Donald Trump chart

Donald Trump

Born: Donald John Trump
Jun.14, 1946, 10:54 AM EDT
Jamaica, New York
73W48 40N41

Sun in Gemini 2256'
Moon in Sagittarius 2112'
Mercury in Cancer 852'
Venus in Cancer 2544'
Mars in Leo 2647'
Jupiter in Libra 1727'R
Saturn in Cancer 2349'
Uranus in Gemini 1754'
Neptune in Libra 551'R
Pluto in Leo 1003'

Ascendant in Leo 2958'
MidHeaven in Taurus 2422'
Billionaire real estate developer and TV/radio host, producer. Famous for his reality show The Apprentice (2004-2015) and the line or catchphrase "You're fired!" Became the 45th President of the United States in 2016 and has done a lot to improve the strength and economy of the nation.
Ascendant in Leo gives Donald Trump that mane of golden hair and his confident or bossy look and manner. Mars in Leo conjunct adds a reddish coloring when which combined with yellow or gold produces an orangy color. Mars here also gives Trump much energy and confidence, bravado, makes him famous with the ladies, and is the force behind his famous line or catchphrase "You're fired!". Pluto with Mars and the Asc intensifies it all. Midheaven in Taurus is his wealthy status image and his association with money and property. Sun in Gemini is his true innermost self: flighty, capricious, versatile, changeable, witty, and communicative. Uranus with the Sun adds uniqueness, genius, and unpredictability to his nature, and both in the 11th get involved in politics or group activities that seek to improve the human condition. Moon in Sagittarius gives him moral principles and philosophical and international interests, and in the 5th makes him a popular entertainer. Mercury in Cancer is his sensitivity, fine intuition, good memory, and interest in domestic issues, including real estate. Venus with Mercury gives him a love of everyday contact and communication, and Saturn with Mercury concretizes his mind and analytical ability and is great for writing and formal speaking. Venus in Cancer gives him a love of family and homelife and a strong need or desire for security. Saturn with Venus makes him faithful and frugal. All three in Cancer in the 12th make him a very private family man. Jupiter in Libra is his love of beauty, art, fashion, and music. It also makes him a good diplomat, mediator, host, lawyer, and upholder of justice. Jupiter with Neptune has many opportunities in the film, music, and art industries. Both Jupiter and Neptune in the 3rd is good for speaking and publishing but there may be some deception or misunderstanding. Saturn in Cancer is his great emotional or survival instinct as well as his ability to own or manage real estate. Uranus in Gemini is funny, intelligent, attractive, and youthful and makes him a media genius. Neptune in Libra gives Trump and his generation a love or weakness for beauty, peace, art, and harmonious relationships. Pluto in Leo gives Donald and his generation a need to fully express and exploit the playful and creative side of life. It also gives a deep need to express ultimate power and authority.

Trump's planets in the United States Chart

Trump has done a lot to revive the US economy, and this can be seen with his group of Cancer planets in the US 2nd house(I am using whole signs for the Gemini rising chart). His Mercury, Venus, and Saturn here, combined with the US Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, makes for good business. Saturn in particular, stabilizes, or puts in order, the country's finances which were largely mishandled by the previous administrations. Trump's Sun and Uranus in the US 1st house adds both prestige and uncertainty to the US national image. His North Node is also here indicating his fated destiny with the nation's affairs. The Best US presidents had Gemini or Aquarius Suns(Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, Trump) highlighting the angles(Gemini rising and Aquarius MC) of the US chart. Trumps Moon falls in the nation's 7th house of public relations handling such in an open and ethical manner(Sagittarius). Trump's Mars, Pluto, and Ascendant fall in the nation's 3rd house making him an excepionally effective spokesman for homeland issues. He handles himself very well with the media and is both direct and shrewd. Trump's Jupiter and Neptune in the nation's 5th house with Saturn makes him a successful and enduring entertainer, investor, and artist which he has proven with his many TV shows and building projects. Trump's MC falls in the US 12th house making him privy to many of the nation's secrets or behind-the-scene's events.

Sagittarius Rising for USA?

That's the trouble with astrology these days -they keep changing the Ascendants(and MC's) based on "new" evidence. For as long as I can remember, The USA chart had Gemini Asc with Aquarius MC, now its Sag Ascendant with Libra MC, and there are still others. The most outstanding presidents were born under Aquarius and Gemini, not Libra or Sag. Scorpio also had a nice run. If Sag is the true US ascendant, then Capricorn(all of it) is the 2nd house. Trump, who has had so much to do with the US economy has NOTHING in Capricorn! How could he then be so influential in this sector of the chart? It doesn't make sense. With Gemini rising for USA, however, THREE of Trumps planets fall in the 2nd house. Much better.

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