercury in the 8th house likes to explore sex and the occult and death and regeneration and be an authority on it, or at least write about it. Venus and Saturn in the 9th loves(Venus) to travel but can get bogged down here(Saturn). They are eloquent and serious philosophers. Leo on the 10th is a career in government or entertainment. The ruler in the 8th adds more info. Virgo on the 11th takes a critical approach to friendship and humanitarian ventures and works hard to make one's goals come true. Uranus and Pluto in the 12th shows a revolutionary subconcious, especally pertaining to marriage and relationships(Libra).

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