Audrey Hepburn Chart

Classic hollywood star Audrey Hepburn displays all of the physical qualities of her Aquarius rising sign: cute, intelligent, precocious, funny, quirky, and altruistic. Moon in the 2nd gets financial support from home and family, particularly the mother. In Pisces, it makes her sensitive, compassionate, refined, and very romantic and artistic. It's amazing how many Aquarius rising women get into ballet, no doubt because Pisces is one of their career houses, and this is what Audrey was aiming for before choosing acting. With Moon here and ruler Neptune in Leo, her ballet went public and on stage, but her delicate physique was a problem, so she switched to film and acting. The 2nd house ruler (Neptune) also shows that much of her money goes towards helping feed and clothe children(Leo) in many parts of the world. Venus and Uranus in the 3rd made her a charmer but unpredictable as well, every now and then saying or doing the oddest things. In Aries, she was vital, energetic, ardent, and passionate. Venus with Uranus made her an artistic genius, from the way she dressed to the way she acted. Sun and Jupiter in the 4th shows a powerful home and family influence and a solid spiritual upbringing. As a Taurus, Hepburn was stronger and more practical than she appeared and knew how to manage her financial affairs. Jupiter with the Sun gave Audrey much fortune in expressing herself. Mercury in the 5th shows creative writing ability and a like for games and reading. In its home sign of Gemini, Mercury makes Audrey witty, intelligent, and versatile, and childlike in nature. Mercury here can also signify multiple loves and twins. Mars and Pluto in the 6th indicate hard work, employment battles, and deep and poignant health issues. In Cancer there is a very strong emotional nature and a battle with food. She did not eat much, partly because food was hard to come by during her youth, and partly because it quelled her powerful and often disturbing emotions. Mars together with Pluto is a person capable of self-transformation. Neptune in the 7th in Leo is her relationship with Hollywood and artistic or creative types. Virgo on the 8th is transformation through diet or exercise. Libra on the 9th is a balanced philosophy and marriage to foreigners. Scorpio on the 10th is a very exclusive career or reputation(rulers Mars and Pluto give more info). Sagittarius and Midheaven in the 11th means friends and associations of a high moral nature, many of them foreign, as well as spiritual objectives. Saturn in the 12th shows secret obligations or responsibilities as well as a fear or dislike of being alone. In its own sign of Capricorn, Saturn gives Audrey seriousness, caution, dignity, wisdom, and endurance.

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