Directed Energy Weapon Reset

Directed energy weapons are not new. They were used in every major reset by our controllers going back thousands of years. Ever since humanity was hijacked over 5000 years ago by various false "gods", which are actually fallen entities, who posessed a secret arsenal of advanced weapons which caused great destruction and suffering.

These weapons were used to destroy armies, burn cities, cause storms and plagues, and turn humans and animals into stone. From Noah's Flood, to Sodom and Gomorrah, to the Tower of Babel, to Babylon, Persia, and Rome, to Medeival and Modern Times, the same weapons have been used to set back or reset a humanity that did not follow an intended directive.

Humans were created to take Lucifer's place, who failed to maintain God's purpose of improving the Creation. Instead of improving upon it, Lucifer destroyed it through pride and rebellion against God. That's when humanity was created to take over, But Lucifer, now Satan, immediately set about to thwart every one of humanity's efforts. He could have destroyed us, but this was not allowed, and we have been tested ever since.

Most of humanity has deteriorated under Satan's watch, save for a few individuals who have proved worthy. With every reset, our size, strength, longetivity, and intelligence has diminished, to the point where we are now. We started out as giants with incredible powers, which even Satan admired, but he eventually found the chinks or weaknesses in our armor and slowly brought us down to our current pathetic state.

Satan himself is pathetic compared to God, but he is much more powerful than any human. We cannot now win without God's help, which is why we must pray, fast, and ask for guidance. By doing so we can slowly be restored to our former glory. When Satan's time is up and he is bound and the the Earth is freed and restored, the regeneration of humanity will begin in earnest. This happened before and will happen again.

What we call Tartaria was the Millennial reign of Christ from the beginning of the Christian era to about 1812 AD. Since then, Satan has been loosed to deceive the nations once again with his science and technology. He has used the descendants of ancient Israel to bring about his New World Order. These are the Jews, much of northwestern Europe (lost ten tribes who migrated there), and Britain (Ephraim) and the USA (Manneseh). Yahweh led his colonies to the Americas which was the true Promised Land, and many native peoples were wiped out in the process.

One of Yahweh's most powerful weapons was the laser, particle beam, or directed energy weapon, which burned down cities and nations in the 1800's and 1900's, making way for the new powers that be. This includes the great fires of San Francisco in 1906 and the bombing of Dresden in 1944. These same weapons are being used again today in the 2000's to effect another Great Reset. The recent great fires in Canada and Hawaii are Yahweh's beams in action, and this is only the beginning. Knowing he has little time left he will attempt to unleash all of his weapons (Covid was also his doing) on us to bring us down with him, and unless he is stopped there will no flesh be saved.

He WILL however be stopped divinely, and only then will humanity start to recover and flouriish. Then, there will be no more wars and politics and greed or corruption. It will be warm throughout the Earth, there will be more land available(the ice and waters will evaporate and recede), pollution and chemicals will be banned, everything will grow faster and bigger, aging will reverse, our lifespans and intellects will increase, pests and diseases will be eliminated, and a more simple and agrarian lifestyle will be adopted. Also telepathy will be common, truth and education will be accessible to all, there will be unlimited travel, and greater love and happiness will be the rule.

Humanity is witnessing the full wrath of the evil one(s) since early 2020 and it is growing stronger with each passing year. We have no doubt entered the Great Tribulation period where our survival is at stake. We have been forced to take deadly or debilitating jabs and our food water and air is continuously being poisoned. The media is filled with lies and negativity and western leaders continue to lead us astray and into war, yet there is hope in the people that this is all temporary and that it will end soon with justice on our side.

Yes, the Black Hats and the White Hats are very busy right now, countering one another, and fighting for humanity, yet we too must make ourselves felt if we are to achieve our freedom and independence. We need all the Neo's we can get to break free of this Matrix prison we have been living in for so long.

According to occult sources, Maui and Hawaii in general is what's left of sumberged Lemuria, the paradisical motherland of humanity. Great energy lines and vortexes cross this region making it an important spiritual center for beneficial forces. The elite know this and is why they are clearing and occupying it with their DUMBS, technology, and smart cities, and opening it up to trafficking and other nefarious activities. This is lowering the overall vibration of humanity and the Earth.

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