Jeffrey Epstein Chart Analysis

Jeffrey Edward Epstein was born and raised in Brooklyn New York starting off a career as a teacher and then going into banking and finance. Along the way he developed a sex traffic ring for which he became infamous and was arrested several times. He is best known for his relationship with Ghislane Maxwell who helped Epstein procure underaged girls for prominent celebrities and buisnessmen.

As a wealthy buisnessman, Epstein purchased several residences, mostly in New York, Florida, and the Virgin Islands. His Little Saint James Island (also known as Epstein Island) became notorious for catering sex servives to wealthy buisnessmen and celebrities. He also owned/owns neighbouring Great Saint James Island. He wired all of his residences with cameras so he could film and blackmail his customers into providing valuable information. He was finally firmly arrested and jailed in 2019 where he allegedly hung himself, although some believe he is still alive and hiding today.

Eptstein's birthtime is largely unknown. Astrotheme gives 3:15 AM but the source is a vedic rectification attempt. Funny enough, my own rectification attempt, using the Moon and local space, yields two possibilities: the first is 3:16:30 AM which is very close to the vedic source and yields an Ascendant of 02Sag39, and the other is 3:50:30 PM which yields an Ascendant of 17Cancer42. The problem is that the Sun Sign changes from one to the other. I chose the first time of 3:16:30 AM, putting his Sun at 29Capricorn59.

Below is the natal chart followed by the local space chart which shows his Moon going directly through his Islands.

Perhaps the most pertinent feature in Epstein's chart is his Venus conjunct Mars in Pisces which is magnet for the opposite sex and sexual activity in general. The 4th house of home or residence is where this all occurs. Saturn conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 11th house also stands out giving Epstein the ability to manifest his fantasies and artistic endeavours as well as those of others. Jupiter in Taurus, which endows influential financial clout is in the 6th house of work at the apex of a loose but powerful t-square giving material and sexual power and influence. He also has a loose cardinal cross in the fixed houses of giving him lots of energy and entrepreneurial ability. With ten signs/houses occupied(splash type) Jeffrey Epstein has his hands in many places and deals with many people and situations.

If he is indeed a Capricorn it would explain his close ties to Ghislaine Maxwell who is also a Sun in Capricorn and shares his Mercury(Capricorn) as well. Their Moons(Aries/Leo) are also compatible. She has Gemini rising. Epstein's younger look, to me, suggests fire rising, so Sag could be accurate. On the other hand, Cancer rising could explain his strong rapport with Ghislaine's Sun (Sun opposite Ascendant is a common link between partners). What do you think?

While I am not claiming to know Jeffrey Epstein's true birth time or Ascendant(and we may never know) I am making an educated guess using certain tecqniques such as local space rectification. If anyone should obtain actual proof of his birth time I would love to know about it.

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