David Cassidy Chart

David Bruce Cassidy's birthtime is given online as 9:55 AM, yielding a 10 degrees Cancer Ascendant, but this is obviously incorrect. David has all the physical traits of Gemini rising which would put his actual birth time between 7:13 and 9:07 AM EST. Gemini rising is slim, youthful, clever, and attractive looking and this certainly fit David to a tee. His Moon conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius also made him good looking and intelligent, and Neptune in Libra completed the Air sign trio giving David full social and intellectual ability. Sun in Aries was the fiery engine behind the looks making David an active, positive, and energetic acheiver. His Rising ruler, Mercury in Taurus, gave him some solidity and a wonderful singing voice, and his Sun ruler, Mars in Virgo(with Saturn) made him a hard worker and perfectionist. Venus is exalted in Pisces making David a charmer and romantic as well as an artist, and in the 10th house, Venus is his singing and acting career. Mars and Saturn in the 4th house signifies a very active and disciplined home or family life. Moon and Jupiter in the 9th is good for travel and living abroad. Uranus in Cancer treats family as friends and vice versa and likes modern dwellings and furnishings. In the 2nd house, Uranus plays havoc with the finances, causing sudden wealth or sudden lack. Neptune oppose the Sun weakens the ego and leads to escapism(drinking in David's case). In Libra in the 5th house, Neptune clouds one's intimate relationships and can lead to scandal or secret affairs(he married three times). Scorpio on the 6th house shows great focus and tension at work and ruler Pluto in Leo describes much lighting, stage work, and personal creativity or expression. Sagittarius on the 7th needs open, wild, adventurous, and trusting partners. Ruler Jupiter in Aquarius also requires that they be smart, friendly, and unique. Capricorn on the 8th is serious and afraid of aging and death but can live to ripe old age through fasting and frugality. Ruler Saturn in Virgo with Mars battles health issues and final dispositor Neptune(drugs, drinking, confusion, or a sense of being "lost") is at the root of it all. Sun is exalted in Aries giving David much strength and courage, and in the 11th house, goals or objectives are easily acheived. Mercury in the 12th house harbors many secrets and requires solitude to think things through. Pluto in Leo gives David and his generation a deep and powerful creativity and sense of drama and an extreme attitude when it comes love and children. In the third house, Pluto obsesses on words or ideas or everyday interactions and is transformed by them. North Node with the Sun helps to bolster fame and influence. Despite his fame and success, David was obviously troubled or empty inside which led to his drinking problem. He died of alcohol-related liver failure on Nov.21,2017.

Numerologically...David has mastery written all over him. His Sun is at 22 Aries, his first and middle names are 22's, and his birth date adds up to 22. This is a powerful master number over the material plane. His full name is 7 and when added to his birthdate(22) comes to 11 -another master number over the spiritual plane. The V in David's name is also 22. Perhaps those devilish D's are what did him in, or he was unable to maintain the high 22 vibration and fell to its lower 4 vibration which is negative or unfortunate.

David has sung some very beautiful melodies in his Partridge days, clips of which can be heard in my MUSIC section(years Oct.1970 to Oct.1971). It's a shame this great soul left us in such a tragic fashion. In one of his final stage performances in 2017 he told the audience he sang exclusively to bring joy and pleasure to others, God bless you David.

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