Toni Braxton chart

Sexy Libran Toni Michelle Braxton epitomises the Libran sense of harmony in her blockbuster 1993 music hit "Another Sad Love Song". Mercury and Neptune in Scorpio are highlighted in her seductive cat-like presence in the 1996 song video You're Makin Me high". Other hit songs include Breathe Again(1993) and Un-Break My Heart(1996). With Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo she combines class and elegance with striking poise and sexiness. Moon/Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn form a grand fire trine giving Toni much energy, presence, strength, success, and endurance. Born on the 7th, she is highly intuitive and mystical, and with a 22 birthpath there is nothing she can't accomplish(she is also a pianist, actress, TV personality, and philanthropist).

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